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  1. I always thought the summer of '72 would be my most memorable. I was wrong. The summer of '11 has it beat by a mile.

    Now that it's officially autumn, let's re-cap:

    I spent the summer unemployed.

    I was considered for over 20 jobs.

    I was too old or too 'old school' or over qualified for all of them.

    I spent half the summer away from my wife.

    She works in Maine...we live in New Jersey.

    I spent over 150 hours on Route 95.

    I got two flat tires.

    I ran out of money.

    I filed for bankruptcy.

    I fell into the arrears on my alimony and child support.

    My ex showed no mercy.

    She had my license suspended.

    She had me arrested.




    Put in jail.

    I paid fine and got released.

    I'm still out of money.

    But my new wife isn't!!!

    So...we went to a lesbian wedding in Hawaii !

    We went to San Francisco...Muir Woods...hiked the Tennessee Valley.

    We spent several wonderful weekends in Maine.

    We consumed dozens of lobster rolls.

    We bbque'ed with friends.

    We spent every moment we could with my daughters.

    We laughed.

    We watched the sun come up.

    We went to a Red Sox game at Fenway.

    We drank red wine.

    We loved.

    We lived every moment like it was 1972.

    And yesterday (on the last full day of the summer) I got a job offer.

    Here's a happy little 2:16 song that fits how I'm feeling.


  2. "No Matter What"! Absolutely!!!!

    And that Searchers song??? Awesome!!!!

    Here's an obscure one. Listen all the way thru to the acapella part at the end.

    "Smokescreen" by Flying Blind (from American Pie Soundtrack)

    Naughtly lyrics....gotta love it.

  3. I just signed up for Spotify (a new free music site). They've got a pretty huge library of Eric's work (including Winter Dreams and stuff like "My Heart Stops"...which I'm listening to right now...and "Reason To Try").


  4. Harry, The last sentence in your post is exactly what I thought...and what I did. I've been there/done that. And if I could do it over again, I'd do it differently.

    Everyone's situation is unique and I'm not judging...but believe me when I say your happiness should NOT take a back seat and your kids are WAAAAY stronger than you think. Having an unhappy dad is not what's best for your kids (ooops, sorry, that was a little judgemental.)

    I'm not pro-divorce. I'm pro-happy. Life is too short to spend it in joy's waiting room.


  5. Ira...

    The biggest mistake anyone can do, to them selves and to their loved ones, is to stay in a loveless relationship. It's not fair to anyone. And unfortunately it wastes time! Time that could be spent smiling, laughing, sharing, caring, and most importantly...at peace.

    I spent years at war with my self, feeling bad about feeling bad about my marriage. It consumed me. All I could think about was how much I had failed.

    Looking back I now realize I was an idiot!! What a waste of energy! What a waste of time! And what a waste of ME!! When I finally left the marriage people rejoiced! My kids rejoiced! Dad was back! That smiling Irishman with a Boston accent and punny sense of humor was back! Dave was back! I rediscovered the guy I always wanted to be. And ya know what? It felt good...and still does...every day!!!!

    You deserve to feel good, Ira. It's okay. Love yourself first and the love of everyone else will come along for the ride.


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