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  1. Sending positive thoughts for you and your mum, Shelley. All the best.
  2. Many thanks, everyone! I especially appreciate it as I’m far away across the pond from America. Thank you Diane for originally posting. Happy New Year !!
  3. It's now 2010 here in the UK ! Happy New Year everyone. I hope it's a peaceful and kind New Decade the whole world over.
  4. Happy Birthday, Marvin's friend ! Hope you had a lovely day.
  5. 5 years ago ! Where does time go?!
  6. Happy Birthday, Cheesecake Girl! Hope you have a lovely day!
  7. Happy Birthday, Billy ! I bet you're still having fun gigging with Peter Noone. Many Happy Returns!
  8. Sending huge birthday wishes to a fellow Nazareth fan ! Have a wonderful birthday, Shelley !!
  9. Happy, Happy Big 5-0 Birthday, Marvin !! Hope you have a fab and groovy day. Love from Julia & Stevie x
  10. Sorry I'm late ~ Hope you had a great Birthday!
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/articl...-Chris-Rea.html I’ve attached an article on Chris Rea. Randy from the MB is a fan and it was because of him that I went to see CR in concert a few years ago and really enjoyed it, despite only knowing about three songs before I went. I thought this article was interesting, so I hope Randy sees it.
  12. Sorry about your cat, Lew. Congratulations on your wedding!
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