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  1. Very classy. Makes me proud to be an eric carmen fan. Nicely done, Bernie. I'm sure Eric's proud, too. Dave
  2. kaz...sorry I missed you at BBKings...I ended up buying tiks for both nights on line. Dave
  3. john...i've never stayed at the edison, but i've heard good things about it. nice lobby. not too $$$. dave
  4. I'm planning on getting my reunion tickets at BBKing's Box Office on Monday. Will I be bumping into any of you??? Bernie? Kazumi? Kathy? Annie? Larry? Darlene? Dave (I'll be the one with the big smile on my face!)
  5. Both nights...two tickets. One for me and one for some lucky TBD. Dave
  6. All the images of NYC being scary and dirty are from the 70's and 80's. These days NY is wonderful, safe, fun, always open, well lit, vibrant, colorful, and friendly. Especially in the summer. No need to be nervous. Excited, yes! Nevous, nah. Dave
  7. June...while I can't vouche for Randy first hand, he does get a lot of positive ratings at "letsgetrandy.com"
  8. Just in case anyone from outside of metro-NY is thinking they can find a $39 a night hotel in Mahattan...well, you can't. 39 bucks gets you an appetizer at TGIFridays on 42nd St, 3 pretzels, 3 cokes, and a balloon in Central Park, or 7 minutes in heaven with a transvestite named Randy on West 23rd Street. Dave
  9. I'll start looking around 42nd Steet for a decent but cheap hotel for folks to look into. I've always heard The Edison was nice and affordable. The lobby is sooooo 1930's NY! And it's only two blocks from the show. Kasumi...got any suggestions? dave
  10. Back in the 80's I used to have the same feelings about Belinda Carlisle! Dave
  11. kazumi....i just got home after enjoying a few Yeunglings in your neighborhood...Rudy's on 44th and 9th. What dive...but what a great place. Let's keep it in mind for the 'after party'. (fingers crossed!) dave
  12. My new office is just 9 blocks away from BBKings! (that's a 1/2 mile for you outta towners). The pre-show party starts in my cube at 4:00!!!! (date tbd) Dave
  13. Actually, I didn't need 'space' literally, I've got plenty of megs left. I just found myself hitting the "skip" button every time the song came on. You see, it's kinda hard writing stupid Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms commercials with whoa-is-me, suicidal songs playing in the background. So I dumped it. I don't feel good about it...but at least the children of the world won't have to worry about seeing a depressed cuckoo bird or love-sick leprechaun in their next cereal commerical. Dave
  14. The other day I caught myself deleting "All By Myself" from my office i-tunes. As I did it I felt terrible! I felt like I was betraying my best friend. As I hit the "Yes, please delete" button I told myself that it wasn't permenant, that I just needed some space. Am I the only one who's ever deleted Eric? How has it made you feel? Do you think he'll understand? Dave
  15. LobsterLvr


    Marvin, As I posted at raspberries.net, you're a class act. And everyone, from the band, their families and friends, to everyone here online know it. Dave
  16. I've got it on my i-tunes and NEVER get sick of hearing it. Incredibly stupid lyrics. Totally goofy fun. Incredibly composed. Love the 'bop shoo-waddee's'!!! The bells, the piano, and the spoken "people, take my advice, if you love someone, don't think twice" line!!! I LOVE IT!! In fact, in the song they actually sing "Love your baby love, sugar baby love" I DO!! I DO!! Dave
  17. BTW, JuliaAllByMyself, "Sugar Baby Love" is THE absolute best sing-along power pop song of all time!!!!! Sing it, please!!! Sing it!! Dave
  18. 1972-Aerosmith (every weekend at The Barn in N.H.) 1973-J.Geils Band (lots of times in Mass.), Aerosmith, Sha-Na-Na 1974-Harry Chapin, Raspberries 1975-Elton John, Orleans 1976-Gordon Lightfoot (zzzzzz) 1977-Tavares (then I got married and had kids) 1985-Four Tops (in A.C., does that count?) 1988-Dirty Dancing (w/Eric Carmen) 1998-Aerosmith (w/my 12 yr old daughter; "Armageddon" was huge and I wanted "the boys from Beantown" to be her 1st big concert), Earth Wind and Fire, O-Jay's, Isley Brothers. 1998-Moody Blues 1999-Rod Stewart, Alan Parson's Project, Annie Haslet(the lead singer from Renissance) 2000-Bruuuuuuuce 2001-Quasi Qua (in NYC), Ringo's All-Starr Band (w/Eric) 2002-Britney Spears w/O-Town (I got free tix via Nickelodeon, took my youngest daughter. The music sucked, but the boobage was nice.) 2003-Moody Blues "December" Concert (a must-see holiday experience) 2004-Jann Arden (my fav female singer via Canada), Raspberries. Dave
  19. Hopefully the band doesn't measure success by the number of sell outs they have. The measure of success is how much the band enjoys performing and how much their fans (no matter how many or how few) enjoy the show. Dave
  20. It's that time zone thing....we get things on the east coast MONTHS before you guys on the left hand side. BTW...Danny gets brought to the board room but Todd gets fired! go Danny! Dave
  21. I watching "A3" right now...Danny's UNBELIEVABLE! He had me rooting for him before I knew who he was. Dave
  22. When Raspberries come to NYC there won't be a radio station, newspaper, or tv station that won't know about the event. I can guarantee all of us in metroNY will do everything we can, from phone calls to holding up posters at the Today Show, to get the word out. In fact, at this very moment I'm sewing my SUPER BERRYMAN costume that I plan to wear in Times Square every night until the show sells out. Dave
  23. i'm here...in jersey...watching football..wishing i was in chicago dave
  24. The only good news about not going to Chicago is that I'll be alone here in the message board and I'll get to run around naked! :-o
  25. Ahhhh! I hate NOT being there! Have fun everyone and tell 'em LobsterLvr says 'hi'. Dave
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