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    Many thanks for letting us know. Scary times and I hope Jim is feeling a lot better.
  2. I miss the 70s and nearly everything associated with it. Great times.
  3. Hope you have a lovely Christmas Birthday !
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
  5. Hopefully, the worst of the stress is over and it can only get better from now on!
  6. Happy Birthday, Billy! Sorry, I'm so late in sending you birthday wishes. Hope you had a fab day and that you're having a wicked time being on tour with Peter. All the best, Julia
  7. Hope you had a smashing Birthday, Diane !
  8. Hope you had a lovely Birthday! Sorry, I'm so late.
  9. Special Birthday wishes to you Marvin ! Hope you enjoyed Cleveland. Love from Julia & Stevie
  10. Well done, Ira! Only women were allowed to run when I did it here. I am always heartened by the wonderful atmosphere with all the runners at charity runs. Congratulations.
  11. Happy Birthday, Donna. Hope you had a lovely day!
  12. Sorry I missed your birthday, Paulie. Hope you had a great day !
  13. Sending you lots of love and very best wishes for a wonderful birthday, Darlene. I hope Herman spoils you big time on your special day. Have a great day. Lots of love from Julia & Stevie
  14. Glad to hear you're better !! All the best.
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