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  1. In my post (18 years ago!) I mentioned hearing GATW for the first time on a gray AM radio. That particular radio is long gone, but I had such an affinity for it that, a few years ago, I hunted for a picture of it on line...and voila...there it was! A grayish green SEARS Silvertone AM Radio...exactly like my old one.  I posted the pic on my FB page (with some fond memories of listening to one just like it).  Within a day I had an Instant Message from Doug Preis (the voice of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, and dozens of other characters, who I had worked with during my cereal commercial writing days). He told me a package would be arriving soon. Sure enough, 3 days later a grayish green SEARS Silvertone AM radio, exactly like the one from my childhood, arrived at my door.  And it works!  I've yet to hear GATW from its 50+ year old speakers, but I'll keep tuning in until I do!

    Dave (LobsterLvr)


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  2. If we put a list together of how Eric's and the Raspberries' ALBUMS/CDs sold, (from the most to the least) what would that list look like? 

    (excluding greatest hits and live compilation)

    Here's my guess:

    ERIC - Arista



    RASPBERRIES - Starting Over

    ERIC - Change of Heart

    RASPBERRIES - Side 3

    ERIC - Boats Against The Current

    ERIC - Geffen

    ERIC - Tonight Your Mine

    ERIC - Winter Dreams

    Any thoughts?





  3. A friend of mine (Cindy) just found this while cleaning out a closet. She worked at an Ithaca radio station back in the '70's. This must have been from one of Eric's first solo concerts up there in Central NY. Lot of familiar names.  Note the date at the top.



    EC band 1975.jpg

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  4. I'm a big fan of "Rewound Radio".  You can get it via Tune-In.  It's hosted by a former WABC part-timer and died-in-the-wool AM radio guy.  Every year he does a countdown of the most voted-for oldies. Everyone can vote for their top 10 favorite oldies via email...once.

    This year the Raspberries, Eric, and Fotomaker (!) made the list.

    #2581: Where Have You Been All My Life - Fotomaker

    #2260: Change of Heart - EC

    #1735: Let's Pretend - Rasp

    #1413: Hungry Eyes - EC

    #876: I Wanna Be With You - Rasp

    #82: Go All The Way - Rasp

    (ABM, NGFILA and Overnight Sensation did not make the list....which means they did not get a single vote...not one!  Maybe we can do better next year.)

    Here's the list...in its entirety.   Enjoy it while listening to Rewound Radio.  You'll enjoy it!







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  5. On 12/30/2019 at 3:23 PM, Kirk said:

    Maybe that's where Eric is planning on moving...writing inspiration, anyone?

    If Eric moves into that house, and if the rumors are true about Justin Timberlake looking at another house in town, I'll be surrounded by pop icons! (Keith Richards lives just up the road, in Weston).

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  6. I still get a kick out of seeing old local radio charts and seeing where Raspberries or Eric's music was that week in history. While I don't remember Sunrise getting any airplay in Boston, I guess I was just not listening to the right stations at the right time.




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  7. On 1/19/2019 at 1:05 PM, Lew Bundles said:

    Hey, Dave...You live in Westport?...

    Yup! We moved here 18 months ago. Minus the high cost of living and maintenance costs of an 1890's New England farmhouse, we could not be happier.  Are you around here, too?

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  8. For years (decades, actually), every time I've heard one of Eric's songs on the radio, in a TV show, commercial or in a movie, I've been happy for him. I liked knowing that he was being compensated (in ways big and sometimes very small) for his talent and artistry.  While I'm thrilled that he's probably been compensated VERY well for his library of work, now, when I hear one of his songs, I'm not going to get the same feeling of satisfaction or even pride.  Someone else...some big corporation...will be profiting from his talents.  My hope, as a fan for over 45 years, is that Round Hill keeps his music alive and kicking for years to come...and that maybe, someday, his kids or grandkids will buy it all back.


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