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  1. Hi, Marlene ! Wishing you a fantastic birthday !! Love Julia & Steve
  2. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, Miriam !
  3. Thanks, again Shelley and Aventurine ! Tim ~ I hope you post on the MB after you have seen Ozzy in Michigan (and I hope he also goes to Wisconsin!). I for one, would love to hear about it.
  4. Sorry, I missed your birthday the first time round. Hope you had a lovely Birthday, Belle !
  5. Many, many thanks for the additional groovy messages !
  6. Hiya, Wim ! How you doin'?! Hope you have a fantastic birthday ! Julia & Stevie
  7. Coo, thanks everyone for the lovely messages and thank you to Diane for originally posting !! I had a really wonderful and emotional birthday. I coped with giving blood a couple of days before, so thank you to all the people here who gave me encouragement. Stevie’s session was much quicker than mine (I couldn't clench and unclench my hand), but he has some lovely bruising. Gail ~ it would be great to meet you when you come to London ! Thanks again, everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR !! PS: Tim ~ my nephew met Ozzy recently and he said he was a really, really nice guy, stopping to chat to him and shake his hand. He couldn’t believe it !
  8. Hi, Tim ~ Hope you had a great Birthday in lovely Wisconsin !
  9. Sorry, I'm late, but I hope you had a lovely Birthday !
  10. Hi ~ many thanks for all the replies, though the talk of veins and squeezing to fill a bag, made me feel queasy and my tummy and palms go all funny. I shall definitely take on board the daily supplements, so thanks for that. I do take an assortment of supplements, but it’s very hit and miss. They do say that around Christmas and New year is the time of year when as many donors as possible are needed, so I think I’ll dose up and bite the bullet. Stevie said he would be willing as well. I’ll take my MP3 player as a distraction. Thanks again, everyone.
  11. Despite being anaemic and prone to fainting most of my life, I’ve always wanted to Give Blood. Has anyone here ever given blood? What did it entail? I’m really squeamish and just hearing the word ‘blood’ makes me feel sick, but I’m willing to go for it. I’m sure it must be a similar process in America and the UK. I’d like to hear some feedback from anyone who has already been brave enough !
  12. Happy Birthday, Shelley. Hope you had a wonderful day !
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