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  1. My divorce became final today. (It would have been 27 years this April.) I'm not exactly sure how or what I'm feeling. When this whole thing started back in March '04 I had expected this day to be one of the craziest days of my life, surrounded by drunk buddies, stuffing dollar bills into some go-go dancer's g-string, singing karaoke songs about how good it is to be free! Instead, I'm home, online, not feeling much at all. (No, I haven't been drinking. Heck, I only had one beer with dinner...and I didn't even finish it!) So it's finally happened. I'm single for the first time since Jimmy Carter was president. It's weird. Sad. Exciting. Tiring. And down-right confusing. I'm at the age when I'm supposed to have things figured out! Well, as my mother always says, "When you make plans God laughs." He must be laughing his holy butt off at this moment! Oh...before I forget...the real reason I'm posting this message is because through all of my ups and downs over the last two years I've always been able to find friends at this site. Your posts have made even my darkest days brighter. You've made me laugh, you've kept me entertained, informed, and intrigued. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Even if you didn't know it, each and every one of you helped me through all the crap I just muddled thru. And Eric, if you happen to be reading this, thank you, too. So many of your songs have had significant meaning throughout my life, and this phase was no exception. Wow, you really know how to write 'em! Ok that's enough of the mushy stuff. Now I gotta find out if this match dot com thing really works! Love ya all and thanks again, Dave
  2. Ok, I can't resist any longer! I've gotta contribute to this thread. As some of you know, like Bernie, I work in advertising. While Bernie was busy creating the Milk Mustache campaign, for the last 15 years or so I was writing and creating the commercials for Trix, Lucky Charms, Coooookie Crisp, Count Chocula (Frankenberry and BooBerry, too), Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Reese's Puffs, and Cocoa Puffs. Last year General Mills introduced CHOCOLATE Lucky Charms. I was completely against it, but I gotta admit the stuff is pretty darn good! For those of you who can't find Count Chocula, FrankenBerry or BooBerry...move east! General Mills distributes them in selected stores (any of the Stop and Shop affliated grocery stores have them...and they are just as yummy as ever!) This site is chock full of fun cereal history. Including my all time favorite: Rice Krinkles! http://www.lavasurfer.com/cereal-guide.html Dave
  3. Wow...I had never heard Billy Sullivan until visiting this site. It's amazing how much he sounds like Eric! Dave
  4. WRKO in Boston, and WOR-FM in NYC put out double albums of golden oldies (30 Now Goldens!) back in the late 60's/early 70's. The albums folded out and were full of black and white pictures, great memories, and groovy fashions. Plus, I loved reading the bios of my favorite RKO dj's and their involvement in the music of the time. And WOR had this far out poster that totally captured the graphic vibe of the time. Wow I feel old! Dave
  5. I was shooting a commercial in Boston a few years ago. Aerosmith was shooting a video in the adjacent studio. I went over to see if I could meet Steven Tyler. I looked in the studio, he wasn't there. I looked in the dressing room, he wasn't there. I looked by the crafts (food) table, he wasn't there. So I gave up and went to the men's room to pee. I walked in and was shocked to see a woman standing at the urinal doing her business. She turned around...it was Steven in drag! 'Don't worry, man, it's just me!' he said with a laugh. And so we pee'd together; me and the dude who looked like a lady. Dave
  6. I would build as many telescopes as possible and let every child in the world come to view the heavens for free. Dave
  7. I thought it might be funny if any of us had kids going to the same college. It might be good for them to get together and share their fanatical parent's EC/Raspberries stories. I've got a daughter at Marist College in NY. Does any one else? Dave
  8. Any minute now this website will welcome its 900,000th visitor. But it's never to early to say 'thanks a million' Bernie. Dave
  9. 1) I wish there was a radio station that played all the songs posted in this thread. 2) "1900 Yesterday"??? My God, I haven't thought of that song in 35 years! 3) "People take my advise, if you love someone, don't think twice...love your baby love, sugar baby love!!" As Marvin knows...it's my fav pop song of all time. 4) Other guilty pleasures: "Suspicion" by Terry Stafford, "The Promise" by When in Rome, "Are You Ready" by PG&E, "Don't Say You Don't Remember" by Beverly Breamers, "Please Release Me" by Enkelbert Humpmydink (sp??) and anything by Bert Kaemphert and his Orchestra!! Dave
