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  1. Ahhhh! I hate NOT being there! Have fun everyone and tell 'em LobsterLvr says 'hi'. Dave
  2. I call it "Marvision". It's the best way to experience the life of a EC/Berries fan! Dave
  3. Ted, the pictures of the Thanksgiving Weekend concert show Eric on a X8. But I'm glad to hear that it sounded better. Wish I could have been there. Dave
  4. Very obvious! You can't help but sing along! In fact, I sang along with it (in my head) and I ran out of lyrics!! In the original (Rachmaninoff's), the melody comes around about 5 or 6 times in the 10 minute song. Eric only wrote two verses worth of lyrics of "NGFILA", so I ended up repeating myself...to myself about 4 times. (If that makes any sense.) Dave
  5. And he said "Gonna"...which sounded kinda funny in such a hoity toidy environment. Dave
  6. The first report from Cleveland is that Dick Clark was there! He faked his stroke so he could be at the HoB! Who needs New York? This year Cleveland's got the Rockin' New Years Eve! Dave
  7. I just got back from Darlene's concert. In case you don't know it, she's a violinist for one of the area's best orchestra's (in her spare time). Tonight her orchestra performed in the State Capital to a full house, performing everything from big band to amazing classical stuff. I am so glad I went!! I felt like a proud parent sitting in the balcony watching Darlene play. You can't miss her! Her golden hair radiates almost as much as her violin playing. But here's the big news for all of us EC fans: As she's mentioned in a few previous posts, the only thing that made tonight a little less painful (for us non-cleveland partyers) was the fact that the orchestra was going to play the Rachmaninoff piece that inspired Eric's "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again". Just prior to performing the piece, the conducter turned to the audience and explained how Rachmaninoff's music has been embraced by many talented musicians in recent years, and, in the case of the piece they were about to play, inspired the mid '70's hit "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again". I could see Darlene smiling from my balcony seat! I knew she had something to do with it!! The orchestra brought the piece to life beautifully. Darlene was one of 17 violinists in her section. I could tell she was enjoying every note. So was I. And so were all the people in the audience. I actually heard a big chubby 80 year old guy humming the melody on our way out! Darlene, I tried to get your attention during intermission and I tried to find you after the show. Alas, to no avail. But so everyone knows, you were great. I'm glad I spent part of my New Years Eve with you. You made it special. Dave
  8. Darlene, listen carefully during your performance of Rachmaninoff's 3rd movement and you might hear me singing along from cheap seats. Dave
  9. Marv...don't be afraid to say something negative! That's what makes this message board come alive! I knew I'd stir things up with my original post in this thread. But (after years of therapy) I know how important it is to express one's feelings. The great thing about this form of expression is that we're ALL right. We've all got our own opinions, likes and dislikes. I happen to think Eric's mid-tempo stuff is his best (like "All For Love", and (don't barf, Marv) "Isn't it Romantic"). Dave
  10. Getting back to Marc's original thought: What's great about the way Eric's songs are written in the first person is that they are great to sing along with. I especially like singing "Some Day", these days. Dave (Me, myself, I)
  11. Obviously I see a fine line between songs about music (That's Rock n Roll, Spotlight, Cruisin Music) and songs about the job of making music. Once you cross it, I guess my big red claws come out! Dave
  12. Ok, I agree that Eric does make songs about the music industry sound good to the ear. But didn't you feel a little bit cheated by those songs? He could have put those valuable LP grooves to songs we could ALL relate to. Dave
  13. I was just thinking about Eric's 'first person' approach to song writing...but in a negative way. "Temporary Hero" got me thinking about a category of Eric's songs that I don't really like: the "feel-sorry-for-me-I'm-a-songwriter" songs that have shown up several times in his career. I totally understand how cathartic it might be to put your feelings into a song...but in this case I feel manipulated. Songs like "Overnight Sensation", "Desparate Fools", "No Hard Feelings", and "Temporary Hero" are all designed to make us feel bad for Eric! And we all paid good money to have him make us feel that way. Hopefully he's done writing these kinds of songs and cranks out some more songs about love, summers, and sex. Dave
  14. Me and my fellow crustaceans are staying home for New Years. Have fun. Dave
  15. JuliaD wrote: ...but seeing the early posts by Dave et all helped me to realize I wasn't the only one going thru stuff like this... No Julia, you're not the only one. In fact, from what I can tell by reading this thread, you're in pretty good company. Dave
  16. Bernie, if you didn't already have a job as an art director, I'd hire you! ;-) Dave
  17. Not via plane, nor on a train, Not by boat, or in a float, I shall not be there, sad I am. Miss I will, the Chicago jam. dave
  18. Thing One: The set list for Chicago will probably be different from the Cleveland shows. I doubt they'll do Choir material. Any word on what songs will be added, or dropped? Thing Two: I couldn't help but notice Bernie's use of the word 'tour' when referencing the band's plans. I guess there is a Santa Claus! Thing Three: Speaking of Santa, what goodies does Ol' Saint Bernie have planned for under this year's Chrismas Tree??
  19. Thanks June...I think a Raspberries concert in the NorthEast is just what the therapist ordered. Dave
  20. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like the old Raspberries logo better than the new one at Raspberries.net. The old logo was on Jim's drum and on the t-shirts sold at the concert, and on this website. If the band wants to promote itself, it would help to chose one or the other. My vote is for the oldie but goodie. Dave
  21. Wow! This thread really made me think! It's amazing how many songs Eric and the band have written 'just for me'! So instead of saying which songs I've 'lived', here are the ones I'm currently 'living': "All By Myself" "Boats Against The Current" (assuming it's about the end of a relationship) "It Hurts Too Much" "I'm Thru With Love" and "Someday". As you can guess, I'm at the of a 25 year marriage and I'm not too happy about it. Hopefully the next time this thread comes around I'll be living "Starting Over". Dave
  22. Jim, you also need 'grammar check'. You forgot the apostrophe on 'Its'. ;-) Dave
  23. Hey, if the redsox can win the world series and the raspberries can reunite, getting a couple of signatures from a bunch of money hungry pinheads should be a piece of cake! Dave
  24. I wonder if they can get the rights to reproduce the Kirshner concerts or other shows? dave
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