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  1. I've always been a John Miles fan. He had a few low charting songs here in the US (Highfly, Remember Yesterday and Slow Down). He's huge in the UK. His symphonic pop UK hit "Music" blows me away every time I hear it. As does this! Here he is doing ABM late last year with pianist Emily Bear. Both of them nail it!! Dave
  2. LobsterLvr

    Santa Bernie

    Santa Bernie did it again! Easter eggs on Christmas Day! Rasmerry Christmas one and all! Dave
  3. Santa delivered my PopArt vinyl today. Rasmerry Christmas to me!
  4. I just got an email that my "package" has shipped from Greensboro, NC. I'm not sure if it's my Vinyl Set (the order #'s didn't match), but I'll keep you posted. Please Mr. Postman, have some Vinyl for me!!
  5. i'm out of town til next monday. my mail is being held until then. We'll see if it's there on 18th. fingers crossed.
  6. I ordered mine last night. At $54 I was going to pass. Couldn't resist at $27. Now I have to remember where I put our record player. Dave
  7. According to Omnivore's site, it'll be available "at your local record store" on black Friday. In my town the record store is conveniently located between Blockbuster and FotoMat. Dave
  8. not bad! not bad, at all! love his light touch on the piano. Dave
  9. Here's a spot I hadn't seen until today. For all of those people who feel 'all by themselves' in the bathroom...this one's for you!
  10. And the hits just keep on comin'! Thanks, Bernie.
  11. Here he is doing one of my favorite all-time songs...
  12. If you haven't seen or heard Puddles, do it! I found this link to an ABM sing-a-long that he made happen. I only wish he sung along.
  13. PRICELESS !!! Unforgettable night. Can't wait!
  14. There has always been something I wasn't crazy about in the final studio versions of "Tonight". It felt a bit too bombastic. Every instrument and vocal seemed too loud. But I love this demo! In this version I can hear 'the song'. Even though it's a demo...I think the mix of instruments to vocals is better. And I love the false ending! Dave
  15. I grew up just north of Boston. As a result I got to see The J. Geils Band and Aerosmith a ton (high schools, community colleges, bars, summer-fests, etc)!! Live, both bands were off the charts! Raw, rockin, unruly and wicked good. But J. Geils was the best. Every concert was "nothin' but a house party". Good memories. Great band!! RIP John
  16. I have no idea where I got this. Dave
  17. I know it's not one of Eric's favorites (to put it mildly), but it's kinda fun finding oldie-but-goodies like this in the bottom of a dusty, box of reel-to-reel and forgotten cassette tapes. Dave
  18. I think it was my "reverse psychology" posting that prompted his sudden tweet storm! :-) This particular tweet caught my eye...
  19. Forget it people. Eric is done. These days he's using his piano as a coat rack. The creeking of his rocking chair is the only music he's making. We need to move on. The Maestro has put down his baton. I've heard his guitar collection is sitting in storage at the U-Haul on Mayfair Road. He recently dropped Bernie from his contact list. And, according to my sources at the Buckeye State Association of Hairdressers, Eric is now sporting a high and tight crew cut! Face it folks, the Kid is kaput. The answer is finally at hand for the Marathon Man...and it's game over!!! And thus ends my attempt at reverse psychology. Dave
  20. Always nice to hear a cover of EC's library. However, this woman breaths like Donald Trump. I wish the audio engineer had taken out her intakes. She should re-name the song to "Isn't It Distracting?" Dave
  21. Until today, I didn't know Leon played the piano on this most-awesomest-song-in-the-world...
  22. It's from May 1, 2011. Back when newspapers had comic strips....and back when there were newspapers!!
  23. Eric, if Bernie's dates are right, this is the 19th time I've wished you a Happy Birthday. Have a great day, enjoy every minute, and now we're onto number 20!! Dave
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