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  1. For pure rockin, power pop...with harmonies and great hook.
  2. For pure fun, harmonies and melody:
  3. My God I'm becoming Sybil ! Growing up in Mass, living in NJ, working in NY, and now with my wife working in Maine, I'm all over the place!!! Yes, Massholes is Maine's cute name for all you (us?) Bay Staters. I have to admit, it's catchy.
  4. Yeah...I'm a Masshole. Born and raised in Andover (current home of RockynRobyn). Been living in NJ since 1981 but will love of the Sox, Pats and lobsters forevah!! Dave
  5. Wife Annie and I at Sox game Monday Aug 1st! Guess where my allegiance goes!
  6. I'll swing by Darlene's house and drag her by her beautiful blonde hair to the festivities.
  7. And they've got "Cindy In The Wind"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I just signed up for Spotify (a new free music site). They've got a pretty huge library of Eric's work (including Winter Dreams and stuff like "My Heart Stops"...which I'm listening to right now...and "Reason To Try"). Dave
  9. I totally misinterpreted the meaning of this thread!!
  10. Oh...and Bernie....nice job on the 'album cover'.
  11. For five minutes (15 actually, cuz I listened to it three times in a row) I was back at the beach, I had no grey hair, no worries, everything smelt like Coppertone, and I was smiling big time! Love it, love it, love it!
  12. It's A-ma-ma-ma-merican as apple pie! Happy 4th of July fellow Car-ma-ma-ma-menians. Dave
  13. my brother's bday...and my EC.com brother's bday, too!! Have a great day IRA! dave
  14. Count me in! And if I find a job between now and then I'll bring lobster rolls for everyone!!! Ramon noodles if I don't.
  15. I remember chatting with Don in the old AOL days. I'm saying a few prayers for him right now. Dave
  16. Eric! Quick! Give us something to talk about!! Left to our own devices all we can come up with is....paneling!!!
  17. Harry, The last sentence in your post is exactly what I thought...and what I did. I've been there/done that. And if I could do it over again, I'd do it differently. Everyone's situation is unique and I'm not judging...but believe me when I say your happiness should NOT take a back seat and your kids are WAAAAY stronger than you think. Having an unhappy dad is not what's best for your kids (ooops, sorry, that was a little judgemental.) I'm not pro-divorce. I'm pro-happy. Life is too short to spend it in joy's waiting room. Dave
  18. Ira... The biggest mistake anyone can do, to them selves and to their loved ones, is to stay in a loveless relationship. It's not fair to anyone. And unfortunately it wastes time! Time that could be spent smiling, laughing, sharing, caring, and most importantly...at peace. I spent years at war with my self, feeling bad about feeling bad about my marriage. It consumed me. All I could think about was how much I had failed. Looking back I now realize I was an idiot!! What a waste of energy! What a waste of time! And what a waste of ME!! When I finally left the marriage people rejoiced! My kids rejoiced! Dad was back! That smiling Irishman with a Boston accent and punny sense of humor was back! Dave was back! I rediscovered the guy I always wanted to be. And ya know what? It felt good...and still does...every day!!!! You deserve to feel good, Ira. It's okay. Love yourself first and the love of everyone else will come along for the ride. Dave
  19. I just created an eric carmen "hash tag" on twitter. (I just learned about this thingy today.). A 'hash tag' connects everyone on twitter who likes similar topics. A hash is this: # punctuation mark. So you can type in #ericcarmen and get connected to everyone else who's writing about eric. Put the #-mark in front of ericcarmen and everyone will see what YOU post about him, too. dave
  20. Good catch Mama. In fact at the end of the video someone says something about a new song called "Cry". dave
  21. Robyn you are SO right! Dale Dorman (during his RKO days) was the greatest. Also loved Ron Robin (spelt with an 'i', not a 'y') and Bud Ballou on WMEX, and Charlie Kendell on WVBF.
  22. http://www.flickr.com/photos/annie-dave/5526865728/ Eric's Southermost Fan. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Went to Blue Heaven (great!), Sloppy Joes (got sloppy), and a whole bunch of other fun spots. Going again soon!! Dave
  23. Thanks everyone! Annie and I are whooping it up in Key West! Great place to celebrate a birthday! She's sleeping off her 5 margaritas right now. I'm nursing my 7th beer, watching the stars shine over the pounding surf on the deck of our hotel room. Oh...and my daughter called me earlier today to tell me she's engaged. All in all....a wicked good day!!! Thank's again for thinkin of me! Dave
  24. Wow! great! Blue Heaven sound like heaven!! Heck, I'm gonna try 'em all!!! I'll send y'all a postcard! Dave
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