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  1. There have been hundreds of great female singers in our time.  Over the last 20 years, these two rise to the top for me.  Canada's Jann Arden. Her only US hit was "Insensitive" in '94, but north of the border, she's an icon!  And NJ's Nicole Atkins. No big hits, but what a voice!!    - Dave





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  2. I'm one of the lucky ones:

    1. Raspberries V2.0, December, 1974 Commodore Ballroom, Lowell, Mass

    2. Dirty Dancing Tour, PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

    3. Ringo's All Starr Band, 2000, New Brunswick, NJ

    4. Raspberries Reunited: Cleveland's HOB, NYC's BBKings (2x), and NYC's Highline Ballroom


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  3. On 5/1/2021 at 7:42 PM, Matthew C. Clark said:

    The late Ray Conniff & The Singers "All By Myself" (1976) (audio only)

    In the winter 1978 I worked as a weekend overnight announcer at "FM 93 WNTQ" in Syracuse. It was a 'beautiful music' station.  The station sat at the end of a dead end road in a frozen snow-covered marshy field on the outskirts of town. I remember Ray Conniff's ABM popping up on the playlist and, if you had happened to drive down that dead end road at 3AM that sub-zero Syracuse night, and looked in the window of the broadcast booth, you probably would have caught me singing along while conducting the world's largest make-believe orchestra...all by myself

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  4. In my post (18 years ago!) I mentioned hearing GATW for the first time on a gray AM radio. That particular radio is long gone, but I had such an affinity for it that, a few years ago, I hunted for a picture of it on line...and voila...there it was! A grayish green SEARS Silvertone AM Radio...exactly like my old one.  I posted the pic on my FB page (with some fond memories of listening to one just like it).  Within a day I had an Instant Message from Doug Preis (the voice of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, and dozens of other characters, who I had worked with during my cereal commercial writing days). He told me a package would be arriving soon. Sure enough, 3 days later a grayish green SEARS Silvertone AM radio, exactly like the one from my childhood, arrived at my door.  And it works!  I've yet to hear GATW from its 50+ year old speakers, but I'll keep tuning in until I do!

    Dave (LobsterLvr)


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  5. If we put a list together of how Eric's and the Raspberries' ALBUMS/CDs sold, (from the most to the least) what would that list look like? 

    (excluding greatest hits and live compilation)

    Here's my guess:

    ERIC - Arista



    RASPBERRIES - Starting Over

    ERIC - Change of Heart

    RASPBERRIES - Side 3

    ERIC - Boats Against The Current

    ERIC - Geffen

    ERIC - Tonight Your Mine

    ERIC - Winter Dreams

    Any thoughts?





  6. A friend of mine (Cindy) just found this while cleaning out a closet. She worked at an Ithaca radio station back in the '70's. This must have been from one of Eric's first solo concerts up there in Central NY. Lot of familiar names.  Note the date at the top.



    EC band 1975.jpg

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