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  1. I'm here, too, and from here I can't hear what's going on there in their rehersal, they're not playing loud enough for me to laud what I should be hearing from there. Dave
  2. I know it's kinda cheezy, but how about a medley or two. Suggestion #1: Drivin' Around, Cruisin' Music, On The Beach, and Nobody Knows Suggestion #2: Any suggestions??? Dave
  3. All this conjecture about where Raspberries are going to play is ridiculous. As everyone can tell by this website, the tiny town of Cranbury, New Jersey has more registered Carmen/Berry fans per capita than any where else in the world and will, therefore, be the home of the 'Berries Reunion Concert. Dave (and my good neighbor, Darlene)
  4. This original New Englander would love to see Raspberries and Aerosmith hooking up. If it can be done with RunDMC, it can be done with Eric, Wally, etc. At least for a song, or two. Dave
  5. Jen, At "Weekend At Bernies" everyone seemed disappointed that I changed my screen name. Since everyone has known me as 'lobsterlvr' since the old AOL days, I've decided to stick with the crustacean lovin' moniker. If anyone wants "MarathonManFan" it is officially up for auction. The starting bid is an mp3 of "Cindy In The Wind". Dave
  6. Welcome Wannabee. As you can see from the number of posts I've made, I'm not huge participant in the message boards, but I do check in every day. Keep checking it out and evenutally you'll feel like one of the family. Dave
  7. From what I can see, there are only 3 (that's right, three!) Ohio Eric Carmen fans who post at EC.com. What's up with that? Assuming that most established artists have huge local followings wouldn't you expect this website to be crawling with Clevelanders, Bowling Greeners, Cincinnatians, and Mentorites? Hopefully, when it comes time to put tickets on sale for the reunion concert, Wally, Jim, Dave and Eric remember that their fan base isn't in Cleveland anymore. It's online!! Dave
  8. Is there any cake left? Hope it was a happy one, Dave
  9. If it hasn't been mentioned already, I think a block of tickets should be set aside for loyal fans (ie. book buyers). Dave
  10. YOU'RE KILLIN ME!!!! All this teasing...it's too much! Enough foreplay! It's time to paaaarty! DAve
  11. Gord, The headline appeared on the back of today's NY Post, referring to the player, not the host. June, yes I am, and will always be a wicked Sawks fan. Dave
  12. I'm not, and will never be, a Yankees fan, but (being in advertising) I do appreciate a good headline. Dave
  13. Had a great time. Sampled everything and have the heartburn to prove it! Thanks B & K, Dave
  14. The best award one can receive is that of friendship, of which, from the looks of this message board, you have many. Dave (aka lobsterlvr)
  15. If Bernie can travel 10 hours each way to pick up Marathon Man, doesn't it seem possible for Eric to hop on a plane to Newark, (1 hour 15 minutes), take a town car to Bernie's (20 minutes), mingle with his minions, play a few tunes on the piano, take a few photos and be back home in time to tuck the young'uns into bed???!!! I'll even throw in my frequent flyer miles!!! Heck, I'll even pick him up at the air port!! Dave
  16. Great, now I have to go buy a coffee table to put that book on! No way is it going in the book case with my old Steven King paperbacks and my wife's self help books! Dave (aka lobsterlvr)
  17. I'll be there, too. Dave (aka lobsterlvr)
  18. Guess what I'm bringing! I'm not called 'lobsterlvr' for nothing! Dave (aka lob...well, you know)
  19. Bernie it's no use trying to be humble. I see that Mobius Award hiding behind the speakers. (For anyone who doesn't know, a Mobius is an award really creative advertising guys get for doing great work.) Congrats on both the book, and the award. Dave (aka lobsterlvr)
  20. Despite the fact that Darlene and I both live in Cranbury, NJ (which by virtue of shear numbers, makes this idyllic village official base of the EC fan club!!), we have yet to meet. If traveling 20 miles north is what it takes to finally meet the diva of this dot com, count me in!!! Dave (aka lobsterlvr)
  21. Bravo Bernie & Team. "It takes a lot to keep love alive" But somehow you keep finding new ways to our hearts pumping. Thanks. Dave (aka lobsterlvr)
  22. For most of us south of the US/Canadian border, Winter Dreams was like an old friend coming to visit after being away for years. Sure, our old friend had changed a bit, he was a little bit older, and a little bit more conservative, but we loved having him back. If he decides to visit us again, we'll welcome him with open arms (ears). We won't judge him. We won't continuously compare him to his more youthful years. We'll accept him just the way he is. That's what we Americans do. We accept people just the way they are. Dave (aka lobsterlvr)
  23. It's true. With the current exchange rate, anyone born in Canada in 1960 is 46 years old - American. Dave
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