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  1. LobsterLvr comes from my love of the delicious tasting crustacean. I was born and bred on lobster (lobstah, as my family in New England still says). In fact I was in Maine and New Hamspire this weekend and had lobster in both states. The best place in the world for lobster? Brown's Lobster Pound in Seabrook, NH. Heaven on earth! My only regret about moving to NJ...the cost of lobster!! Dave
  2. Darlene, my email address is, and will always be lobsterlvr@aol.com. As long as no one else takes that name here at ec.com, I guess I can always go back to it. But for now, I'm MarathonManFan, loud, proud, and (what else rhymes with loud?)...wow'ed? Dave
  3. It's me, the poster formally known as LobsterLvr. I figured I'd change my screen name to be more Eric-friendly. Also, I figured Eric needed a bit of marketing help. Since Bernie decided to call his book "Marathon Man", it's only natural that we all start calling him by the same moniker. Johnny Cash was the Man in Black, Bruce is The Boss, Frank was Ol Blue Eyes, why not market Eric as "Marathon Man". It sounds cool. It sounds powerful. It sounds viril (sp?). For a while Eric was "The Kid" but now that he's got two of his own, it doesn't quite match. Long live "Marathon Man". Dave
  4. I did it! From this day forward I am 'MarathonManFan' Dave (the poster formally known as lobsterlvr)
  5. I'm ok with the singles from Eric's debut solo album. But the choices off of 'Boats' basically sank his popularity. 'Marathon Man' would have made Eric a household name had it been released as a single. It's a one of a kind song. ESPN would still be playing it! Just look at the ad banner that Bernie put together for his book...heck, look at the name of the book!! In fact this gives me a great idea for a new screen name! Good bye lobsterlvr...hello 'MarathonManFan'!!! Dave (the poster formally known as lobsterlvr)
  6. I've always had a fear that Eric would cancel on me, but he never did! Saw him with the Berries, The Dirty Dancing Tour, and with Ringo. I've never seen him solo. This thread reminds me that 31 years ago (high school graduation week ) I had tickets to see Led Zepplin and the Beach Boys on two successive nights in Boston. I got strep and the measles and had to give my tickets away. (Had it been the Raspberries, I would have gone to 'the gahden' with my fever, soar throat and rash!!!) Dave (still here after 7 years) Shea lobsterlvr!!
  7. Eric played the same song with Ringo at the State Theater in NJ. It's such a great song. Love it everytime I hear it. Thanks B. Dave
  8. what do you think Darlene? should we have a bar crawl between you house and mine? Ballads at your pad, rockers at mine! And to make things more fun, every time Eric sings the word "tonight", we'll all have to do a jello shot! Dave
  9. LEVETZ LETTER is to Eric Carmen as "Killing Me Softly" is to Don McLean. Dave
  10. I'd say 'thanks' and then we'd talk about something totally different than his music. The last thing he wants to hear is my opinion of his life's work. He's been reading my humble mindfarts on internet for almost 10 years now. (I was a much more active contributor back in the '90's.) So we'd talk about baseball, our favorite bbq sauces, our kids, how our wives drive us crazy, practical jokes we played on our buddies back in the 70's, and who we liked best of the original Charlies Angles. Important stuff. Dave
  11. I bought both WD CD's. So glad I did. The Japanese know how to package things. Nice graphics. Great pics. And 'Caroline No'. I give WD just as much air play as all the other EC CD's. I'm an equal opportunity player. DAve
  12. The song has always amazed me. It's like taking five different roads at the same time...to some place great. It's like each guy wrote his own part of the song and they all got together and didn't change a thing! The drums are insane. The guitars are all doing something completely different. And then there Eric's singing! It's an amazing example of 1+1+1+1+1 equalling a perfect 10. Dave
  13. Next month That 70's Show is going to do a follow-up episode and plans to use "Hands On You" and "I Think I Found Myself". ;-) Dave
  14. I'll kick in $100 bucks if Eric kicks in a new CD.
  15. the episode is about 'self pleasure'. one of the characters thinks he's 'all by himself' and gets caught in the act. Dave
  16. I hate "Dust In the Wind", "Carry On My Wayward Son" and anything by Steve Miller. Yet for some reason or other, every Classic Rock station from Maine to Malibu play them 24/7. Dave
  17. Does Japan have its own version of "Idol"? Considering his popularity there, perhaps Eric can be the featured artist on that show. "Ren I raz young....Arrrwl By Mysheeerrrf" (sorry, couldn't help myself) Dave
  18. She was great. But what amazed me most was how 'All By Myself' has become a standard. It's gotten to the point where I almost expect it to pop up in movies, tv shows and talent competitions. Ten years ago the song was considered a piece of schlock (sp?) by most (outside of this circle of friends, of course). But its true greatness has survived and it's a joy to hear, and it moves me every time I hear it. I just wish Eric's original got more radio play. That's where it sounds the best. Dave
  19. Ooo, good call Marvin. You're right, the two are very similar. Dave
  20. "All For Love" Gotta agree with Michelle. Dave
  21. I guess that wasn't your picture I saw hanging in the Cranbury Post Office after all. Welcome back. Your neighbor, Dave
  22. As you know, Darlene and I live in the same small town in central New Jersey. Everyone in town is wondering where she's been. Just before Chrismas I spotted her picture on the bulletin board in the Cranbury post office. Someone recently stapled her likeness onto about 50 telephone poles thoughout the town. Our local radio station includes her name in the lost and found pet report at 3:30 in the afternoon. There is a rumor that she's been abducted, possibly by The Starland Vocal Band reunion tour. If I hear anything about her whereabouts, I'll post it as soon as possible. Dave
  23. This thread has raised an interesting question in my head...why is everything about Eric such a mystery? The only thing we know is 'the past'. Despite our dedication and rabid desire for news, we know little-to-nothing of what Eric is doing today or what he has planned for the future. And yet, here we are, day-in day- out..with nothing to show for it (except the kinship of our admiration for his past). Lord knows Bernie is doing more than his share of keeping us posted...unfortunately he has nothing NEW to post (except old demos and a book about Eric's past..which, don't get me wrong, we are grateful for). I guess we need to ask Eric if he ever plans on sharing his current and future lives with us? We're caught in a rock 'n roll time warp and tryin' to find a way out. It's time for Eric to lead the way!! Dave
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