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  1. Hi, Darlene. Hope you had a lovely Birthday and Herman looked after you well. Take care. All the best Julia and Steve x
  2. I was hoping someone would have heard from her. I hope she’s OK and we eventually find out where she is. She was really sweet each time I met her at the gigs and I remember the big birthday card for Eric she organised for us all to sign at WAB one year.
  3. Hearing today in the news about the women in Cleveland, Ohio, who disappeared for ten years, has renewed my concern about Kazumi. Has anyone heard from her at all over the past few years?
  4. Happy Birthday, Wim ! All the best, Julia & Stevie
  5. Many thanks for my Birthday wishes and to Diane for originally posting ! I really appreciate you taking time out. I had a really groovy day. Happy New Year, everyone !
  6. Happy Birthday, Reid. Hope you have a good day.
  7. Hope you enjoyed your Birthday Shopping Day, Diane ! PS: You were very brave standing up to those two rotters.
  8. Hope you had a fab Birthday, Billy ! I was sorry not to see you on tour with Peter in the UK this year. All the best
  9. Belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a good day !
  10. I am so relieved everyone is safe and sound after such a traumatic experience ! Take care All the best Julia
  11. The news coverage here of the damage of Hurricane Sandy is horrendous and heartbreaking viewing. We hope so much that everyone in the affected areas are OK, especially Diane, Darlene and Herman. We're thinking of you all along the East Coast and anyone else caught up in the destruction. All our best wishes to you all. Julia & Steve
  12. Belated Happy Birthday wishes ! Hope you had a great Birthday !
  13. Happy Birthday, Darlene ! Hope you have a fab and groovy Birthday! Love Julia & Stevie
  14. Hi, Marlene ! Hope you have a fantastic Birthday !! All the best Love, Julia & Stevie
  15. Happy Birthday, Wally ! love Julia & Stevie
  16. Sorry I'm late in posting my Birthday message here, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVE !!! With lots of love, Julia & Stevie xx
  17. Hi, Wim ! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!! All the best, Julia & Stevie
  18. Elvis was certainly very special. Happy Birthday, Elv !
  19. Many thanks for all your birthday wishes, it’s much appreciated and mega thanks to Diane for originally posting! I had a really fab day
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