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  1. Like Bernie, I've been in the advertising business for almost 30 years. As a creative director/copywriter (like Don Draper, only not!) I've tried hundreds of times (several times successfully) to find the right music to help sell products and services of all kinds. It's a huge win for everyone when it happens....especially when the song is RELEVANT to the message. When the song supports the creative idea people notice. And when people notice, brands respond, cash registers ring, and the economy responds. Yes, sometimes songs are used simply to catch your attention. In those cases, 9 times out of 10 you won't remember who the ad was for.  I'm sure Eric has said 'no' to hundreds of requests to use his songs because the ideas sucked or because the songs weren't relevant to the message. But when the song is right (as in every ABM example I can think of) advertising works...and capitalism marches on!


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  2. How can something so shocking occur in such a beautiful place (NZ and/or a place of worship) and to such a great person????  Our healing thoughts and prayers are with you both.


    Dave & Annie

    (We still have, use, and love the coasters you sent us.  We'll use them tonight as a means of intercontinental well wishes.)

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  3. (In my humble opinion) "Let's Pretend" got as far as it could because it was unclassifiable. It wasn't power-pop, it wasn't a ballad, it wasn't a song a guy could sing along to without getting looks from his supposedly cooler, more musically savvy friends. Its two predecessors (GATW and IWBWY) were clearly power-pop rockers.  "Let's Pretend" was a different breed. To this day, even I have a hard time trying to describe what genre/phylum/species of Top 40 music it falls into. Its softer side and higher notes forced a lot of people to question what the Raspberries were. I'm just glad I wasn't one of them.



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  4. James, I've now had the chance to listen to most songs severals times (mostly via the CD player in my car). I've also compared some of the new remastered versions to older CD's.  There's definitely a difference. I found "My Girl", "Last Night", "Change of Heart" and "It Hurts Too Much" to be noticably better. Probably because they have the greatest varitety of distinctively different instruments and voices in them (that's a guess). In every song I'm hearing things I never heard before. And Eric's voice has never sounded better (except in person, of course). The only negative comment I have is, for some reason "Nowhere To Hide" sounds unchanged...even a bit muddier...but perfection is consuming and it seems...well, you know.


    Hope you get your copy soon.  It's worth the wait.


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  5. Eric,

    To enjoy your new Essential CD to its fullest, do you recommend we pursue a CD copy or a download version?

    I spent the day yesterday in an NYC recording studio and asked the audio engineer the same question.  He definitely recommended the CD version.   Downloads, he said, can be extremely good, but will never have a totally accurate compression level (or whatever it's called).  A CD, on the other hand, because it's as close to a first-generation as the consumer can get, will ALWAYS contain the audio-levels the artist intended.

    Your thoughts?


  6. Bernie won't tell you this...so I will. He was recently promoted from an SVP to an EVP Group Creative Director at the ad agency he works at. This is a huge deal and it speaks volumes about Bernie as a "creative" and as a person. First of all...as a "creative" it means you're good. Very good! It means everyone values your creative contributions; from the ideas you come up with, to the ideas you inspire in others.  And doing it in New York (the advertising and media meca of the world) multiplies the accomplishment ten-fold.  What makes the promotion even more impressive is that, unlike 99% of the "creatives" out there, Bernie has stayed with the same company for almost 30 years. Most creatives move around or get laid off dozens of times.  It's just the way it is in the ad-biz.  But not for Bernie!  In the time he's been with his agency, the company has gone through at least 4 name changes and an un-imaginable number of management changes. Surviving this long...in this business is testament to his creativity and likabilty and is applause-worthy, if not miraculous!  (Some how I made it 23 years at the agency I worked at so believe me, I know.)  So let's tip our hats, raise our glasses and put our hands together to the newest EVP on Madison Avenue...our man Bernie!


    Congrats Bernie


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  7. Eric, I downloaded 'Brand New Year' the day it was posted, but have deliberately waited a few days before commenting.  I thought by waiting I'd be better able to put into words how much that song means to me.  I now realize it's impossible because, on every level, BNY captures the story of my life over the past several years. So I'll keep it simple and just say thanks for, once again, giving us the words and music we so deperately need to hear.  

    Happy New Year,

    Dave Shea 

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  8. Hmmmm, I wonder why Eric put quotation marks around the word "new".  Is it a "new" version of previously unreleased demo? A "new" version someone else's song?  A "new" take of one of his older tunes?  Or simply a new "new" song?  Inquiring minds want to know!!


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