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  1. In '87, seven years before he allegedly (!) became a murderer, OJ starred in a commercial I wrote for Nabisco. That's me on the left, many hairs ago. At the time, OJ was extremely funny and incredibly nice. And I'll leave it at that. (I'm on the left.)
  2. This will bring anyone who's lost a sibling (in the military, or not) to tears. Speaking from experience.
  3. I didn't feel it up here in SW CT (I was in the car at that moment)....but my daughter felt it BIG TIME! She lives in High Bridge, NJ. 4 miles from the reported epicenter. Oh, she was in the shower when it hit! She ran outside wrapped in an afghan. All safe.
  4. How do I listen to music? At home via our 4 Sonos speakers placed perfectly to ensure uninterrupted listening from the living room fireplace, thru the dining room, down the hall, to the wine cabinet in the kitchen (usually Pandora...and usually on some Yacht Rock/Oldies station) In the car via Sirius XM (any music station: usually 70's on 7 and Underground Garage) and WFUV (NY's adult alternative station). During my 1 hour train ride to/from my office in NYC via my iTunes. No matter how often they repeat...they're still MY favorite songs. In the yard or garage doing DIY (usually on the weekend): thru my Bose Color SoundLink speaker...99% of the time tuned to https://rewoundradio.com As John Miles would say....music was my first love....and it will be my last. Music of the future...and music of the past. Dave
  5. As heard on American Top 40 throughout the years...
  6. Of all the feelings I've had since hearing the news last night, my greatest is gratitude. Thank you Eric. Thank you Bernie. Thank you all. Your presence in my life has been...and will always be...one of my truest blessings. Dave
  7. Someone once said, "Don't let lyrics get in the way of a good melody". In this case, however the lyrics actually distract us from what, imho, is a pretty awesome melody. So I give it an F for lyrics. And an A for melody and instrumentation. Dave
  8. Count me in as one of the doubters-turned-likers, as well. D
  9. You can't spell Carmen without MEN!
  10. Once again, Bernie makes the best Santa!
  11. I don't know what I want, but I want it Christmas Day! Can't wait!!
  12. No copy?? Are you sure that wasn't YOU who was suggesting that, Bernie? Inside joke: for those who don't know, Bernie and I are both advertising 'creatives'. Art directors (which Bernie is) hate having to put copy into their visual masterpieces. Copywriters (which I am) know damn-well that the client is never going to let that happen! Visuals capture attention. Words close the sale.
  13. Given that this thread is 11 years old, and I'm now much older and wiser (or as Wally says, wider), you might think I'd feel differently about the band's name. Nope. I still feel it held them back. But the fact that we're still here, today, all of us die-hard fans, discussing how much their music impacted our lives, it doesn't really matter any more what the band was called. They were OUR band...and will live forever in our hearts for what they gave us, not what they called themselves.
  14. Nobody Knows* *but I reserve the right to change my pick at any time
  15. Nice to see the small town of Cranbury, NJ getting mentioned. Darlene and I both made the trip. (It was just a coincidence that we were from the same zip code). A few weeks later I went to see her playing Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2 (aka, ABM) as part of NJ's Capital Philharmonic Orchestra's New Years Eve performance. Two great shows to close out the year! Dave
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