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  1. Corny Jokes: What did one ear of corn say to the other? Nothing, cuz they're all ears. How many Generals are in an army of corn? None, they're all kernels. What size jeans do ears of corn wear? Husky. Dave (oh, and my middle name is Cornelius, seriously)
  2. But the album isn't titled 'All By Myself'!!!!!! They screwed up! Dave
  3. i just bid a billllllllllion dollars on guitar #3! (ok, maybe not a billion...but enough to keep ec.com running for another day or two!) Nice stuff, Bernie! Dave
  4. Lew, we were kind of thinking about a piano player. Hmmm does anyone here know a good piano player????? Dave
  5. 1) Wow! World wide wishes! Cool. 2) Good one Tony. 3) Gord, I floated over Hamilton earlier today. Was that you in the brown coat? 4) AnnieNY...you were my inspiration! 5) And as far as lobster being on the menu, it's purely financial: we can either invite everyone from this message board or have lobster. Hmmmm, tough choice. Dave
  6. Thanks all! Oh, and Bernie...if you take the elevator to the 15th floor you can congratulate us both! Annie works with me. (I guess you can say we've taken fratenizing to the highest possible level.) ;-)
  7. Sometimes when you're very very happy you want the whole world to know. Well, hello world! I'm very very happy! On December 13th around 3:45 in the afternoon I asked the woman of my dreams if she'd marry me. By 3:46 she had said 'yes'! I've been walking on clouds ever since. The short story is: I proposed in Central Park and took her to dinner. The long story is so darn romantic even I cry when I tell it. Or maybe it's cuz I'm so darn happy! Either way LobsterLvr's in love...and getting married September 16th in Rye, NY in a beautiful old mansion overlooking the water. Who would've thought at 51 I'd have so much to look forward to. Thanks for letting me share this personal note. Dave
  8. My favorite commercial of all time? The first one I ever wrote and produced! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=play+doh+mop+top&search=Search (ok, it's not exactly Clio-Worthy, but it's catchy!) Dave
  9. If you're happy and ya know it clap your claws!! CLAP! CLAP! Dave
  10. The Moody Blues "December" CD puts me in the holiday mood. It's so rich and moody-blues-ish. "December Snow" and "A Winters Tale" are the perfect sit-by-the-fireplace-with-a-brandy songs. Dave
  11. I don't like songs about other singers or bands. I think it's self serving. And I really find it annoying when singers refer to themselves. (no one's gettin' fat 'cept Mama Cass, slim shady, ferg-i-cious) Get over yourselves. D-
  12. There is something so gentle and genuine about this conversation between Dick and the band. I can't imagine this kind of interview happening today on any tv network or show (except maybe a local 'waynes world' kind of program). ah the good ol days. dave
  13. Just one more thing to be grateful for this weekend. Thanks Bernie. Thanks Berries! Dave
  14. You guys are great, lots of dreamy ideas. Thanks everybody. I espeically like "Dreamland Express", it captures the sentiment I was looking for perfectly. Dave
  15. I'm looking for songs about dreams coming true. (More specifically; making someone else's dreams come true.) So far the best one I've got is from Walt Disney's Cinderella "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes". Have you got a 'dream come true' song you love? Dave
  16. Lesley Ann Warren (beauty, brains and really big boobies!) Dave
  17. gotta admit, i like(d) Matthew's LP (the one with the colluseum in the bkgrond). dave
  18. Marv, I saw SBL on your original list. Gotta love it! On youtube.com are several videos of the Rubettes doing that song "live". The videos are so bad they're great! Dave
  19. A lot of fantastic songs have been mentioned in this thread. Wow! Two that I'd add are: "Won't Find Better Than Me" - The New Hope "She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) - Gene Pitney Dave
  20. Sorry, Marv but according to Canadian rules, you're list has to be 1/3 Canadian. Dave
  21. Marv, While the 'canadian content' rule might drive you nuts after a while, I gotta admit, whenever I'm in Toronto or Vancouver on business I love listening to the radio. Lots of artists we never hear down here (like my favorite female artist of all time, Jann Arden.) Dave
  22. Marv, that's because (being in French) it filled that silly requirement that you canadians have about 1/3 of all radio content be canadian. Dave
  23. "Spread your wings and let me come inside" (from Rod's Tonight's The Night) was banned from Boston radio. Dave
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