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  1. My top 3 reunion shows: 1) Raspberries (of course) 2) J.Geils Band (hands down the best live wicked pissah pahty band evah.) 3) probably Earth Wind and Fire Dave
  2. is anyone else having trouble emailing to Al's address? Dave
  3. I've got two daughters, now 15 and 21. What a wonderful song to hear again, especially around Father's Day. Thanks Hollies. Dave
  4. Lesley Ann Warren (during her Mission Impossible years). Dave
  5. Who cares about what happened to Tony and family, what I wanna know is what ever happened to the two little kids in the SUV that ran over Phil's head? And how did that girl from Saturday Night Fever get to be so old and....plump? Dave
  6. Assuming (Jersey Boy and Raspberries fan) Steven Van Zandt will be attending WAB-5, we can ask him what really happened in person!! Dave
  7. I read that David Chase liked to make all of us viewers suffer. That's why he left so many storylines unanswered. Kinda like tonight's ending. But what a great day for Journey fans. Dave
  8. This whole thread makes me appreciate so many things: 'she remembered', eric's presense and insights, bernie's labor of love, and the internet. Thanks one and all. Dave
  9. Shouldn't it be "American Like Apple Pie"?? Dave
  10. The video is horrendous and the song is incredibly boring and repetitious. Yes it sticks in my head, but so does my ex-wife's voice. Sorry Paul. Dave
  11. BTW, we're still looking for someone to play the piano at our little shindig. Does anyone know of one? Dave (x3)
  12. HT, the wedding's set for Sept 16th in lovely Rye, NY, overlooking the inlet (pray for a sunny day!). The 'better half' and I (and Lily, her Britany Spaniel) moved into our center-hall colonial on April 20th. We've survived painting two rooms, picking out carpeting, and a weekend with her mother and sister...so I guess we'll survive! Thanks for askin' Dave (wow! two posts in one day!!!)
  13. Being a typical guy I'm always interested in seeing how I measure up against others. Today I measured myself against some of the more frequent posters here at ec.com. Wow, do I feel inadequate!! There are members who are posting, on average, 13 times a day! Since Bernie started tabulating how much we post in early 2002 I've averaged a mere one post every 4 days. I only hope that the quality of my posts make up for my quantity. Cuz that's what it's all about, right? Right? Dave
  14. I missed it! I went one day without a computer (my 4 yr old HP crashed and died on Friday). I'm sure it was great. Thanks for the ten (in my case, nine) great days of celebration. Dave
  15. oops, sorry for starting this new thread. i didn't see the similar thread in "All For Love" folder. I guess I should add "blinder" to my list of aging adjectives. dave
  16. We're a little bit grayer, rounder and balder, but we're still family! Thanks Papa Bernie for bringing us all together. And thanks Eric for the words, music and memories. Dave (here from day one!)
  17. Eric, doesn't it feel good to be good to yourself? Last weekend I bought a kayak (with all the fixins). My last 3 years have had more than its share of valleys. Treating myself to something I've always wanted just feels so good....and so deserved. Dave
  18. I just found this at his son's MySpace page, and thought you'd all like to see what he thinks of his dad's new car: "My poopy head dad just buyed a really cool car named jagwar. It is cool but he is a poopy head becoz there is no place for my sister's sippy cups or my shin guards, and it doz not have a dvd player. whenever we are in the car without mom my dad makes us duck down inthe back seat when we drive by other moms and he shouts out the window 'helloooo ladies'. it makes him happy so i guess its a cool car. i just wish it had a dvd player." dave
  19. It kinda makes my purple '97 VW Golf look like a purple '97 VW Golf. Dave
  20. The ironic thing about this event is that the same guy who took over for former Gov. McGreevy (ahem!) has taken over again! Everybody thinks he (Cody) is a great guy but he really truly doesn't want the job. He just wants to be a lower level public servant who gets to go to his kids' baseball and soccer games after work. Gotta love him. Cozine is supposed to be ok, but it's gonna take months and months to recuperate. Dave
  21. Here comes Peter Lobster Tail Clawing down the Lobster trail Clickity, clackity Easter's on its way. Yay! Have a fun (and blessed) one! Dave
  22. Just tell me how many lobster rolls to make...and I'll be there! dave
  23. This one is completely random, but it's the best live album I've ever heard. I don't understand a word of the lyrics but every song is a sonically perfect pop gem. It's the Brazilian band 'Skank' and their live 'MTV Au Vivo' cd. Dave
  24. Lee, I think I know who Farginkel is, but who are 'Cliff and the Shadows'? Dave
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