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  1. Tigg - I arrive from Newark on Contiental flight 525 at 11:50am. I'm grabbing a cab. If your flight arrives around the same time I'll be happy to double up! send me an mail at daveshea1@comcast.net dave
  2. And Bernie! You have all the luck! I went into that record store dozens of times and never got an autographed LP. Awwwww raspberries. Dave
  3. Pat, had I known I would've tuned in! Back when I was working in radio ('77-'80) I couldn't ever play the Raspberries because disco and mello rock had taken over! (two reasons I'm not in radio these days.) I'll make a point of tuning in to your next show. Looking forward to meeting y'all. Dave
  4. What time does it open? I've got a 2pm flight and something tells me we're all going to be up waaaaaay past our usual bedtimes. Think I can squeeze it in? Dave
  5. What a great interview! Eric and Jim look so relaxed, comfortable, and excited about Friday nite's event! Dave
  6. Holiday Inn is where it's at! DAve
  7. it just wouldn't be a raspberries get-together withoutcha! Dave
  8. What a hoot! I just found a remix of Hungry Eyes at Windows Media Player. I 'searched' for anything by Eric and found this goofy remix by DJ Kro. Maybe you've heard it before. I hadn't. At first I thought it was a woman singing, but then I realized it was Eric sped up. (Let's hope they don't do a version of this in Cleveland!) Dave
  9. I bet the show starts with a wink, with the spotlight on Eric, he'll play the opening chords to 'Starting Over', after a few seconds we'll hear the hint of a snare drum, it'll get louder and loUDER AND LOUDER, the lights will come up on the rest of the stage and WHAM, there's the rest of the band slamming into a kick ass 21st Century version of "I Wanna Be With You". Dave
  10. Marvin you wrote: Who (if anybody) gets the thrill of standing on the stage and saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, after 30 years...THE RASPBERRIES!!!"....which raises a good question: after 30 years are they THE Raspberries, or just Raspberries (sans 'the')? Dave
  11. Eeeek! I just checked weather.com's 10-day forcast. Thanksgiving looks like RAIN AND SNOW here in NJ. I fly out Friday, but this is freakin' me out. What should be a dream could be turning into a nightmare! Please Oh Mighty Weather Maker, blow this storm out to sea! Dave
  12. I got my ribbon, too! Thanks, Annie. Dave
  13. The last time original Raspberries played together: There was no internet. There was no cable. There were no cell phones. Tom Hanks was still in high school. George W. was still in college. Johnny Carson was still on. All four Beatles were still around. Drive-Ins still existed. And the list goes on, and on, and on. But instead of feeling old, I'm feeling grateful, and the Raspberries reuniting is the reason why. Dave
  14. 1. Is there an opening act for the Cleveland show? 2. Who would you like to open for Raspberries in YOUR town? Dave
  15. Go to the PICTURES section, click the third-to-last photo, and Voila!! Eric Cream-man. Dave
  16. I see the Grinch, and he's wearing a hat that looks like part of the male anatomy with Berry-phonic headphones. Dave
  17. 'Nobody Knows' is probably my favorite Raspberries non-hit. What a joy it would be to hear it unplugged! Dave
  18. 5 things: Thing #1: I love this thread Thing #2: Tony, I'm surprised no one else has gotten on your case for the "..that's what mommies are for" statement! You're either not married or married to the kind of woman I've NEVER met! Thing #3: I, too, appreciate Eric's devotion to his family. In fact, I'm kinda jealous of that. Thing #4: As June will tell you, we Red Sox fans are used to waiting for greatness. Thing #5: Now it's your turn, Eric! Dave
  19. Always great to welcome new fans/posters. Welcome Trindy. Tell your sisters about us...we're a great bunch of people. dave
  20. Darlene, you WERE missed! Lots of us were emailing each other asking "have you heard from her". I almost drove over to your neighborhood to see if I could spot you raking your leaves or going to the supermarket. But I thought you might think I was a perv. (and from what you just wrote, you've had enough of that!) Anyway, we're glad you're joining us. it's gonna be fun! Dave
  21. Bernie, you ARE good! I would have never spotted the name change if Kirk hadn't mentioned it. If this advertising career doesn't work out, you might want to consider counterfeiting. Dave
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