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  1. Last Saturday it happened! An Eric Carmen triple play. I was crusin' around The Garden State (dropping off my taxes and a quick trip to the Jersey Shore) listening to the radio. I was listening to "107.1, The Breeze" play "All By Myself". (That station plays Eric A LOT!!) As soon as the song ended I pushed the button to "106.7 Lite FM"..."Hungry Eyes" was playing. When it was over I started listening to a local AM oldies station out of Trenton (1260 WBUD)...and immediately after "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More" was over, "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" came on! Now that's cruisin' music!! Dave
  2. Question of Balance (Moody Blues) Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper) Raspberries Best (the first one) Hawaii 5-0 (The Ventures)(the girl on the cover was uber hot!) Dave
  3. I just 'googled' to see if there is a writers union...and there is. They've got poets, journalism, novelists, cartoonists, biztech writers, etc, all listed....but 'songwriting' isn't there. Probably just as well. If it's anything like Darlene's teacher's union, every song would sound the same. (and we thought sampling was bad now!!!) Dave
  4. wicked cool! (or as my 14 yr old daughter would say 'tres uber' cool). Dave
  5. Actors have SAG and AFTRA to protect their rights as 'artists'. Musicians who play for tv, movies, and theater are in unions. While I've never heard of a 'writers' union I wonder if one exists, or has ever been attempted? It sure might go a long way in protecting songwriters' rights, rites, and income. Dave
  6. I'm a huge "Cindy" fan. "Devil"'s great, but I always vote for the songs that have (had) hit potential, and "Devil" would never have been a mainstream hit. "Cindy", on the other hand, could've been a contendah!!! Dave
  7. Don... What a great set of facts and figures. A truly amazing thread. Dave
  8. 51 years ago today (!) my mom was pushin' me out to the sound of The McGuire Sisters singing "Sincerely". Although, from what I've been told, "Hurts So Bad' might've captured the moment a bit better. Dave
  9. They say you never forget your first time! As I recall, I was fantastic. Imaginative, probing, amazing use of cunning linguistics, passionate, rhythmic, aluring, and the perfect length. (Yes, I'm talking about my first post! Why, what do you think I was talking about?????) Well done, Eric. Dave
  10. There are just way too many potential 10cc jokes in this thread! Behave yourselves!! Dave (ps. if you don't know where 10cc got their name, google it!)
  11. While I agree "no matter what" is a great pop song, it's no "day after day". "More Than A Feeling"? Well, at least Tom Scholz would agree with you! Dave
  12. Actually....after about 5 songs they'll ask for an email address, etc. No big deal. Still very cool. Dave
  13. Mr. Dieingly Sad, is pretty darn near perfect, too. BTW, I used to think Day After Day was about a lost love, but more recently I think it's about a new born child. Any thoughts? Dave
  14. Has anyone else checked out Pandora.com? It's a website that creates a "radio station" based on your taste in music. Type in "Raspberries" and Pandora will play them, along with a whole bunch of other Raspberries influenced, sounding music! Very cool! Dave
  15. I have come to believe that I have two absolutely perfect songs on my ipod. They are the perfect blend of featured vocals, background vocals, lyrics, instruments, melody, transitions, mixing, length, structure, heck even the way they end! They are: Day After Day (Badfinger) and Just My Imagination (Temptations) Absolutely perfect! Dave
  16. Good point paulie. But what's still got me scratchin' my head is that while GATW came in a lowly #72 in Cleveland, it came it at #32 nationally that year (Billboard's Top 100 of 1972)! Having grown up just north of Boston, I'm sure local bands like Aerosmith and J Geils earned much higher status on the 'year end' countdowns on our local stations. Dave
  17. I'll never be finished shaving! Gotta be smooth for the ladies! ;-) Dave (newly DWM, and lovin' it!)
  18. My second girlfriend's dad had Don as a college roommate. Can you imagine?? Dave
  19. Back in the '80's I wrote "Trix has the fruit taste I like, there's lemon and orange in every bite!" Does that count? Dave
  20. I just found Cleveland's Top 100 Songs of 1972 according to 1260/WIXY. Take a look and see where "Go All The Way" comes in! Number 72!!! Wow, I would've thought it'd be top 20...maybe top 10. http://www.geocities.com/euclidhigh1973/top100.html Dave
  21. fun stuff, thanks Bernie Dave
  22. LobsterLvr


    Eeew! Obviously your email address was sold to KMart by another party (who has a profile of you which includes your name). I suppose you can contact Kmart and have your email address scrubbed from their database, but who knows if they'll ever do it...and who knows who THEY sold your information to. You're right it's K-reepy! Dave
  23. Things I found helpful (in no particular order): My brothers. My mother (she knew my ex was trouble back in '79!). Counseling. Exercise. Beer and Wine. Conversations with God (He knows a lot about wine!) Friends. Work. (although I don't recommend changing jobs in the midst of a divorce). The tv show COPS (need to talk with my counselor about that one) Raspberries Reunion Concerts Of course, Eric's music. This site. And The Boston Red Sox (who got me thru the worst of it in '04). Dave
  24. Thanks for your support everybody. I'll pass on the offers of supportive 'nagging'. I've discovered a thing called 'self esteem' lately and I like it!!! And as far as my cholesterol goes, it's fine....since I cut the fat out of my life. (ba dum bump) Dave
  25. My divorce became final today. (It would have been 27 years this April.) I'm not exactly sure how or what I'm feeling. When this whole thing started back in March '04 I had expected this day to be one of the craziest days of my life, surrounded by drunk buddies, stuffing dollar bills into some go-go dancer's g-string, singing karaoke songs about how good it is to be free! Instead, I'm home, online, not feeling much at all. (No, I haven't been drinking. Heck, I only had one beer with dinner...and I didn't even finish it!) So it's finally happened. I'm single for the first time since Jimmy Carter was president. It's weird. Sad. Exciting. Tiring. And down-right confusing. I'm at the age when I'm supposed to have things figured out! Well, as my mother always says, "When you make plans God laughs." He must be laughing his holy butt off at this moment! Oh...before I forget...the real reason I'm posting this message is because through all of my ups and downs over the last two years I've always been able to find friends at this site. Your posts have made even my darkest days brighter. You've made me laugh, you've kept me entertained, informed, and intrigued. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Even if you didn't know it, each and every one of you helped me through all the crap I just muddled thru. And Eric, if you happen to be reading this, thank you, too. So many of your songs have had significant meaning throughout my life, and this phase was no exception. Wow, you really know how to write 'em! Ok that's enough of the mushy stuff. Now I gotta find out if this match dot com thing really works! Love ya all and thanks again, Dave
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