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  1. Recently we (the ad agency I work at) used an Archie's song in a Hebrew National Hot Dog commercial. Ron Dante was the singer and was paid handsomely for its usage. Dave
  2. Ira, Edison Lighthouse is supposedly named after Eddystone Lighthouse, a lighthouse off the coast of England. Dave
  3. I was checking out Tony Burrows "family tree". In 1976 he performed with a band called Magic. Wasn't that the name of Eric's band back then? Did they work together? Dave
  4. Never heard of #27. Haven't heard #34 since 1976. Always love to hear #52. Don't ever want to hear #8 again. Dave
  5. my guess is: i'll miss a show or two and totally lose interest...just like i did with LOST, the 4400, and a whole bunch of other shows. Including Earl. Totally lost interest in that one. dave
  6. LobsterLvr

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    I just updated mine (as you can see) because...hey, I'm a lobster lover! Dave
  7. You're right Pierre, it's a popularity contest. But so what? It's radio...a medium designed to serve a particular community. That's what makes radio so wonderful. It reflects local tastes, sensitivities, cultures, etc. (Sure, the internet is challenging that notion, but that's a discussion for another day.) As far as voting goes: everyone was asked to submit their 20 favorite artists...in order. I think the #1 favorite got 6 points, #2 got 5, #3 got 4, #4 got 3, #5 got 2, and the 15 others got #1 point each. The fewest votes any artist got (and still made the Top 885) was 12 (Billy Idol). There was no subjective influence in creating the list that I know of. It was purely by the numbers. That's why the list is so varied (and American...ha ha). During normal programming this station presents an incredible variety of music. I have been introduced to dozens of international artists via this station. When the countdown is over, listen to the stream and I'm sure you'll enjoy what they have to offer. dave
  8. 88.5 WXPN, the great adult alterntive station out of Philly, is counting down the 885 top artists of all time. Everyone from John Phillip Sousa to the White Stripes are making the list. The Raspberries haven't been mentioned yet (currently they're at #290, Buffalo Springfield). The list of artists (posted at their site) is amazing. The music is even better. Check 'em out at www.xpn.org dave
  9. I heard Dave Mason's take on "WYSLMT" just the other day for the very first time. I was blown away. Loved it. I've heard a bit of Barry's new CD. It's lame. I've heard a bit of Rod's new one. All I can say is it's better than Barry's. Dave
  10. A few months ago I stopped by Bernie's office and he showed me the posters/psa's that he and his team had put together for that foundation. It blew me away. Kudos, B! Dave
  11. (apologies if this thread has already been made) Wow! This band is all over the place! Go to youtube.com and check out their power pop performances (music and moves). What a blast! And every kid between the age of 8 and 28 seems be copying their moves. The 'treadmill' video is incredibly choreographed. The 'backyard' video (their 1st) was made for about $3, but I challenge you to try to forget the hook or the dance moves. ok go...check 'em out, now! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ok+go&search=Search Dave
  12. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. What you don't understand is that Red Sox Nation doesn't give a crap about winning the world series again. Not for another 84 years will we concern ourselves with the need to succeed. And while we're relaxing knowing that in 2004 we were indeed world champions, you silly power hungry yankee fans will work yourselves into a tizzy boasting about stuff the rest of the country isn't interested in at all. America's team? It's more like Avenue of the America's team. And that's about it. So go ahead, jump for joy, claim victory over the Green Monster of Fenway, post all you want. But remember, Red Sox Nation (and most almost everybody else in the USofA) could care less. Dave
  13. Hey Al, considering where your hand is, I'm glad I swapped places with Bernie for the 'group shot'! Dave
  14. I probably shouldn't tell Kathy this...but I didnt bring ALL of my lobster salad to WAB. I saved a little bit. And I gotta tell ya, mmmm, it's even better the 2nd day!! Dave
  15. Darnit, I knew all the fun would start 'after' I left! (Although the visual picture I have of you playing naked Twister is quite disturbing. Please tell me it was co-ed!) Dave
  16. Sorry I had to sneak out of the party a bit early. (The brats were cooking on the grill as I was heading out the door!) But I had a great time! Great people. Lotsa laughs. Once again, Kathy and Bernie threw a great party. Cant' wait for WAB-V. dave
  17. Tommytunes....no lobster rolls for you!!! dave (soxfan4ever)
  18. My fan-ity plate would be: HTRCDYA You can make your own plates at: www.acme.com/licensemaker dave
  19. No Brokeback moments. I was shooting a print ad for Wrangler Jeans. Three of the Denver Broncos were in the ad, but one of 'em didn't have a pair of jeans that fit. So I gave him mine. But I had to go into the locker room to exchange pants. That's where I saw Mr. Elway. It was his rookie year. He was suiting up. As were about 40 other Herculean man-beasts. Discretion stops me from saying any more. As you can imagine, I felt very, very small. dave
  20. Yesterday morning I saw Robert D. again. (we're on the same schedule, I guess.) No eye contact this time. However....I did have eye contact last night with Judge Judy! I was having a couple of brewski's with a buddy of mine at a bar over by CBS and her honor came in, walked by, said hi, and sat two seats away from me. She's kinda cute (in a judicial kind of way). Dave
  21. One of my daughters is studying in Australia til November. When she calls me asking for money (which will happen soon, I'm sure) I'll have a deal for her. Pick up Eric's new CD and Daddy will write you a check. Deal? Or no deal? dave
  22. I've pee'd next to Steven Tyler, touched Gene Shalit's bottom, and seen John Elway naked. 2 of the 3 experiences were kinda cool, the other one was really icky! dave
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