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  1. you're the best! happy, happy birthday! Dave
  2. When I read that Bernie was going to come to my humble little office on the 15th floor I was so excited!!! I made brownies, I wore my favorite shirt and clean underwear, I cleaned and polished my desk, heck, I even had ec.com on my computer screen all day and a copy of Marathon Man "randomly" placed on my file cabinet!! But I guess Mr. "I've-Got-a-3-Window-Office" was too busy stop by. Well, I'm still here big guy. 2 floors up, 2nd office to your right. x8148 if you wanna call ahead. But I gotta tell you, I'm not dressed as nicely as I was yesterday and the brownies are history! Dave
  3. Don't remember the 'cubes or fotomaker coming to the 'cuse. I must of been studying! ;-) Ah, but I DO remember many-a-nights at the Jab, Hungry Charlies, the Varisty, the Orange, RJ O'Rourkes, and the All Night Eggplant. Dave
  4. Funny thing about MTV: I went to Syracuse University back in the late 70's. So did John Sykes, one of the creators (if not THE creator)of MTV. (He was a year ahead of me.) During my years there all I heard about was "John this...and John that..isn't John great...isn't John cute". I never met the guy, but you can imagine what I thought of him. Well Mr. Sykes, it's taken me 25 years, but y'know what? I gotta tell ya, you make every Syracuse Orangeman proud...including me. Dave
  5. "You Better Run" is the correct answer! There's no fooling this crowd! Dave
  6. New York is quirkly like that. In one building you can have a whole bunch of celebs, and next door - schlubs like us! Take the building at the corner of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue, for example. I sit in a teeny tiny office on the 15th floor. But just 2 floors below me, on the 13th floor, in a biiigggg 3 window office sits the famous Bernie Hogya! Ya never know who your gonna bump into in NY. Dave
  7. This morning I stepped out of my girlfriend's apartment building on the upper west side of NYC and came face to face with Robert DeNiro. He lives in the building next door. I've seen him several times, now. I said 'good morning'. He nodded politely. And we both went our separate ways. The encounter made me wonder; outside of Cleveland, how often do folks recognize you? Any funny encounters you can share? Any suggestions on 'encounter etiquette' in case I run into you on the sidewalks of NY? Dave
  8. Here's a timely question for ya; what was the 2nd song ever played on MTV??? Dave
  9. Peeve #2: Fat people who walk in the middle of the sidewalk...wearing NY Yankee hats!!! Dave
  10. I don't like fat people who walk in the middle of the sidewalk. Pick a side, damnit!!! Dave
  11. Paulie, the audience response was exactly the same at the NJ concert. I'm not sure which part of the experience I liked the most: the first few notes when I realized what he was playing, the incredible job he did on song itself, or the reaction of the crowd after. Maybe that's why he chose to play it that night. Maybe he just knew. Dave
  12. Oh c'mon! Of course Raspberries and Carmen were considered bubblegum! Before the internet arrived everything was lumped into nice convenient (albiet very large) categories. Eric and company wouldn't have been considered rockers (in the vein of LedZep, Eagles, or AC/DC), they weren't 'easy listening', and they certainly weren't disco. The only other place for these Top40 hitmakers was 'bubblegum'. As far as I know the term "PowerPop" hadn't been invented yet. These days, thanks to the web, we can subdivide our musical tastes and lable them anything we want. But back then 'bubblegum' covered everything from Barry Manilow, to the Pipkins, to Three Dog Night, the Sweet, and Donny Osmond. I've spent the last 35 years being called a 'bubblegum' music lover. And until the rest of the world joins our blogs, and gets to know Eric's music better, that's how it's going to be remembered. Dave
  13. I can smell that album cover right now!! Thanks Bernie, Dave
  14. Eric, I was just listening to BATC and started thinking back to the Ringo Tour a few years ago. At the show in NJ (seen by many of us!)you chose to play 'Boats' to an audience who, for the most part, had never heard the song before. That took some kahuna's! What made you choose that song over a better known one? (A totally acceptable answer is: I did it for you Dave, cuz I knew it'd totally blow your mind.) Dave
  15. I believe that ship sails from Sayerville, NJ on August 26th. Dave
  16. I remember when DexterGreen stopped posting. I wonder what ever happened to him? ;-) Dave
  17. Oops. I forgot to 'go for broke, do or die' today! I just kinda laid around and watched sports. Dave
  18. At This Moment (Billy Vera and the Beaters) Dave
  19. Don't know much about Buble, but I'm a huge Jann Arden fan. Next month (July) she's opening for MB in about 15 venues in the midwest and west coast. (She sang "Insensitive" back in the '90's, her only US hit.) If this Canadian duo comes to your city...go..at least to see her! Her lyrics will grab your heart, your loins and your funny bone. Dave
  20. Yay! Somebody got my "Manny" reference!! Thanks LC. Next time I come up north I'll buy you a beer at The Loft. Dave
  21. You can hear Ron (ie. The Archies) singing "Hot Dog" in the new commercial for Hebrew National Hot Dogs. Dave
  22. I'm embarassed to say this...but I don't know what a 'bridge' is! (The extent of my musical understanding is limited to a bad rendition of the Theme to Jaws on the piano.) I've seen 'bridges' mentioned a million times here, but I'm not sure I could spot one unless I was driving on it. Can someone help me understand? Dave
  23. Wally is to the Raspberries that Manny is to the Red Sox. And I love 'em all. Dave
  24. I thought I was the only person who loved that song! Musically it always reminded me of Eric's "Spotlight". Dave
  25. It's easy: Back in the '70's you guys had the sound, lyrics, and looks of the band *I* wanted to be part of. You were the me I always wanted to be (if I could play a note or sing a tune). Now, 30+ years later, there's no way I can ever let that part of me go. Dave
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