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  1. I just went to about 4 different online blood alcohol calculators. For a guy about Eric's weight a level of .234 means he had about 8 to 9 drinks.

    All I can say, or do, is tell you that we love you, and want you to do whatever needs to be done to be sure this never, ever happens again.


  2. Actually these photos were taken in a Karaoke bar in Japan, circa 1980. Before video screens were invented, people sang from mimeograghed handwritten paper sheets. Upon close inspection, I believe Eric was singing "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".


  3. (ten minutes later, after amazon-ing the LP) ok, i was wrong. I only loved two songs from that album. The other songs I don't remember at all. "anna" and "running from your love" still hold up.


  4. iTunes has deemed the Raspberries "Greatest" CD "EXPLICIT". They've even given it one of those scary black and white 'Parental Guidance ADVISORY' icons!!

    And to think I sang along to these songs with my kids in the same room! Shame on me!


  5. Your leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeader has passed away.

    Jackson Armstrong, one of the most entertaining jocks of our time has turned off his microphone for the last time. He was one of the reasons I majored in Radio/TV in college. I used to listen to him on WKBW out of Buffalo (while growing up in NE Mass). He worked at about 20 radio stations across the US (see link below) so I'm sure you know how great he was. Radio has lost a good one.



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