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  1. Wow---I've been away for a while, but this was a great string. It will be interesting to see what happens with Kelly Clarkson. A year or so ago she stood up to Mr.Davis, also.
  2. Eric, I was wondering if you listened to the new Beach Boys CD and if it kindled any flames for one of your own?
  3. Hey Bernie--- With things being as easy as they are electronically, is there a possibility that Eric could "tweek" some of this stuff for his fans and put it out on an order basis? He could make a couple of bucks, and we could be pacified for another year or two! JIM
  4. OK--so here I sit with my Gentleman Jack & coke in hand, trying to catch up on all the post. I don't post much anymore, most of what I would say is already said. But I can't help but chime in now. You see, I do believe Eric has a problem. The same problem many of us have, but manage to cover up. For those of you who would sit in judgement that EC was .23 something or other, over the limit and got behind the wheel you may want to honestly ask your self how many times you've been .08 and done the same. You see thats legally drunk most places. It means your ability to drive a vehicle is impaired and every person between you and your destination, through no fault of their own, now has less chance to live. Now right about here is where you'll start to justify things. Some will proudly proclaim that they are perfectly fine operating a 2000lb. death machine at this level. I used to state that I drove better when I drank because I was afraid of getting caught. Some will say there is a difference between being 3 times over the limit and just barely over. If you want an unsual thrill, try telling that to a MADD group. The truth is I feel bad for EC and his family, but I feel worse for the rest of us on this board who won't learn from his mistake. You may not get to see it on you-tube, but I'll bet one of us will walk that walk someday. For around 36 years we have been inspired by the man's music. Here's a prayer that now, we learn from his life. JIM
  5. JCraft


    I thought they were recording the concert. Condensor mikes are great for picking up crowd response. I talked to the guy for a minute and he said that this was his first gig with the band. ( I was trying to talk him out of his set list for a memento) JIM
  6. Michael and I also enjoyed every minute. Like Chris, we are kinda quiet. But it was great to get a chance to see so many fans, and it really cool to mention the Raspberries and not have to go down their song list so people would know who I was talking about. Cleaveland is a beautiful town, and we never felt uncomfortable. Sorry we didn't really introduce ourselves, but I was the guy with the "Wally" hat on. Now if I can just get the guys (and Jennifer) down south! JIM
  7. It was in the 80.s here yesterday---what am I doing??????????? JIM
  8. Michael and I will be there-- JIM
  9. I was wondering about the somewhat rare CD with the voice out tracks to IWBTLY and Almost Paradise. Bernie told me about the CD and I bought back around the time Winter Dreams was in release. Was it just something different to try, or were you testing the waters for something? JIM
  10. I thought the Karaoke party was Friday after the concert!? JIM
  11. we are staying at the Radisson---are we in walking distance to the show??\ JIM
  12. Overnight sensation---IWTBWY are on karaoke. Lets Pretend, as far as I can find is not. If you are interested, there is a CD available that actually has the music from Almost Paradise, IWBTLY, from the original EC recording. You can even sing along with Eric! JIM
  13. I'd be very interested if I could sale mine, I'll start looking around. JIM
  14. So tell me Bernie, when will we get the scoop on new practise sessions and the other concerts that just have to be waitting in the wings?? And how about some reactions from the sales, Are they happy? Is it more or less than they expected? Don't keep the good stuff to yourself. JIM
  15. I once saw Gharley Daniels open for Eric Clapton---here in the south that was just wierd. PS==My only chance to see the Michael Stanley Band was when they were a fill-in opener for The Eagles( Dan Folgeberg was scheduled) JIM
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