  10. I just found this on somebody's blog...brings back a lot of good summertime memories. (apologies if it was already posted.) Dave>>>>>> Sunday, July 24, 2005 The Raspberries...LIVE IN NYC! I am tired. Its Sunday night and 11 p.m. and I should be going to bed. But first I want to write about last night.... Saturday night. Both my friends Mike and Adam have birthdays this month, and a few months back they planned to celebrate by going to see THE RASPBERRIES play at BB KINGS BLUES CLUB in New York City. The Raspberries were a power-pop band in the early 1970s, and they had a few hits with the songs "Go All The Way" and "Overnight Sensation", but they broke up by the mid 1970s after troubles with publishing and friction between band members. You know. In Rock n Roll stuff like that happens all the time. It is a business filled with egos and power and money. Eric Carmen (lead singer of the group) went on to a succesful solo career with hits like "All By Myself", and others like that awful song from the movie "Dirty Dancing". Recently, they decided to reform the group after something like 25 years, and they are out on a small tour. This is HUGE news for Raspberries fans everywhere. I have read on the fan sites that people are flying in from around the world to see these few American tour dates. My friend Mike is a huge Raspberries fan, and when he told me about the show a few months back, I decided to get a ticket too. I knew a few of their songs, and I thought it might be fun to see an old band play their hits. Mike's enthusiasm for them was infectious. The day of the show came, and to be honest, I didn't have huge expectations. These guys were in their 50s, & they hadn't played together in over 2 decades. They probably weren't going to have very high energy or sound great, but still, it would be cool to hear "Go All The Way" performed live by the band who wrote it. Plus it was a birthday celebration, and we were going to have fun. Whats not to like? Freinds, live music, food and booze! The show was scheduled to start at 8, and doors supposed to open at 6, so we got to BB KINGS at 5:30 because there was already a huge line of ticket holders waiting to get in. I had no idea that there would be so many people there to see them. Actually that isn't true. Around 2:30 that very afternoon, I was meeting Adam to see a matinee of the movie "WEDDING CRASHERS" (by the way, GREAT FUNNY MOVIE..Go see it and laugh your ass off)and the movie house is on the same block as BB KINGS, so I stopped at BB KINGS to see the dinner menu which they post in front of the marquee. Two RASPBERRIES fans (from the looks of them, I think they were fans from the wayback machine in the 1970s) were standing there with Raspberries albums (vinyl!) and after I glanced at the menu and started to walk towards the movie theater, I passed this short, silver haired man who looked me right in the eyes. Then I heard one of the 1970s fans ask this man: "Eric, would you sign this for me?" The silver haired gentleman was Eric Carmen, of The Raspberries. I didn't recognize him, but hey, he looks different now than on his greatest hits cd when they used a photo of him from 19seventy something. Where was I? Oh yeah, so Mike, Adam and I got in the ticket holders line and a little while later, the line was down the block. I guess they have more fans than I imagined. After what seemed like an eternity, we got inside and seated. We ordered some finger food and a bucket of beer. The place was filling up to capacity crowd. This was a sold out show. I was impressed. Now this was not your typical Rock n Roll crowd. This was a older, grayer crowd. Some people had brought their teenage kids. I guess they wanted to show them what music they were listening to, when THEY were kids. Around 8:30 the show started. First a video montage was shown of the band in their heyday. Oh, those CLOTHES. Oh that HAIR. The audience was foaming at the mouth with anticipation. It had been close to 30 years since this bands last New York appearance and these fans were wetting themselves in their delight that this reunuion was happening right-before-their-very-eyes. The band took the stage. CHEERING!! SCREAMING!!!! They looked ALOT older than their video montage selves, but of course, how could they not? Eric Carmen looked the best. He was wearing a tight black vest and he looked very sexy. He looked every bit the rock n roll frontman, except greyer. But he still has that LOOK of youthful exhuberation when he was on stage. Then the music began. Eric Carmen began to sing. It took a moment for me to soak it all in. Maybe about a minute. It was at that moment my mouth opened, and my jaw hit the floor. They didn't just sound good. The sounded PER-FECT. Down to the perfect harmonies and music. They were like a well-oiled machine. They, in fact, sounded like their records. Except this wasn't a recording. It was happening right before my eyes and ears. Eric Carmen's voice hit ALL the high notes (and there are ALOT of them) and was so good, that a big dumb grin was pasted on my face most of the evening. I came there to have a good time, and I was having a good time, but I didn't expect to have THIS good a time. The crowd ATE IT UP. I ate it up! People were dancing in the aisles. Older people, suddenly seemed younger. A bunch of middle aged blonde women were standing directly in front of the stage SWOONING in front of Eric Carmen, and when I saw them, I didn't see middle aged women at all. I saw them all, back 30 years in time when they were 16 year old high school girls falling in love with a singer on the radio. I saw grown men so caught up in the excitement of seeing a band they thought would never play again, that they danced and swayed and lost all self-conciousness, because they were in the moment of recapturing a moment of their youth. It was. In a word, GRAND. They played like this for 2 hours, and they didn't miss a beat. They played their songbook for us and we took it all in. There was happiness and love oozing out of that room. Then, for their encore, they came out and played "Go All The Way". Their biggest hit. They could have ended the show without even playing it, and it still would have been one of the best concerts I'd ever seen. But they did play it, and it was like the sweetest icing I'd ever tasted on a cake in my life. What a night.
