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  1. loved the album that has him sitting in front of some greek structure. forgot the name of it. haven't thought of him in years...i mean decades! dave
  2. iTunes has deemed the Raspberries "Greatest" CD "EXPLICIT". They've even given it one of those scary black and white 'Parental Guidance ADVISORY' icons!! And to think I sang along to these songs with my kids in the same room! Shame on me! Dave
  3. Your leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeader has passed away. Jackson Armstrong, one of the most entertaining jocks of our time has turned off his microphone for the last time. He was one of the reasons I majored in Radio/TV in college. I used to listen to him on WKBW out of Buffalo (while growing up in NE Mass). He worked at about 20 radio stations across the US (see link below) so I'm sure you know how great he was. Radio has lost a good one. http://musicradio77.com/wwwboard/messages/336060.html Dave
  4. thanks everybody! it's great having well-wishers from around the world. much appreciated... dave
  5. the world's greatest people were born on March 9th!! happy birthday to us! dave
  6. thanks everybody! i just found out that (my) annie is making REAL lobster rolls (not the faux lobster rolls I pawn off on you guys every August) and New England clam chowdah for me on Sunday. Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. Pisces people rock! happy b'day! Dave
  8. (just my luck...I have to follow Eric!) Love ya, Man! Thanks a two million!! dave
  9. "She walked out the door and all my dreams went with her into the night." dave
  10. Hey Marv... Guess who I'm going to see Feb 23rd! Calgary's own: Jann Arden. In NYC. Can't wait! Dave
  11. "Howzat"!!! Good one, Billy! (btw "Resurrection Shuffle" was by Ashton Gardner and 'Dyke'.) Gotta add "Get It On" by Chase, "The Promise" by When In Rome, and my all time fave "Sugar Baby Love" by the Rubettes (right Marv??) Dave
  12. In the car, I listen to my daughter's top 40 stations, basically cuz I'm sick to death of hearing Kansas, Steve Miller, and that god-forsaken "Brandy you're a fine girl" song. Dave
  13. My parents' favorite remedy? Paragoric!! They used to give us this opium based medicine for anything that ailed us....and sometimes just to quiet us down!! It's illegal now. Darn. Dave
  14. I took a sick day today, too! And I feel great! But of course, I feel guilty...I'm Irish Catholic! Dave
  15. I had the same problem. You need to confirm your account. I think you have to log out, then log in again. d
  16. I've only heard it once. It's beautiful!! Post it please Mr. Post Man!!! Dave
  17. Radio IO streams lots of great radio formats. I listen to their "70's Pop" stream all day long. They just posted a chance to vote for your favorite pop re-issue of 2007...and guess who made the list! Eric's Rhino reissue of 'Boats' and 'Change'! And he's in with some pretty good company (9 others including U2, Bee Gees, Zepplin, Blondie, etc). Go to www.radioio.com Sign up. Go to 70's pop. Listen all day. And VOTE!!! Dave
  18. Have a fun and safe New Years eve, everyone! Dave
  19. "A lovely fee". It sounds so delightful. So floral. So....wait a second....it sounds like a song! OH I want a lovely fee, so baaaad, I want a lovely fee! (I'm giving up sarcasm for New Years, I've gotta get 'em in while I can!) Dave
  20. Aww June... Life sure has thrown you a lot of curves lately. Sometimes the best remedy is to stay home, stay warm, and snuggle up with somebody you love. Ya can't go wrong with that! Love ya Dave
  21. Ira, If you are the writer/owner of the song you have a lot of control. I've written lots of commercials that have been turned down by artists because they didn't like the way it would reflect on their work. Prior to saying 'yes', we (the ad agencies) have to provide the composer with a very good idea of how his/her song is going to be used. If the commercial can't survive without the song (like the recent GM 'Robot' spot that used ABM), the composer will probably see the idea as a storyboard (long before it is shot). If the spot can survive with any one of a range of songs(like songs about being happy, where we could use "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Happy Together" or "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands") then the composer will see either the storyboard or maybe a rough cut of the spot. In the Hello/Goodbuy scenario, I'm sure Micheal Jackson (or whoever owns the rights to the song) had a very (!) good idea of how the song will be used. Because the Target campaign is so huge, he may not see every version of how the song is used. And unless it's really bad, I'm sure he gets enough money not to care if it sells toilet paper for a few seconds in one version of a multi-million dollar campaign. Lord knows I wouldn't! But then again, I'm in advertising! Dave
  22. I loved how Alan Parsons used different singers in his work. It was great hearing John Miles in their earlier and later work. That guy can sing! Dave
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