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  1. Back in the mid 80's I had the chance to work with the Peanut's characters. They were the spokestoons for Cheerios for about 3 years.  On one occasion I had to call Mr. Schulz to get his approval on a storyboard featuring Peppermint Patty and Marcie.  He wasn't in the mood to give us his approval (that's putting it nicely). But in the end he liked the idea, and the spot turned out well. 

    Dave (the guy who can proudly say "Charles Schulz yelled at me over the phone")


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  2. Like Bernie, I've been in the advertising business for almost 30 years. As a creative director/copywriter (like Don Draper, only not!) I've tried hundreds of times (several times successfully) to find the right music to help sell products and services of all kinds. It's a huge win for everyone when it happens....especially when the song is RELEVANT to the message. When the song supports the creative idea people notice. And when people notice, brands respond, cash registers ring, and the economy responds. Yes, sometimes songs are used simply to catch your attention. In those cases, 9 times out of 10 you won't remember who the ad was for.  I'm sure Eric has said 'no' to hundreds of requests to use his songs because the ideas sucked or because the songs weren't relevant to the message. But when the song is right (as in every ABM example I can think of) advertising works...and capitalism marches on!


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  3. How can something so shocking occur in such a beautiful place (NZ and/or a place of worship) and to such a great person????  Our healing thoughts and prayers are with you both.


    Dave & Annie

    (We still have, use, and love the coasters you sent us.  We'll use them tonight as a means of intercontinental well wishes.)

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