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  1. EXCELLLLLLLENT job, Bernie! Love it!
  2. This was never a hit (here in the US), but I can't get it out of my head!! Love it! (mullets and 80's fashions aside). Dave
  3. Two people I know were there. My brother has volunteered at the Marathon for 25 years. He works the finish line. He was 100 feet from the first blast. 100 yards from the second. One of best friends was running the marathon and was literally caught between the two blasts. One exploding in front of him. 12 seconds later, the other exploding behind him. And he knew his wife and kids were in the area! I can only imagine how he felt. And how my brother felt. But having been only 10 blocks from the Twin Towers on 9/11, I know how frightening...helpless...and mad you can get. Both my friend and brother are okay. Shaken, but okay. My prayers are with the others who weren't so fortunate. Dave
  4. Great question B! Loved the insightful answer E! Questions like this one really help us to understand each other. Last week I had the chance to give advice to my daughter (who is graduating college next month). One of the best pieces of advice I had was based on one of my biggest regrets. Hopefully she listened. Dave
  5. hello mahk from new hampshah! Go Sawks!
  6. Signed... Dave (lobsterlvr) Shea
  7. How did I miss these? Thanks for uploadin' Bernie. And well done Mr. Carmen. You interview well. Dave
  8. I'm 'pushing the pencil'...but it's definitely not 'magic'!!! But it's good to be working!!! Thanks, Bernie. Dave
  9. Yesterday I had of rush of Raspberries Pride. I've been doing some freelance copywriting at a local ad agency. When I connected with the agency's intranet I was able to tap into other people's iTunes. One of those folks had almost as many Raspberries and Eric Carmen songs on his playlist as I did!! (He also had Badfinger, Guster, and every other equally talented and similar band on there too.) I mentioned my connection to the Eric, the band, and this site to him. So don't be surprised if you get a new EC.com member from the Great Garden State this week. Dave
  10. Welcome Raspberry Girl....Eric and the Raspberries music have touched us all. You're in great company here. Dave
  11. LobsterLvr


    Merry Christmas Everyone! (Meet me under the mistletoe) Dave •<}:-) (I just made up that emoticon! It's me in a santa's hat.)
  12. LC...the truth is; we're getting old! WXPN is a college-based alternative rock station. (although they don't promote their UPenn relationship at all). The average listener is probably 35 yrs old, born in 1975. I totally agree with your dismay at the oversights and the lack of respect that some great rock songs got. But this list was voted on by the listeners...and us ol'timers are going to have to come to grips with the fact that our rock heroes aren't as relevant as they used to be. Sadly. But hey, Raspberries still made the list!! Dave
  13. We're still out of power in our section of Princeton, NJ. We escaped to NYC for a few days (warming ourselves at my sister-in-law's apt). Returned on Saturday. (4 people in a one bedroom is a bit too close for comfort). House is now 52 degrees. We sit around the fireplace, bundled in blankets, eating crappy takeout food (cha-ching!), we perk our coffee on the bbq grill (that stopped being fun a long time ago), our clothes smell like DuraFlame Logs and pine trees. We go to the library to charge our devices. We're drinking too much wine. But we're safe...we had no damage...and we're still smiling (most of the time). I gotta go now and buy some Chapstik. Dave (and Annie) in Princeton, NJ
  14. It's weird to say this...but I've escaped to NYC. We live in Princeton, NJ (a stone's throw from Darlene, and a 20 minute drive to Bernie). After spending two days in the dark and increasingly colder temperatures my wife and I headed to her sister's apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She has power, hot water and her food isn't rotting in the fridge!!! We made it in before the 3-person per car restriction went into effect. Phew! We had to throw out everything in our fridge and freezers. Cooking on the grill stopped being fun and romantic after about a day. And going to sleep at 8pm meant I was wide awake at 2am....with nothing to do!! (Oh, and we even got tired of having you-know-what!! And that has NEVER happened before!!) Aside from the lack of power we had no damage or flooding. Our neighbors weren't so lucky. Trees down everywhere. It looks like my daughter's wedding venue on the Jersey Shore has been severely damaged. (Wedding is 10 months away but she's freaking out....and I can understand.) Yesterday the weirdest thing I saw was on the NJ Turnpike. It goes right by Newark Airport. There were no absolutely NO planes there. None! Ususally you can see 60 planes from the highway. The entire airport was empty. Last night the Upper East Side of Manhattan was insane!!! Between all the people walking north (because of the lack of subways and trains) and all the kids trick or treating it was a sight to behold. Sidewalks jammed. Streets gridlocked. It was a blast! (For those who don't know, there is no power south of 30th street or so. We are staying on 75th street. Every 20 blocks equals a mile. The island is a mile wide...at its widest. So when the news reports say half the city is in darkness...and the other half is lit...it's literally just like that!) This slap of reality has been incredibly humbling. I, for one, have a much greater appreciation of what the south coast and gulf coast deal with whenever a hurricane slams the shore. Oh, and that Chris Christie guy?? He rocks! I'm voting for HIM for president. Be safe everyone, Dave (in NYC until further notice)
  15. The countdown resumes Monday. (This station does things a little differently!)
  16. WXPN (88.5) in Philly is counting down the greatest 885 Rock Songs of all time. I didn't have to wait too long to hear "Go All The Way". It came in at #884!! Dave
  17. Never heard this version before. THANKS!! Love it! Dave in NJ
  18. Yes you did! http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-au...-who-built-that
  19. (to the melody of the Tradewind's hit): NJ's a lonely state when you're the only preppy boy around.
  20. Eric was right! It's a Cartoon World!
  21. Totally agree. "The Romantics" managed to get away with a lovey-dovey name and keep their rock image. (The) Raspberries weren't as fortunate.
  22. I've loved the Raspberries' music for 40 years now, but I've never really loved the name they chose. And honestly, I think the name held them back professionally. So today I tried coming up with a better name for the band. It's not easy!! (As Eric and Bernie explained in "Marathon Man".) But now that we know their library of music: the themes of young love and angst, first cars, first sex, rock n roll, good times, heartaches, summer lust, etc. here's the name I think they should've gone with: "Tonight". Yeah, I know, it looks familiar. Heck they probably sing that word collectively over 200 times in the songs they recorded. But if they were called "Tonight" instead of "Raspberries" I think things might have been different. But of course the first album would not have smelt so sweet! Dave
  23. it comes on around the 17 minute mark. very cool!!!
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