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  1. A different approach.... Days and Nights Set Desperate Fools/Sunrise Medley (love that idea!) Someday Tonight Me, Myself and I Set I Wanna Be With You Fooling Myself All By Myself The She Set My Girl She Did It Cindy In The Wind Hey Deannie Body Parts Set Change of Heart I Wanna Hear it From Your Lips Hungry Eyes Hands On You If You Change Your Mind (segways into next song) The “I Can’t Take It Anymore” Set Runaway I Don’t Know What I Want It Hurts Too Much The Love & Sexy Set All For Love Let’s Pretend Go All The Way
  2. Janis Ian's "At Seventeen" is sure to make my bridge jumper top 10 playlist. It actually hit #3 on the Billboard Charts. Dave
  3. Ha! I love this version! Totally listenable...in an 80's kinda way. I closed my eyes for most of the video, and just listened. It gets my vote!
  4. I'm a big fan of REWOUND RADIO. Knowing our love of powerpop and top 40 music of the 60's and 70's I think you will, too.. This week the station is counting down EVERY song voted for to compile their annual Top 77 songs of all time survey. Yes....over the next week they will play EVERY song voted for. Right now (3:15 Eastern on 12/26), they are counting down the Top 77. They just played GATW. It came in at #38....about the same spot as last year. Between now and Jan 2 they'll be playing the widest variety of oldies...some you haven't heard in years. It's a blast to listen to...and it's commercial free! IWBWY, Let's Pretend will definitely get played (cuz I voted for 'em!!), along your favorite forgotten oldies as well. Tune in and enjoy! Happy holidays! Dave. http://rewoundradio.com/
  5. Little did I know he'd still be selling out venues 17 years later! Well done Sir Reginald....but I'm still not a fan of "Bennie and the Jets".
  6. I'm raising my hand! Happy to cover this year's cost.
  7. Nice, but the photo at the :40 mark is gonna give me nightmares!
  8. 15 days of WINNING!!! (zero days of knowing how to Photoshop).
  9. Another Connecticut EC/Berries fan checkin' in! Can't let the day go by without saying "Happy Birthday, Eric!"
  10. It's too bad Eric didn't write it. So how does that work? Frankie Previte gets his rightful share....but how are singers like Eric compensated? (BTW...fun fact...Frankie Previte's father sang at my first wedding in 1979. He was in the choir at my ex's church in Highland Park, NJ. He had a great voice. We hired him to sing "And I Love You So." )
  11. 25 years ago my kids were in grammar school, I had a different wife, I had brown hair, heck, I had hair (!), and fortunately I had a Dell personal computer. I can still remember pressing the power button, watching the screen boot-up, and visiting EC.com for the very first time. I still get the same feelings coming to the site...excitement, hopefulness, wonder, kinship, and appreciation. Thanks for 25 great ones, Bernie! Dave
  12. This thread is going around in FB. I felt the need to contribute....
  13. I can still remember trying to figure out how to connect to the World Wide Web from AOL. And when I did, wow, I actually FELT it! (Something we take for granted today.). And that feeling continues every time I stop by EC.com. Thanks, Bernie, for 25 years of making us all feel at home...yet so connected!
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