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  1. R'Berries: I Reach For The Light EC: All For Love dave
  2. and now it's 12:13! (I really need to find a job.)
  3. I have to admit Doug, you've got a point. While Bernie continues to make the site in general a truly fabulous salute to Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave, the Community Section seems to be morphing into a platform for self promotion. What drives me crazy (for example) is when I see a new thread that's labeled "New Photos", I click it thinking I'm going to get some new shots to Eric and Wally jamming at some Cleveland nightclub. Instead I get pictures of members' cats, dogs and rose gardens (complete with animated butterflies). But until there's some news from Eric and/or the Raspberries I guess it's only natural that we create our own news. Dave
  4. Hey Marvin and all of our fellow Canadian EC.com members, Happy Canada Day! Party on! dave
  5. I will like ANY version of GATW, but this one sounds like it was produced and arranged by a high school music teacher. "ok suzie you sing this part. matthew you sing here, here and here. And you kids in the band...no foolin' around!"
  6. "Talk To Me" a song he co-wrote with Edward Burch (on The Palace At 4AM) is a pop music gem (bells, jangly guitars, harmonies). It's sad he's gone. Dave
  7. How about a live "Piano Cam", a live feed of Eric at work, at home. Dave
  8. I went to a new barber yesterday. He asked me if I wanted to keep my comb-over!!! I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince him that it wasn't a comb-over...it's just the way I liked to part my hair. Sheeesh, is right! Dave
  9. Thanks Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave for keeping the dream alive! And thanks Bernie (aka 5th Raspberry) for making us feel like the luckiest fans in the world. Dave
  10. My whole life, on St Patty's Day, my parents (and the entire Shea Clan of NE Massachusetts) would stumble out of bed (stumble being the operative word here!) to be the first to shout "St Patrick's Pot On You!". By being the first to say it, everyone owed you a dime. (So you all owe me dime!) I think the origins of the line means "In honor of St. Patrick, the next pot of beer is on you!", an Irishman's way of only buying one round (and considering how much we Irish like our beer, I think it's 'brilliant'!) Happy St Patricks Day Everyone. Celebrate responsibly. dave
  11. Here marvin...maybe this will help you; this board with suck without you! dave
  12. You guys are the best! Thanks for all the good (and delicious) wishes. Dave
  13. Happy Birthday MJ!! Go to the gym...that way you can eat allll the cake you want! dave
  14. Charles Schultz called me an 'idiot' over the phone. I had written a couple of Cheerios commercials that used the Peanuts gang. When I called to get his approval of the copy he decided it was 'beat up the new copywriter day'. (The commercials ended up running exactly how I wrote them.) Rest in peace, Chuck. Dave
  15. I saw it today for the first time and actually watched it alllll the way thru! over 8 minutes! great editing job. even better music!!! dave
  16. Any chance of 'Cindy In The Wind' ever being available in the Multimedia section? I've only heard it once (I think it was one of your Christmas gifts to us several years ago). I love it and would looooovvvve to hear it again. Dave
  17. New Jersey divorced guys are the best (even if we decide to re-marry!) Happy B-Day Bernie. This year's gonna be a great one. Dave
  18. You was right, Darlene! Thanks!! BTW, I spent 65 wonderful minutes in my man throne (spelt correctly!) this evening. Ahhhh, life is good. Dave
  19. Here's a little background: Annie and I got married 15 months ago. 14 months ago she left her job (with my full support) fully expecting to find another job pretty quickly. She got a nice consulting job for a while, but a full time job was nowhere in sight. Things were getting pretty stressful. Money was running pretty low. Fears were runnin pretty high. That all changed last week. Last Monday she landed the big one! A great (and I mean great!) job in NYC. Yaaaay....and phew!!! Here's what happened tonight: I got home around 7:15 to discover a new leather chair in the family room. As I took off my coat Annie poured me a beer, sat me in the (soft comfortable walnut brown leather) chair, handed me a bowl of Chex Mix and the remote. I turned the TV on. She had put the Raspberries DVD on!! "I Wanna Be With You" was the first thing I watched from my Man Thrown!! She then brought me two freshly made lobster rolls!! Which I scoffed down before the last notes of "Tonight" were played. She did all this because, as she says, as a thank you for the support I gave her during the tough times. Can you believe it??? Am I the luckiest guy in the world, or what? Dave
  20. it's on my Christmas list! you can hear the whole CD at his site. It's great (except maybe the first song...it's not my taste.) www.thefiremanmusic.com/home/ dave
  21. Darlene, If my facts are correct, he'll be just a stone's throw (or should I say a 'hail mary pass') away from you! Dave
  22. I just heard a rumor that Brett Favre is moving next door to my x-wife's house! Actually it WAS my house...but I lost it in the divorce. Once he finds out what his next door neighbor is REALLY like, I bet he asks to be traded!! ;-) Dave (formally in Cranbury, NJ)
  23. I haven't watched it in a while, but I think I'm one of the first ones (if not THE first). I was quite gitty! Dave
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