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  1. Like every other New Englander I have two favorite baseball teams. The Red Sox and any team that beats the Yankees. Love those Halos!! Dave
  2. julia...no, I'm not in favor of men in bras. I work with one guy who should wear them, and another one who probably wears them on Friday nights. But in general, I'm not a guys-in-bras kinda guy. Dave
  3. Ooops sorry, my #6 (above) is 'Tonight Your Mine'. (For some reason I can't seem to edit my message.) Dave
  4. Looking at the covers only...how would you rank Eric's six solo albums? (Don't think about the music or the liner notes...just the cover.) Here's how I'd rank 'em: #1: The Geffen: the only one he's playing an instrument, I like that he's not looking at camera, he looks cool. #2: The Gold: nice way to introduce him on his own. Eye catching without being garish. #3: Winter Dreams: Like the black and white, he looks confident, the only cover where he's smiling. #4: Change of Heart: I like the art direction, but he looks like one of the Marx Brothers, from head to toe. #5 Boats: Always liked the caligraphy, always liked the grittiness, always thought he looked like he was wearing a bra. #6: I like the caligraphy. 'nuf said. Dave
  5. I survived! All that therapy must've paid off!!!
  6. Lew, when I get home tonight I'm going to give "ITWL" a listen. If I don't post by tomorrow at this time, call 911 and report a suicide. Divorcing Dave in NJ
  7. I was through with "I'm Through With Love" after listening to it once. Dave
  8. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, You're living in the past my good friend. Don't forget how well your over-rated pinstripers did in the last two world series they played in (ahem, they lost) And let's just remind ourselves which team will FOREVER be known for the "greatest CHOKE of all time" (ahem, yes, the Yankees). Oh, and let's not forget who's STILL holds the title "World Champions" (ahem, nooooo, not the Yankees). Dave (livin' in Jersey but lovin' my Sox forevah!)
  9. There seems to be more than one "Breakfasts with the Beatles". Which one has the 'Raspbeatles" planned? Is there a list of station affliates? Dave
  10. I actually like about 3 of the 5 songs he played from 'Peachtree'. Might even spend a few bucks to download them from itunes. But I'll never spend $100 to watch him perform live again. Dave
  11. Back in July I created this thread thinking the band needed a little 'jersey attitude' in order to pull off a successful AC concert. While I wasn't able to make this one...it's obvious from all the recent posts, that I was wrong. The Raspberries have enough attitude for any venue. Dave
  12. "The Film of My Life" is one of the pun-iest songs ever written! I love it...and the entire OST! Dave
  13. I went to see Sir Reginald at Madison Square Garden the other night. Maybe I've been spoiled by the latest 'Berries shows, cuz I was B-O-R-E-D! The only song I totally enjoyed was "Bitter Fingers" (from Capt. Fan...which he played almost in its entiiiiirrrrreeeetttttyyyyy.) Does anyone else hate "Bennie and the Jets" as much as I do?? Don't get me wrong, Elton can still sing and play the piano incredibly. But his days of selling out venues like NYC's Garden are coming to an end. Dave
  14. At 8pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Saturday I'll be wine tasting at Mondavi's Vineyard in Napa Valley, CA (we've got a 5pm appointment . La-tee-da!) But no matter how good the wine is...I'll be thinking about y'al! Have fun! Dave
  15. Three days ago I posted a response to one of BB's tirades. It wasn't very nice...to put it bluntly. However, 30 seconds later I deleted it. Which is why you did the right thing Bernie. BB was bringing the worst out of us. Yes we need variety, drama, and people with opinions on this site. But when the entire 'family' becomes dysfunctional because of one member, it's time for an intervention. So, thanks. Dave
  16. "She walked out that door and all my dreams went with her into the night." Love the image, the sadness, and honesty. Dave
  17. ira, the reason your link doesn't work is because you've got an extra little dash (-) after the website. If you edit it out, it should work just fine. dave from Cranbury, 16 miles down route 1 from you.
  18. Just watched it again, too. What's with the porn music that's constantly playing in the background?? Dave
  19. In the GATW video it's fun to watch the number of guitar picks Eric has stuck into his microphone stand. In some scenes there are about ten of 'em, in others, none. (It's kinda like watching Dorothy's hair in the Wizard of Oz; some times it's thhhhhhhiiiiissss long, some times it's thhhis.) Dave
  20. The show definately plays to fans. If you don't know the band's music, everything is out of context. VH1 should play a montage of the band's hits to remind the casual viewer of their music. And yes, while IWBWY is the only song shown, it's frickin' awesome. I got shivers watching and listening to it. Dave
  21. Kind of ironic that a Todd Rundgrun (sp?) video made it into the show. Dave
  22. The show's version of "I Wanna Be With You" is AMAZING!!! Slow, unplugged, heart wrenching....I've got tears rollin' down my cheeks. (and I'm ok with that!) Dave
  23. Eric, did you get my present? What? It didn't get there? I can't believe it! It must have gotten lost in the mail! Jeez, that sucks. You woulda loved it. Nice wrapping job too. What a waste. Darn it!! Oh well, it looks like I'll just have to give you the same thing I gave you last year....one big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Dave
  24. Jen, I'll be in and around San Fran for 5 days of wining and dining and..... ;-) Dave
  25. So close...but so far away. I'm probably gonna be in California that weekend. Darn. Dave
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