  11. - "Classical Gas" (Mason Williams) - the last 3 minutes of "McArther Park" (Richard Harris' version) - the last 3 minutes of "Layla" (NOT the unplugged version) - and "Love's Theme" (Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra) - "Time Is Tight" (Booker T & the MG's) Dave
  12. I agree with you Darlene, The Breeze (107.1) is one of the best. But at work, home and on the road I usually listen to WXPN-FM (UPenn's Adult Alterntive station). You can hear 'em online via xpn.org or itunes. Great mix of rock, blues, folk, and pop. Dave
  13. Exit 8A, NJ Turnpike Dave
  14. In fact....I've embraced my new lifestyle and it is now reflected in my profile (see my 'From' town below). Good bye Cranbury...hello Plainsboro!! Dave
  15. Yeaaaah baby!!! Dave (swinging in Plainsboro!!)
  16. Actually I live in Plainsboro, which is next to Cranbury, which is where my so-to-be-ex-wife lives in the house that I'm still paying monthly mortgage payments on. Dave
  17. spank, spank, spank, spank, spank...and one to grow on! Happy Birthday, Marv Dave
  18. Thanks Gene. Especially love that last shot of Wally. Dave
  19. Add my name to the 'jealous in Jersey' list. Thanks everyone, for helping us experience LA's concert thru you. Dave
  20. I have badboy dreams about me and Liza Minelli! Dave (the lobster loving, yankee hating guy from NJ)
  21. Ted.... Imnotsmokinganything, mannoman. Just taking advantage of working in the same building as Bernie. Shhhh. Dave
  22. Sshhhhhh, I just got back from Bernie's office....it's still early so nobody saw me sneak in. I turned on his computer. (His password was easy to figure out: it's 'mustashe'...but don't tell anyone!) On his main screen is a picture of his family, all sporting milk mustashes. He's holding a copy of "Marathon Man" (always the marketer). Kathy's holding the "Tonight" fan pack (she's such a good wife!) On his desktop I found a folder entitled "Dexter". I clicked it....and bingo! I hit the motherlode! It's Carmen-palooza in there! I found the 'Razz05" folder. And yes, I can confirm S.O.B's post. that Bernie is, indeed the creator of the new 'Berries site. I also found a list of all the upcoming, unannounced concert venues (both with the band and solo), newly signed copies of recording contracts with a NYC record company, e-mails from Eric about his favorite and least favorite ec.com board members, PLUS never-made-public close-up photos of Eric in really, really tight yellow pants, circa 1977. Of course I downloaded everything! Who wants to start the bidding?? Dave (PS, I also have a big bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you real cheap.)
  23. Bernie and I work in the same building (two floors apart). While he's in California tomorrow, I'll sneak into his office, boot up his computer and see if he's the author. The site is great. Very high quality stuff. Makes me proud to be a 'Berries fan. Dave
  24. Awww poop! I thought I had discovered some one kinda new. But nooooooo. Not only are they old...they've already parted ways. (I'll still pick up a cd or two.) Dave
  25. Has anyone else heard these guys? They've been around a while, doing the 'country rock' thing. But their new CD is totally pop-y! Take a listen at: www.mavericksmusic.com. They're definately country with Cheap Trick, Bare Naked Ladies, Fountains of Wayne, and Badfinger mixed in. Dave
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