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  1. I just went to VH1.com (as suggested in the ad for the new greatest hits cd). It's nice to see the band with so much presence. Too bad the 'biography' page is so out of date. Dave
  2. Julia, I believe you had already taken off your shirt and thrown it on stage by that time! Dave
  3. wow! it was great! great mix. great vocals. they also had a quick ad for the latest greatest hits cd after the video. And while I didn't actually see myself in the audience shots, I thought I might've seen my shirt. No matter what, I know exactly where I was and how loud I was singing along!! Dave
  4. Maybe they should change the name of the station to "The Raspbreeze". (rim shot please) Dave
  5. The only thing I've ever had stolen in NYC is my heart. Dave ;-)
  6. BTW July 8th's countdown has GATW comin' into the Hot 100 at Number 88...and we all know what happens after that!
  7. Suede, I love going to http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/randypny/cashbox/1972.html for all the charts from the '70's (this site gets you to 1972...just change the year and you'll get any year you want. Dave
  8. Maybe I'm a pollyanna, but I walk the streets of NYC every day with my iPod blasting in my ears. I work on 42nd Street, I take the subways reglarly, and every day I see about a thousand people wearing iPods. I know of no one who's ever had one stolen. Don't get me wrong, Anne's suggestions are good ones...for ANY city! I just don't want people freaking out about NYC being some kind of dangerous place to visit. It's not. It's like DisneyWorld...only on caffeine! Come, have fun, be smart...and you'll have a great time. Dave
  9. I see that 'Bowling For Soup' is playing along with the 'Berries and Badfinger. I heard them play live Friday on NYC's WPLJ-FM's live broadcast from the Jersey Shore...and they're great! They've got a hit out right now called '1985', but what caught my ear was an incredibly fun, audience participating version of "Hey Baby" ("I wanna kno--o--ow, will you be my girl?". If you go to the Wisconsin concert...stay for "BFS"...you'll be berry glad you did. Dave
  10. Here's my idea of the perfect NYC tour...on a shoestring budget. - Explore Grand Central Station ground level and below. Walk thru the hoity toidy food market in the station, drool, but don't buy anything. Go downstairs to the Oyster Bar Restaurant (don't eat there...it's too expensive), stand in front of the entrance under the vaulted ceiling. Each of you should stand opposite corners (under the vaulted ceiling) facing away from each other...the acoustics allow a whisper to travel up and over the hallway to the person on the other side. You'll look funny doing it, but it's a hoot! - Walk thru Times Square after dark. It's safe. - Visit the lobby of The Crysler Building. It's free and beautiful. - Walk thru SoHo (Prince Street) Sunday afternoon. - Walk along the Battery Park Esplanade. It's got a great view of NY Harbor. Lots of places to sit and enjoy the views and the people. - Don't go to Ground Zero. As heartless as it sounds, it's now just a construction site. Your memories capture it's true meaning better than the way it presently looks. - Take the Staten Island Ferry (I think it's still 25 cents) to Staten Island and back. You'll go right by the Statue of Liberty without the crowds. Trip takes 15 - 20 minutes each way. - Have lunch at The Ear Inn. (It's on Spring Street.) It's a dumpy Irish pub that I ate at 100 times. Have a cheeseburger and Harp or two. - Walk thru Central Park. Watch the clock at the Zoo chime on-the-hour. - Walk up or down 5th Avenue from 34th St to Central Park (57th Street). It's about 2 miles, take your time, it's the heart of NY. - A trip up the Empire State Building (on 34th St) never disappoints...unless it's cloudy. It's a great way to get perspective. And be sure to wave to your friends in New Jersey. - South Street Seaport is a tourist trap. But if you get down there...The Paris is a nice quiet Irish pub that not too many tourist know of. (You'll have to walk thru some stinky fish docks to get to it.) - St. Patrick's Cathedral is breathtaking...and free. It's on 5th Ave. - Oh, and Starbucks usually have pretty clean bathrooms...and there's one on every corner. Dave
  11. Actually it's Wally who gets the creds on this movie. I understand they've reworked one of his songs "...the pary's over and I don't give a sith!" dave
  12. "Now That's What I Call Crap/Club Mixes" is no longer available. However "Now That's What I Call Crap 2" can still be found on line and at record stores throughout greater Little Rock, Arkansas. The CD features Club Mixes of "At Seventeen", Bloodrock's "DOA", "When I Need You", "Muskrat Love", and the Moody Blues' "Isn't Life Strange". Hurry supplies are limited!
  13. Are the NYC shows sold out? Dave
  14. I think it comes from the "Now That's What I Call Crap" CD. If features Club Mixes of "Feelings", "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", "I'm Not Lisa", "You Don't Bring Me Flowers", "The Way We Were", and "Shannon" (the song about the lost dog that'll get your tail waggin'!) Dave
  15. Darlene...it's funny you mentioned "The Breeze"! I, too, have heard 3 EC/Berries songs on that station in the last week (and I only listen on the weekends!) Yup, there's somethin' in the air, and it smells fruity!! Dave
  16. NYCD, 173 West 81st. (www.NYCD-online.com)
  17. I was walking around NYC's upper west side yesteday, spotted a tiny 'hole in the wall' CD store, stepped in and found myself surrounded by Raspberries and Eric Carmen signage, CD's and records. Behind the cash register...on display...were all four of the 'berries albums. With my hand already to whip out my wallet, I asked the guy behind the counter "Has that got the 'scratch and sniff' sticker still on it?" It didn't, but he and I both smelt it to be sure. Seeing my interest in the LP's he pointed behind me and there, prominently displayed, were all four of the 'berries NEW CD's. This place is pretty small, so having four CD's displayed...at eye level...was a sight to behold. (I'm one of those fans who always moves EC & 'Berries CD's to the front of the bin for everyone to see. No need to do that here!) But wait...there's more! On our way out the person I was with grunts "Oh God" and points to the wall. (She's not a fan, and finds my whole infatuation with the band a little bizarre.) Hanging there on the wall is Eric's first solo LP, still with its golden shine, framed and autographed! The owner of the shop (who wasn't there) is huge fan. Obviously. The guy behind the counter loved 'em too, which just left my friend shaking her head. The whole adventure left me smiling! Thanks NYCD for making my day! Dave
  18. How do they say 'frickin awesome' in Japanese? Dave
  19. Ooops...all this EC music made me forget that my SOX are on TV!!! (vs. that choke team from NY). See ya...and thanks for the music Craig. Dave
  20. At 8:20 it seems to be better...for the last 5 minutes or so.. D.
  21. I'm still enjo....ying...it, Cr...aig. Thank....s d..ave
  22. yeah...i'm getting the drop out pretty regularly too. And I'd never heard that 'I Need Your Lovin' song before. Tell us about it. Dave
  23. I'm listening right now...thru i-tunes. "Cindy" is on....and I'm singing along. Dave
  24. I have on line tickets for Saturday and old fashioned heavy-stock rectangular tickets for Sunday (which arrived yesterday). Even though I used the online tickets for Cleveland, I still 'safer' with the other ones. Dave
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