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  1. I hate "Dust In the Wind", "Carry On My Wayward Son" and anything by Steve Miller. Yet for some reason or other, every Classic Rock station from Maine to Malibu play them 24/7. Dave
  2. Does Japan have its own version of "Idol"? Considering his popularity there, perhaps Eric can be the featured artist on that show. "Ren I raz young....Arrrwl By Mysheeerrrf" (sorry, couldn't help myself) Dave
  3. She was great. But what amazed me most was how 'All By Myself' has become a standard. It's gotten to the point where I almost expect it to pop up in movies, tv shows and talent competitions. Ten years ago the song was considered a piece of schlock (sp?) by most (outside of this circle of friends, of course). But its true greatness has survived and it's a joy to hear, and it moves me every time I hear it. I just wish Eric's original got more radio play. That's where it sounds the best. Dave
  4. Ooo, good call Marvin. You're right, the two are very similar. Dave
  5. "All For Love" Gotta agree with Michelle. Dave
  6. I guess that wasn't your picture I saw hanging in the Cranbury Post Office after all. Welcome back. Your neighbor, Dave
  7. As you know, Darlene and I live in the same small town in central New Jersey. Everyone in town is wondering where she's been. Just before Chrismas I spotted her picture on the bulletin board in the Cranbury post office. Someone recently stapled her likeness onto about 50 telephone poles thoughout the town. Our local radio station includes her name in the lost and found pet report at 3:30 in the afternoon. There is a rumor that she's been abducted, possibly by The Starland Vocal Band reunion tour. If I hear anything about her whereabouts, I'll post it as soon as possible. Dave
  8. This thread has raised an interesting question in my head...why is everything about Eric such a mystery? The only thing we know is 'the past'. Despite our dedication and rabid desire for news, we know little-to-nothing of what Eric is doing today or what he has planned for the future. And yet, here we are, day-in day- out..with nothing to show for it (except the kinship of our admiration for his past). Lord knows Bernie is doing more than his share of keeping us posted...unfortunately he has nothing NEW to post (except old demos and a book about Eric's past..which, don't get me wrong, we are grateful for). I guess we need to ask Eric if he ever plans on sharing his current and future lives with us? We're caught in a rock 'n roll time warp and tryin' to find a way out. It's time for Eric to lead the way!! Dave
  9. It's time to take full advantage of the latest internet technologies. WE WANT ERIC CAM!!! As part of Eric's studio renovation, how about a live video feed to be displayed here at ec.com. If we can't hear anything new from Eric(yet), at least we'll be able to see him working on new music. He can wave. Occasionally he can wear those tight pants our fellow posters love so much. He can have his kids come in and mug into the camera. We can see what he's having for lunch. Imagine all the amazing things we'll see via EricCam! (Ok, let's keep this clean) Bernie, the time has come...WE WANT ERIC CAM!! Dave
  10. yoyorex. Thanks for clueing us into the other tracks under the tree. I thought 'Cindy' was our only present. (In case you missed them there are 3 tracks under the tree: left, right and center) Santa Bernie, you out did yourself! Thanks again, and again. Dave
  11. Wow, Bernie...you make a great Santa! what a treat! I'd never heard "cindy in the wind" before...and now I can't get it out of my head. This is my favorite kind of Eric song...mid tempo, heart felt, hook after hook after hook! Thank you, too Eric. You've blessed us year after year Dave
  12. Well said, Laura. Signed, Dave, aka; fellow lurker and LobsterLvr
  13. "Nobody Knows" has always been one of my favorite Raspberries songs...and this version confirms it. I know Eric isn't crazy about his voice, but songs like this make him sound fantastic, or is it the other way around? Dave
  14. Bernie...the fact that you posted that BIG news item at 5:54 AM must mean it's really really BIG!! If we hit the 500,000 mark sooner...will you tell us sooner??? Will ya, huh, will ya??? Dave
  15. None of the above. It's a new version.
  16. Did anyone else catch the latest PS2 commercial? It uses 'Almost Paradise' as the soundtrack . Dave
  17. I forgot to mention that the commercial uses in intrumental version of ABM, not Eric's recording. Dave
  18. Was that 'All By Myself' I heard in a Lancone (sp?) perfume ad I just saw on TV? It features some sickly looking woman staring off into the sunset all...by...herself (not a ringing endorsement for an item designed to lure the opposite sex, but what do I know, I write ads with leprechauns, silly rabbits and cuckoo birds in 'em!). So who gets residules for this ad, Bernie? Mr. Rachmaninoff, Mr. Carmen, or both? Dave
  19. I totally disagree! WD offers an excellent new exposure to Eric. "Isn't It Romantice", and "I Could Really Love You" show off a nice range of work. His cover of "Walk Away Renee" is a good conversation starter for us oldies-but-goodies. As a refresher course, of course you have to drop the needle on "GATW", "ABM", and "Hungry Eyes". Then rest for a while. Don't push too much Eric on him in one dose. Over the next few weeks find out what OTHER kind of music he likes. Then match your EC selections to his musical tastes. Dave
  20. But nobody's closer than me! (Literally.) Dave
  21. Bernie, I always thought the 'ABM' piano solo was written by Rachmaninoff. I had no idea it was Eric's. Now I'm even more impressed! (For those who don't know, Eric did a lot of 'borrowing' from Rachmaninoff on his first LP. "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" and "My Girl" also feature his melodies. ) Dave
  22. ABM's long version is on Eric's first solo LP titled "Eric Carmen". It's the gold one with a huge photo of his face on the cover. For more details, see the "MUSIC" section of this site. Dave
  23. With "Some Day" Eric combines lyrics and music perfectly. And the way he sings these particular lyrics is spot on. It's a perfect blend of all of his assets. And I love the attitude! Sure having a girl come crawling back is a fantasy every guy has...that's why it's so much fun to sing along. Dave
  24. Carmen & Cummings would be the ultimate pianopalooza for me!!! Dave
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