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  1. The big tease in this thread is Eric's running shoes! I had a pair just like them. Adidas "Country"s, I believe. Perfect shoes for Marathon Men! Dave
  2. shaq is soon to become best friends with Paul McCartney and Alex Baldwin. Dave
  3. Instead of 15 minutes of fame...i get 1.5 seconds (or should I say my hawiian shirt and grey chest hairs got 1.5 seconds). Dave
  4. i'd like to thank the academy, my mom, the big guy in the sky, and all the little people who made this possible. dave
  5. Watch Comedy Central this weekend! Watch for a "Daily Show"/"Colbert Report" promo. Don't blink!!! A friend of mine is an editor for Comedy Central. He asked if he could use the photo of Eric and I from WAB as part of a promotional piece welcoming Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert back from their tropical vacations. Eric's head will be replaced by Mr. Stewart's. My head will be replaced by Mr. Colbert's. When we asked Eric if he minded us using the photo he said, "Sure they can use it. I'm a fan. I've got the "Stewart/Colbert '08" Presidential poster in my friends list on myspace." The promos are supposed to run thru-out the weekend...but I don't know exactly when. Happy viewing! Dave
  6. Yup, I'm on it...and boy do I look fat! Dave
  7. "As Kiwi ogled Dave's meat his spatula rose involuntarily..."
  8. "When I dial the telephone nobody's home." Dave
  9. I never really noticed it until this past weekend. Eric, you're always smiling! No matter when I caught a glimpse of you at WAB, you were smiling. In every interview on VH1 or on cleveland tv....you're smiling. You're even smiling in radio interviews. 20 years ago, I wonder if that grin was there. These days you seem to take it every where you go. It's contagious! Dave
  10. wow....i just saw my pic on page 6. It's now 28 hours later and I'm still wearing the same smile! What a blast! Dave
  11. You've missed a branding opportunity here, Bernie. You should call it a WABCAM. Dave
  12. Raspberries: Scratch & sniff LP. Still got it! Eric's golden-covered 1st LP (bought at Spectrum Sundries at Syracuse University for $6.99...my beer money for a month!!) Dave
  13. i got goosebumps watching that video!!!!!!! dave
  14. Sam Kinison? No. More like Harry Nilsson. Dave
  15. barnes and noble forgot to mention Dave in the performance credits (at bottom). Doh!
  16. Only eight hours? Wow, some people in advertising get off easy! Dave
  17. That explosion in NYC earlier tonight is right outside the office building where Bernie works (and where I worked until a few months ago). In fact, Bernie's window looks down onto the spot where the blast originated. My prayers are with those who got hurt. I hate it when this sh*t happens in this great city. Brings back a lot of bad memories. Hope you're ok milk man. Dave
  18. The DVD got a nice plug today on Philly's oldie's station WOGL. It was part of Ross Britan's syndicated Weekend Hit Machine show. He played GATW as well. Dave
  19. For two years now, NYC has been without an oldies station. All that changes next week! WCBS-FM, who became Jack-FM in 2005, is admitting it made a mistake and is going back to it's original oldies format. Yay! Dave
  20. For 30 odd years I've hated "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas. Hated it. Hated IT. HATED IT. And yet, every Classic Rock station from Marblehead to Malibu played it as if it were the most popular song of the last millenium. But yesterday I acually listened to the song (albiet for the 23 thousandth time) and ya know what? I got it! That song is the perfect classic rock song. It's got everything. It's perfectly mixed, each instrument is performed wonderfully, the song is perfectly crafted (with its rockin' parts and its mellower moments) and it's got the perfect amount of all American anthemic-ness. I still hate the damn thing, but after 30 years it's finally earned my respect. Dave
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