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  1. If Princeton, NJ was on beach, it'd be perfect. And since nothing is...I guess it's as good as it gets. Having grown up in a preppy Massachusetts town (20 miles from the beach), I never thought I'd become a Jersey fanatic...but here I am! Ask Darlene, she'll tell ya, Princeton has it all. College town (with manners!), great eats, a truly walkable downtown. It looks like a New England town. It's half way between NYC and Philly. We get both city's TV and radio stations. We get both city's culture, sports and accents. As we ustah say in Andovah, Mass 'it's a wicked pissah great place to live'. Dave
  2. I know I've seen it somewhere! Where can I find a list of all the folks who have covered Eric's music? Dave (happy thanksgiving everyone)
  3. It seems every time I take a business trip to LA mother nature gets mad. Last time (six months ago or so) it was an earthquake in nearby Chino Hills. This time there are fires north, south and east of LA. Sky was yellow at sunrise this morning. Reid is right...the air smells like autumn in New England (when we used to be able to burn the fallen leaves in the gutter). It's business as usual for most folks here...but I can only imagine what it's like to be in the line of fire. Prayers for all. Dave (in LA til Friday)
  4. Mmmmm, they have really good raspberries here in LA! I'm sitting here, in a really nice Beverly Hills hotel, looking at the Hollywood Hills, enjoying the most delicious, and best looking raspberries I've ever experienced. Plump, juicy, works of art! I couldn't help but think about the times when I'd stare at the artwork on the 'berries LP's.....for hours! Sounds delicious. Dave
  5. I LOVE stuff like this!!! "Somewhere Around Midnight" will have your feet and heart pounding like there's no tomorrow! http://www.myspace.com/theairbornetoxicevent dave
  6. I've been a voter since I ditched the stroller! Ok everybody...except you Marvin, Muzza and Kiwi, get out and vote! Dave
  7. You're all wrong. I was married to the Jersey Devil for 25 years and she's alive and well and living somewhere near exit 8A. If I were you, I'd avoid the area completely! Dave
  8. johnny cochrane is amazing!
  9. I wish I had a nickel for every printed T-shirt Jim has ever worn! dave
  10. I just went to about 4 different online blood alcohol calculators. For a guy about Eric's weight a level of .234 means he had about 8 to 9 drinks. All I can say, or do, is tell you that we love you, and want you to do whatever needs to be done to be sure this never, ever happens again. Dave
  11. the coolest thing about this picture is his shoes! Adidas 'Countries'!! I wore them all the time back then, and I just bought a pair (re-issues) last year! Nice choice Marathon Man! Dave`
  12. Close your eyes (don't watch the video...it's painfully bad). The CD is amazing! Every song she sings is hauntingly beautiful or powerfully pop! And she's a Jersey girl! go fig-ya! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VoCcnpbco58 dave
  13. For your birthday I plan on making you a whole bunch of lobster rolls. If you don't show up, I guess I'll have to eat them myself! All the best, Dave
  14. Been there. Done that. Now lets meet up for a beer in the city and get you (and your BP) smiling again! dave
  15. Gentlemen...behave yourselves. Mr. Carmen has the floor....
  16. Heck it can't hurt to ask, right? What's keeping you busy professionally? Is it rewarding? What's your 'work week' like? Dave
  17. Actually these photos were taken in a Karaoke bar in Japan, circa 1980. Before video screens were invented, people sang from mimeograghed handwritten paper sheets. Upon close inspection, I believe Eric was singing "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Dave
  18. Fun list. Fun memories. But what the heck is "Fairytale"?? Dave
  19. As we like to say in New Jersey "have a great effin birthday!" Dave
  20. I was listening to some old Air Checks of disc jockeys I grew up with. There are hundreds of them for you to listen to at http://northeastairchecks.com/ If you scroll down to "Charlie Kendell on WVBF Boston in 1973" you'll hear The Raspberries coming in at #7 on the night's Top Nine at Ten (TNT). Dave
  21. Maze opened for them in Massachusetts in 74. Never heard of them then...or after. Dave
  22. I laughed so hard I wet my pants (at least I think that's why they're wet!) Dave
  23. I can play that song by hitting my knuckles on my head. Embarassing, but lots of fun a parties! dave
  24. (ten minutes later, after amazon-ing the LP) ok, i was wrong. I only loved two songs from that album. The other songs I don't remember at all. "anna" and "running from your love" still hold up. dave
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