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  1. The people who go to see the Raspberries in Atlantic City (with the exception of die-hard fans like us) are going to be totally different than any other venue the band has played. For the most part the audience is going to be made up of local gamblers and boardwalk ramblers. They're going to be between the ages of 21 and 91. They'll go to the concert because it's the only rock n roll in town that night. So what the heck does the band play? Most of the audience won't know any of the deeper cuts. Heck, they might not even be familiar with anything but GATW!! Some of the songs mentioned in the 'cover songs' thread might work. But I'm sure Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave don't want to come off sounding like an expensive cover band. Any suggestions? Dave
  2. Kirk...what we didn't tell you is that we all had to sign a waiver before we entered BB Kings that indemnified the band and the venue from all medical and psychiatric expenses resulting from Raspberries fanchitis. Dave
  3. Great day...great music...great eats...great folks...great hosts. Grate-ful... Dave
  4. I still can't breathe!!! What a show! So that WAS Ken Jennings I saw singing along with every song!! I was standing next to Kazumi, Darlene and Bernie and couldn't help but sneak a peek at Bon Jovi's reaction to each and every song. His favorite (from my POV) was definately 'Overnight Sensation'. As bernie said, played air piano, air drums, and air guitar thru-out the song. But the funniest thing was watching him 'conducting' the transistor radio part. He loved it. As did 600 other fans from NY, NJ, NE, Canada, Japan, England, and Cleveland. What a frickin night!! Dave
  5. Word of advise: No matter how hungry you get...don't eat the hotdogs from the sidewalk vendors. If you do you'll be making your own 'raspberries' all night long!!! Dave
  6. Pat I've listened to your show dozens of times...of course yesterday I wasn't. Darnit! But kudos man! Dave
  7. Annie, I'd love to join you but I'm actually going to a great BBQ spot UPTOWN around 3pm on Saturday. My girl friend loooovvvvesss BBQ and this just happens to be a block away from her apartment. It's the Dallas BBQ, 72nd Street @ Central Park West...two doors down from The Dakota...and we all know what happened there If you happen to get make it there, I'll be the guy with the beautiful woman sitting across from him! Dave
  8. Oh....I just remembered another BBQ place called 'Spanky's' on 43rd between 6th and 7th. I've never eaten there, but I had a couple of beers there two days ago. It's seemed....ok. DAve
  9. There are 2 BBQ places to eat near BBK's. The closest...and the best...is VIRGILS...on 44th Street, between 6th and 7th Ave. Order the Hush Puppies....they're great. But just order one serving...huge portion!!! The other BBQ place is on 3rd Ave (convenient for anyone staying at the Hyatt). It's on the the corner of 3rd and 37th. It's called "earl's". It's got a lot of comfort food...including BBQ. Virgil's is a bit of a tourist trap (everything around 42nd street is) but the food is great, the beer is cold, and there's lots of seats. Good eatin'! DAve
  10. Annie, I was just kidding. Giant cockroach wings make lousy umbrellas. The only thing they're good for is beating away the fox-sized rats that seem to be everywhere!!!!
  11. The other day, on 42nd Street, I actually saw someone using a giant cockroach wing AS an umbrella. (If it's really hot, smaller wings can be used as fans.) Dave
  12. I peeked into BB King's space the other day. Bernie's right, there's no need to wait 4 hours to get in. As long as you don't stand behind some huge guy with a perm you'll see just fine. Dave
  13. When was the last time you heard 'Overnight Sensation' anywhere but your iPod? I just heard it in a NYC restaurant! It was played (nice and loud, I might add) at a home-cooking, bbq pit place called "Earl's" on 3rd Ave @ 37th Street. I'd give the service an 8, the food an 9, the zany atmosphere a 10, and the music an ELEVEN! It's a 10 minute walk from BBKings for anyone looking for a cheap (according to NYC prices) fun meal. Dave
  14. Hotter than a Cranbury Pizza brick oven pie? Wow that's HOT!! (and, yes Darlene, my Katie works there 5 nights a week) Dave
  15. Darlene, I taped it! Stop by Cranbury Pizza, pick up a large pepperoni pie and c'mon over! Dave (be sure to say hi to my daughter, she's the good looking waitress with the smilin' irish eyes)
  16. I'm not sure if they repeat the entire shows, but, if it helps, here are some the artists who's videos preceeded GATW: John Fogerty, The Grateful Dead, Madonna (Like a virgin), Bruce Springstein (Human Touch) Dave
  17. I just went to VH1.com (as suggested in the ad for the new greatest hits cd). It's nice to see the band with so much presence. Too bad the 'biography' page is so out of date. Dave
  18. Julia, I believe you had already taken off your shirt and thrown it on stage by that time! Dave
  19. wow! it was great! great mix. great vocals. they also had a quick ad for the latest greatest hits cd after the video. And while I didn't actually see myself in the audience shots, I thought I might've seen my shirt. No matter what, I know exactly where I was and how loud I was singing along!! Dave
  20. Maybe they should change the name of the station to "The Raspbreeze". (rim shot please) Dave
  21. The only thing I've ever had stolen in NYC is my heart. Dave ;-)
  22. BTW July 8th's countdown has GATW comin' into the Hot 100 at Number 88...and we all know what happens after that!
  23. Suede, I love going to http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/randypny/cashbox/1972.html for all the charts from the '70's (this site gets you to 1972...just change the year and you'll get any year you want. Dave
  24. Maybe I'm a pollyanna, but I walk the streets of NYC every day with my iPod blasting in my ears. I work on 42nd Street, I take the subways reglarly, and every day I see about a thousand people wearing iPods. I know of no one who's ever had one stolen. Don't get me wrong, Anne's suggestions are good ones...for ANY city! I just don't want people freaking out about NYC being some kind of dangerous place to visit. It's not. It's like DisneyWorld...only on caffeine! Come, have fun, be smart...and you'll have a great time. Dave
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