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  1. I had the same problem. You need to confirm your account. I think you have to log out, then log in again. d
  2. I've only heard it once. It's beautiful!! Post it please Mr. Post Man!!! Dave
  3. Radio IO streams lots of great radio formats. I listen to their "70's Pop" stream all day long. They just posted a chance to vote for your favorite pop re-issue of 2007...and guess who made the list! Eric's Rhino reissue of 'Boats' and 'Change'! And he's in with some pretty good company (9 others including U2, Bee Gees, Zepplin, Blondie, etc). Go to www.radioio.com Sign up. Go to 70's pop. Listen all day. And VOTE!!! Dave
  4. Have a fun and safe New Years eve, everyone! Dave
  5. "A lovely fee". It sounds so delightful. So floral. So....wait a second....it sounds like a song! OH I want a lovely fee, so baaaad, I want a lovely fee! (I'm giving up sarcasm for New Years, I've gotta get 'em in while I can!) Dave
  6. Aww June... Life sure has thrown you a lot of curves lately. Sometimes the best remedy is to stay home, stay warm, and snuggle up with somebody you love. Ya can't go wrong with that! Love ya Dave
  7. Ira, If you are the writer/owner of the song you have a lot of control. I've written lots of commercials that have been turned down by artists because they didn't like the way it would reflect on their work. Prior to saying 'yes', we (the ad agencies) have to provide the composer with a very good idea of how his/her song is going to be used. If the commercial can't survive without the song (like the recent GM 'Robot' spot that used ABM), the composer will probably see the idea as a storyboard (long before it is shot). If the spot can survive with any one of a range of songs(like songs about being happy, where we could use "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Happy Together" or "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands") then the composer will see either the storyboard or maybe a rough cut of the spot. In the Hello/Goodbuy scenario, I'm sure Micheal Jackson (or whoever owns the rights to the song) had a very (!) good idea of how the song will be used. Because the Target campaign is so huge, he may not see every version of how the song is used. And unless it's really bad, I'm sure he gets enough money not to care if it sells toilet paper for a few seconds in one version of a multi-million dollar campaign. Lord knows I wouldn't! But then again, I'm in advertising! Dave
  8. I loved how Alan Parsons used different singers in his work. It was great hearing John Miles in their earlier and later work. That guy can sing! Dave
  9. Charles Schulz yelled at me on the phone once. I never really liked the Peanuts gang after that. Dave
  10. For me, 'Substitute' was the hightlight of Saturday night's performance. Call me crazy, but I think the entire band had more fun with that song than any other. Dave
  11. After seeing you at the concert Saturday night, I want you to know that while I do indeed have another Annie in my life, you my dear, will always be my 'first'!! dave
  12. Right now WXPN (probably the best radio station in the world) is counting down the 885 top moments in music. It's a countdown that's about the moment, and the music that goes with it. For example: #742 is 'badfinger suicides' (for which they played Day After Day). So far, no moments for our beloved 'Berries. The countdown can be seen, and heard at xpn.org. Dave
  13. see page 9 for my perfect tri-fecta: me, annie, and.....lobster!!!!
  14. Annie and I tied the knot Sept 16th. We honeymooned in Cape Cod. For over 400 pictures of me smiling my face off, visit www.flickr.com/photos/annie-dave/ Dave
  15. As many of you know, I'm getting married tomorrow. The last 4 years of my life have been a sea of change. Much of it was horrendous. Yet something wonderful came out it all. And tomorrow (the 16th) around 1pm Eastern time that 'something wonderful' and I will become husband and wife. Yes, I'm a lucky guy. This time around God has blessed me...big time. Annie and I will be spending the week in Cape Cod. I'll be back to the board on the 23rd. And yes, I'll take lots of pictures! Love ya all, Dave
  16. One person's junk is another person's pleasure. (ok maybe not in this case!) Dave
  17. Diane's right. NYC is fine. Don't let any out-of-towners tell you otherwise. I've lived and/or worked here since 1981. I come into the city everyday to work on madison ave. I was never mugged. I haven't heard of anyone being mugged, threatened, or frightened in over 15 years. Yes, in the 80's it was awful!! But so were fashion and hairstyles. Dave
  18. Oh, and for all you Pin Stripe fans, Yankee Stadium is too far to walk. But that shouldn't be a problem, your season will be over by then!!! Go sawks!! Dave
  19. Everything in NY is within walking distance. The island is only 3/4 of a mile wide. And every 20 blocks (north and south) is a mile. That means 16th street to 42nd street is only a bit over a mile. (30 minutes walking time). And the (clean, safe) subways make everything even more convenient. Dave
  20. "America" is playing at BBKings. Van Morrison is performing. And there's a huge street festival on the 13th on 8th Avenue (from 42nd up to 57th streets). Mmmmm, fried dough for everyone!!! Dave
  21. From this point forward, let's not use the acronym LOSS for the biggest WIN rasperries fans have had. Dave
  22. The big tease in this thread is Eric's running shoes! I had a pair just like them. Adidas "Country"s, I believe. Perfect shoes for Marathon Men! Dave
  23. shaq is soon to become best friends with Paul McCartney and Alex Baldwin. Dave
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