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  1. Just got back from Key West. Thanks for the suggestions! Because I was with my underaged daughters I couldn't take advantage of all of your suggestions. (Although I did let my 20 yr old suck down a few margarita's and pina colata's...shhhh, don't tell her mom!!!) What a great place! It IS paradise! Went snorkeling on the living reef (5 miles out). Breathtaking. Went parasailing...wheeeee!! Ate incredible mexican, conch fritters, local ice cream, lots of beer, and lots of seafood. Can't get over how much drinking goes on there! It's like Spring Break for middle aged people like us! Oh, and it was great for my ego, too! I got checked out and propositioned about as often as my two beautiful daughters! (OK, half of 'em were men...but hey...who cares?!) Dave
  2. Thanks Ted. (and I kinda like the bra-less look!) Dave
  3. I've got a cousin down there who's rented a boat all day Saturday for diving and snokeling. Yay!!!! Gingerbread and bananas....together? Sounds like 'heaven'. Dave
  4. I'm heading to Key West this weekend with my two daughters (14 and 20). Five days of total R&R. Staying at a place called The Reach Resort (it used to be a Wyndham). Do you have any suggestions of places to go, things to do, or good spots to eat? When we're down there PrideFest begins (it's a week long gay/lesbian festival). My daughters think it'll be fun. I'm thinkin' I better not drink too much! Dave
  5. wow, what a great interview. i felt like i was eavesdropping in on a conversation between old friends. dave
  6. I just remembered!!! Liverpool Lil's!! It's groovy. http://www.themenupage.com/liverpool.html
  7. Have a glass of wine in the Fairmont Hotel bar(ask for the Foley Pinot Noir or Cabernet, it's expensive but amazing). Or, have a tropical drink in the Fairmont's Tonga Room. It's a hoot at night!! It has a pool in the middle of the bar, a boat comes out and a band sings songs like 'the look of love' from the boat. Get ready to dance! Got to The Ramp. Great outdoor burgers n' beer. Do the Muir Woods walk. It takes about 2 hours...but it's awwwwweeesssssooommme. OH...and there's one more restaurant, it's a woman's name...but I forget it! Small place. Near a park. Flash back to the 60's. Lolita's? No. Veronica's? No. It's something foo-foo like that. I'll post the name tomorrow! Have fun, Dave
  8. LC, Having a Mass accent isn't a bad thing! I wish I hadn't lost mine. Now I sound like I'm from no-where. (Unless I have a few too many beers, then I sound like I usta.) Dave
  9. I just found out that my mom was boat-lifted out of her 2nd floor apartment last night!!! (the first floor was already 4 feet deep with Shawsheen River water!). She's got a sense of humor about the whole thing but is 'mad as a hattah' that she didn't remember her knitting!! Dave
  10. My entire family lives in the Merrimack Valley; Andover, where I grew up; Lawrence, Methuen and Tewksbury. The last time I talked with them they said 'the weathah is retahted up heah, it's rainin a wicked pissah lot. the cellah is flooded, the watah has cov'ed the cah in the pahkin lot, and we're runnin outta beah!!' Good think I moved to Jersey! Dave
  11. - "Dead Skunk (In The Middle of the Road)" - Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop" (I still laugh when I hear it). - lots of 10cc's songs were pretty funny but not hits. - same with a lot of Bette Midler songs, like her version of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" Dave
  12. Eric, re. Darlene. I had a chance to see and hear her play New Years Eve 2005 when she and the NJSO performed the Rachmaninoff piece that inspired "NGFILA". You have GOT to save her a seat in the string section for at least one song! Not only would it be great for her...it'd be awesome for every one of us!! Dave
  13. Did we miss the 20 year anniversary of "The Rock Stops Here"? I'm not sure when it charted in Cleveland...but what I can't fathom is that it's been 20 years!!! Dave
  14. Congrats John. And thanks Bernie. You make being an EC fan more funner than anything! Dave
  15. Back in the day (the old aol days) my original screen name 'sheamac'; a combination of my last name and the computer brand I used at that time....and have ever since!!! Unfortunately that screen name ended up one of the million things I DIDN'T get to keep in my divorce. Dave
  16. Eric your news has inspired me! (apologies to The Mamas and the Papas) All the leaves are gold and the sky's not grey I'll go west to rock on an autumn day I'd be psyched and happy if I was in C-town Ohio, Cleveland Dreamin' on such an autumn day Stopped into a club I passed along the way well, I got up on my seat I sang along and swayed You know the singer likes his piano he knows we'll come a long way Ohio, Cleveland Dreamin' on such an autumn day I'm so glad he told us October 6th is the day Ohio, Cleveland Dreamin' on such an autumn day Dave
  17. all i know is that the green ones make you irish. Dave
  18. I just saw an m&m's commercial with 'almost paradise' being sung in the background. (it's for the m-amazing chocolate bar). mmmmm, the sweet taste of residuals. Dave
  19. co-founder/creative director of an advertising agency in nyc. work in the same building as bernie. same kind of job (makin' ads). same job title. same holding company. same profit sharing plan. same coffee shop on the 14th floor. ok, so what...he's got a bigger office, but I have a better view! Dave
  20. Todd is the lead singer for "The New Cars"...whoever they are! Dave
  21. The internet has made us all a little bit too involved in the lives and back stories of our idols and heros. In my opinion all that stuff is like "making sausage"...it's something I really don't want to see! But when it gets served on a plate with pancakes, syrup (and perhaps some Raspberries) that's when I'll take notice. Dave
  22. I didn't want to be the only one from New Jersey who didn't contribute to this thread. Go Nets! Dave (formally from Hoboken, Highland Park, own a house in Cranbury, but live in Plainsboro)
  23. Tony, The ink is still wet on my divorce decree (86 days of freedom and counting!!!), and after reading you rendition of ABM, now my pants are wet, too! Very funny!!! Dave
  24. LC, I wish I had known your theory 27 years ago. It would've saved me a lotta money in alimony! D.
  25. "Talk To Me" by Jay Bennett (formally of Wilco) and Edward Burch. (From the CD "The Palace at 4am. 2002) F'in gr8 hooks, bells, harmonies, etc Dave
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