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  1. Here's an instant way to get Eric back on the charts: get one of his songs in a Target commercial. Dave
  2. Thanks for 'Everything', Eric. Have a great day. Dave
  3. I hated 'Boats' when it came out. I was working at an amusement park in Salisbury Beach, Mass. working on a ride called the Himalaya. We wore white pants, white bucks, red and white striped shrits and a snazzy red blazer...but most of all we played the music that made the ride fun! Girls loved it when we played the Bay City Rollers, Sweet, EWF, and Barry White. Those songs made me look good to the wide-eyed, thrill seeking, halter-topped girls of New England. 'Boats', however, wasn't fun. I hated Eric for putting out such a downer LP. 'Boats' just wasn't a good 'ride' record. Imagine a spinning, speeding ride full of screaming teenagers on a hot summer night, the lights whirling, the scent of the sea and cotton candy mixing erotically in the air, and suddenly out of the blaring speakers comes 'Row Row Row Your Boat'! Seque-way to 2002. Now I'm loving the record. I couldn't appreciate it back then, but these days I'm lovin' every second of it. Back in '77 I was looking for a musical equivalent of beer from Eric. Instead, he gave us a wine. One that gets better with age. Dave
  4. Michelle, I, too, am in Cranbury, NJ, just north of Princeton, about 1 mile south of Darlene. Hmmm, seems to me the 'pocket' of EC fans is just off Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike! Bernie, in your spare time (!) how about designing an interactive world map that will allow us to show where we all live. Dave
  5. The bad news is: you're not part of the Abbey Road Tour The good news is: you've got about 300 fans within 200 miles of Glenside PA who suddenly have nothing to on July 24th. I've got a really big yard (or living room with a nice grand piano in case it rains). I can get a whole bunch of other NJ-based fans to help set up chairs. Darlene can provide instrumental back up. Bernie can handle the public relations. Your family can swim in our pool. My wife makes a killer chicken parm. You say the word and CarmenPalooza is a go!
  6. The bad news is: you're not part of the Abbey Road Tour. The good news is: now you've got time to put the finishing touches on your new CD!!! Dave
  7. Eric, 30 years later your lyrics still resonate. "I hope there's no hard feelings 'Cause there isn't anyone to blame (I) was raped, reshaped and tryin' to escape Caught in a rock and roll time warp Just tryin' to find the way to get out Lemme out, lemme out Lemme out, lemme out I gotta get out" Dave
  8. Earlier today I was celebrating the fact that I won't be traveling to California in late July. I was about to order tickets to every east coast show possible. But not if Eric's not going to be on the bill!!! Stick to your guns, Eric. I'll wait for your solo show, along with the rest of your fans. Dave
  9. The very first time I heard GATW I was working at a summer camp in Center Ossipee, NH. I had the afternoon off. I was laying out catching some sun. I had my grey plastic AM radio blasting from the window of my cabin. It was tuned to Boston's WRKO. I remember getting goose bumps, even though it was 90 degrees out! Was it The Who? Was it the Beach Boys? Was it Badfinger? Little did I know it was the band and the Man that I would identify with for the rest of my life. Thanks Eric, Dave
  10. I've always dreamed of Eric doing Badfinger's 'Day After Day'. Only in this version he'd turn the piano parts into long sweeping explorations of the keyboard kind. The entire song would rival 'ABM' and 'Runaway' for its length, beauty and emotion. But please, Eric, if you ever do a version of this song live, no matter what my Cranbury neighbor says, please leave the tight leather pants at home. Luv ya man! Dave
  11. The Raspberries 30th Anniversary is here. 30 years ago last month 'Don't Wanna Say Goodbye' was released. 30 years ago next month 'Go All The Way' became 'hitbound'. When I think of the Summer of 72 I can't help smiling, remembering my first girlfriend, frying myself in the sun at Hampton Beach, New Hamshire, and hearing Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim blasting out of every radio on beach. I can smell the Coppertone now!!!! Dave
  12. If I had a radio station it would play: Eric Carmen, John Miles, Alan Parsons Project, OMD, Moody Blues, Jann Arden (canadian singer with biting lyrics and incredible hooks), Three Dog Night, Burton Cummings & The Guess Who, Abba (plus about a thousand one hit wonders, like Sugar Baby Love, The Promise (by When In Rome), NaNaHeyHey, etc). Wanna tune in? Dave
  13. Bernie, Wow, you've been busy! I just spent three weeks in meetings accomplishing absolutely nothing. Look what you've done! This is the first chance I've had to check out the new and improved ec.com. Very impressive! Thanks for keeping us updated. Dave
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