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  1. Ira, it saddens me when I see other men go thru what I went thru a few years ago. My heart aches for you (in a guy kinda way). But let tell you, the negativity will never end from her side BUT it won't affect you any more. With time comes distance. Eventually you will seperate yourself and your identiy from the negstvity and will live a more enriching positve life Hang in there. It will come.


  2. Ira and Robyn...

    I've got the same home towns as both you guys. My 1st 19 years were in Andover, Mass, too (just like Robyn). Jay Leno grew up around the block from me (when I lived in 'the vale' section). Later I moved to 'the village' where the Shawsheen River loves to flood (just like it did two weeks ago!). It was the best place in the world to grow up. (No McMansion for our family. Simple 4 bedroom saltbox along the RR tracks.) I'm still a Sox fan. My New England accent comes thru aftah a few beahs. These days I'm a Jersey boy. Been here since 1981. Spent 13 years in Highland Park (around the corner from you Ira). These days I am in Princeton, the most Andover-like town in all of NJ. It's beautiful. (Watch 'IQ' or 'A Beautiful Mind' and you'll see what I see every day!) They say you can never go home again...but I found the perfect town that makes it all possible.


  3. Harry,

    Men marry for love.

    Most women marry for other reasons.

    I know it's a generalization, and will piss a lot of women off, but bear with with me.

    When the 'other reasons' have either been addressed or become unachievable, there's nothing left for the relationship to hold on to.

    I was married for 25years. I married for love. She married for other reasons. When the marriage hit hard times I worked my butt off to make it survive. All she had left was 'resentment'. There was no love on her part. And probably never was.

    If the love was there to begin with with you and your wife, great! You've got that to build on. If not, well, maybe it's time to go your separate ways.

    I re-married two years ago. Again, for love. Fortunately, she married for love too. Did she marry me for 'other reasons', too? You bet, but we've talked about them. And we will talk about them them till death do us part.


  4. ...well, actually, I never saw a black squirrel!


    C'mon down to Princeton...we've got black squirrels all over the place. In fact I've got two who frequent my back yard every day. And now they have names "Jimbo" and "The Kid"!


  5. Doug said:

    Boy, you'd be hard pressed to find any living artist/band with LESS available info on their activities.

    I have to admit Doug, you've got a point. While Bernie continues to make the site in general a truly fabulous salute to Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave, the Community Section seems to be morphing into a platform for self promotion.

    What drives me crazy (for example) is when I see a new thread that's labeled "New Photos", I click it thinking I'm going to get some new shots to Eric and Wally jamming at some Cleveland nightclub. Instead I get pictures of members' cats, dogs and rose gardens (complete with animated butterflies).

    But until there's some news from Eric and/or the Raspberries I guess it's only natural that we create our own news.


  6. I went to a new barber yesterday. He asked me if I wanted to keep my comb-over!!! I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince him that it wasn't a comb-over...it's just the way I liked to part my hair. Sheeesh, is right!


  7. My whole life, on St Patty's Day, my parents (and the entire Shea Clan of NE Massachusetts) would stumble out of bed (stumble being the operative word here!) to be the first to shout "St Patrick's Pot On You!". By being the first to say it, everyone owed you a dime. (So you all owe me dime!)

    I think the origins of the line means "In honor of St. Patrick, the next pot of beer is on you!", an Irishman's way of only buying one round (and considering how much we Irish like our beer, I think it's 'brilliant'!)

    Happy St Patricks Day Everyone.
    Celebrate responsibly. :insane:


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