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  1. For years (decades, actually), every time I've heard one of Eric's songs on the radio, in a TV show, commercial or in a movie, I've been happy for him. I liked knowing that he was being compensated (in ways big and sometimes very small) for his talent and artistry.  While I'm thrilled that he's probably been compensated VERY well for his library of work, now, when I hear one of his songs, I'm not going to get the same feeling of satisfaction or even pride.  Someone else...some big corporation...will be profiting from his talents.  My hope, as a fan for over 45 years, is that Round Hill keeps his music alive and kicking for years to come...and that maybe, someday, his kids or grandkids will buy it all back.


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  2. 6. Change of Heart (Desperate Fools is its saving grace)

    5. Winter Dreams (love "Isn't it Romantic" and the two covers)

    4. Geffen (hit and miss)

    3. Boats (I still love listening to this album straight-through, as listed, no skipping. A great ride.)

    2. Arista (each song distinctive, yet truly 'carmen-esque'.)

    1.Tonight Your Mine (NOW we're talking...and rockin!)

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  3. I've always been a John Miles fan. He had a few low charting songs here in the US (Highfly, Remember Yesterday and Slow Down). He's huge in the UK. His symphonic pop UK hit "Music" blows me away every time I hear it.  As does this!  Here he is doing ABM late last year with pianist Emily Bear.  Both of them nail it!!  Dave


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  4. There has always been something I wasn't crazy about in the final studio versions of "Tonight". It felt a bit too bombastic. Every instrument and vocal seemed too loud.  But I love this demo! In this version I can hear 'the song'.  Even though it's a demo...I think the mix of instruments to vocals is better. And I love the false ending!  Dave


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  5. I grew up just north of Boston. As a result I got to see The J. Geils Band and Aerosmith a ton (high schools, community colleges, bars, summer-fests, etc)!!  Live, both bands were off the charts! Raw, rockin, unruly and wicked good.  But J. Geils was the best. Every concert was "nothin' but a house party".  Good memories.  Great band!!  RIP John

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  6. Forget it people. Eric is done. These days he's using his piano as a coat rack. The creeking of his rocking chair is the only music he's making. We need to move on. The Maestro has put down his baton. I've heard his guitar collection is sitting in storage at the U-Haul on Mayfair Road. He recently dropped Bernie from his contact list. And, according to my sources at the Buckeye State Association of Hairdressers, Eric is now sporting a high and tight crew cut!  Face it folks, the Kid is kaput.  The answer is finally at hand for the Marathon Man...and it's game over!!!  And thus ends my attempt at reverse psychology.  Dave

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