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  1. great story. thank you for sharing. Dave
  2. I am also blessed to have friends from around the world, like you!!
  3. I was about to contact the site's moderators about that objectionable photo...but stopped when I realized it was oddly arousing.
  4. Robyn, I think I heard my home town of Andover, Mass. cheering all the way down here in New Jersey! Lord knows my Patriot-hatin', Giants-lovin' neighbors heard me ! GO PATS!
  5. That is hysterical!! And, yet so insightful. Dave
  6. Argh! Poor, poor Eric. Sometimes all this pity we throw Eric's way drives me nuts. I've never felt sorry for Eric and I never will. I've loved his music...and always will. But all this messin' with perfection, and Eric's always getting screwed stuff is silly! I've never gotten onto Eric's 'woe is me' bandwagon, but I still love the guy and his music. The fact that his music got tweaked, the band got pigeon-holed, he got totally f'ed by producers and labels, etc, etc etc are all part of the business he chose to go into!! If he didn't like it, he could've left years ago. But he DOES like it...and thank God he does. His music helped shape all of our lives. As he himself once said "Take it or Leave It". He didn't leave it....so let's all get off our pity pots and take it...even if it has 62 Ray Coniff singers in the background. (I probably shouldn't post after a half a bottle of really good red wine.) Dave
  7. 1) I like the original better than the 'Definitive' version (for all the reason's Eric and everyone else here at ec.com has mentioned) 2) But that doesn't make the 'Definitive' version wrong. It just makes it a re-mix. Of course, purists hate remixes. "Ya don't mess with perfection!!" But someone once said "perfection is consuming" So it seems we're only human after all!! Dave
  8. Lew....very funny stuff!! Missm...why are you shouting?
  9. 1. All For Love 2. Nobody Knows 3. Cindy In The Wind 4. It Hurts Too Much 5. If You Change Your Mind 6. I Don't Know What I Want 7. Go All The Way 8. I Wanna Be With You 9. Let's Pretend 10. Boats Against The Current 11. Desperate Fools 12. Someday 13. She Remembered 14. Marathon Man 15. I Can Remember 16. Runaway 17. All By Myself 18. Isn't It Romantic 19. On The Beach 20. American As Apple Pie Dave
  10. Yup, it wa a long long time ago but I can still remember how... that song went
  11. It was exactly 40 years ago folks! See page 83 of Bernie's Marathon Man book. "As 1971 drew to a close, Raspberries packed their bags and headed to the Big Apple to record their first album." To refresh your memories: "Family Affair", "American Pie" and "Day After Day" were on the air. "All In The Family" and "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour" were on tv. I'm not sure what I was doing 40 years ago this month (aside from typical high school stuff) but 8 months later I heard GATW for the very first time And now 39 years, 3 months and 15 days later....I still get excited every time I hear it! happy new year, everybody, dave
  12. All this "missing" stuff makes me thing of this song:
  13. It seems like most of the stuff we miss is 'summer stuff'. With that in mind: I miss watchin Mac's Mob play at the Peppermint Lounge in Salisbury Beach, MA. Nobody did covers of EWF and Tower of Power better than those guys. I miss the smell of my beach towel, and how the sand felt as I played with it laying there tanning my hide. I miss playing square ball (a game drawn in the sand) when the tide was low. I miss seeing Aerosmith play at The Barn in NH (in '71)...and JGeils...and Tavares (all local New England bands). I miss the smell of Loves Baby Soft (the cute girls wore that)....and Windsong (the smart, elusive girls wore that)...and musk (the bohemians wore that...and they scared me!). I miss Piels, Narragasset, and Black Label beers (all 99 cents a six pack!!). Ahhh....good memories. Dave
  14. I miss having a pair of those big headphones like the one's I had in the early-to-mid 70's. I miss laying on the floor, balancing the left and right speakers to give me a perfect stereo mix of my favorite music. I'd lay there, staring at the ceiling or at one of my three day-glo posters (The Endless Summer poster, another one with a nude couple in silhouette kneeling, hugging in front of a sunset, and the third was a black light 'zonk' poster.) Some times I'd lay on the floor between two Epicure speakers. "Billion Dollar Babies" was awesome that way. Anything by the Moody Blues was ideal for headphones. The Raspberries were definitely NOT lay-on-the-floor LP's...they were stand-up air-guitar and air-piano kind of songs. I also miss the feeling of laying in my bed, with a warm radio on my chest, and the glow of the dial providing the only light in the room. Oh, and I miss my Adidas Vienna's (the white ones with the red stripes), Mission Impossible when Lesley Ann Warren was in it (as Cinnamon!), and eating Wheaties (with four spoonfuls of sugar). Dave
  15. I was driving around yesterday listening to my favorite station (wxpn-fm out of philly) and I heard this song for the VERY FIRST time! I thought it was a new song. I thought the guy was doing a really good Billy Joel imitation...and I really liked it! When they said it was Billy Joel...I thought "But I hate Billy Joel!" Then I thought it was NEW Billy Joel and that he's improved...a lot. Come to find out it's 36 years old!! Don't know how I missed it...but I'm lovin' it now. C'mon give it a listen...and dance with me!! Dave
  16. For some reason I keep re-reading my previous post. Could it be because of Santa ellef's two lovely presents??!! Dave!!
  17. It looks to me like LOVE is just a re-release of old Clewer love songs. "Only Time Will Tell" (a duet with Eric from her 1996 "Call Me Romantic" CD) is part of the collection. Dave
  18. Randy Newman wrote it. Made it to #69 in the US in late '71. Have loved it for 40 years!! Dave
  19. "divorce court"?? Is it okay to swear in these postings? Well, I'm going to anyway...Oh f**k. There have been enough threads in this community about divorces to write 100 books, but none of them capture the gut-wrenching, heart breaking toll it takes on everyone. Hang in there Eric. We'll be right here for ya. Dave
  20. sounds like somebody's been hit by cupid's arrow!
  21. saying a prayer and thinking of you. dave
  22. Has anyone heard or commented on the new Footloose movie version of Almost Paradise? It's got a country twist (I think it's country). The singers are Victoria Justice and Hunter Hayes (born in 93 and 91 respectfully). The snippet of the song I heard on iTunes sounds out of tune and, imho, is painful to listen to. But hey...maybe the kids these days will like it!!! Dave
  23. Go to your town library! They've got online computers for free!
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