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  1. Missed the draft and ended up with Peyton Manning...then took Kerry Collins to replace him (gut feeling) and should have played Jay Cutler, who had a real nice game.... Repeating might be tough without a single EAGLE on my roster....
  2. Wally Bryson & Friends ROAM benefit - Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, October 22 - 7:30 PM With Scott McCarl and Billy Sullivan amongst others this could be the closest we get. Anyone plan on going?
  3. I really appreciate all of the support and advice...looking forward to seeing some of you in North Jersey next month
  4. For years I've been trying to work things out as many of you know. As our 20th wedding snniversary got closer, I basically said we BOTH really need to put forth some effort to try to get this thing to work, please let me know by our anniversary....and I got the papers the next day!!! It is getting ugly, my heart is broken (though it has been slowly breaking for years now anyway) and I just got the first attorney's bill. You'll all get a kick out of this...she said she made up her mind during my trip to Hawaii when she mis-interpted something posted on my Facebook from a board member here... I decided to post this after I read Pat's thread about board members passing and what not...you guys have always been a support system in my life that is unknown to most people close to me. Don't know what I'm doing, or where I'm going....though knowing my kids are in touch with the real truth, is somewhat comforting!
  5. What a great day to visit NYC, had lunch at a place across the street from the theater. Got to the top of the Empire State Building before hand...something I always wanted to do!!! $22.00 for the elevator ride but I must say...worth it!!!
  6. I'm excited...secured tickets to see the David Letterman Show tomorrow. Me and my daughter will head to NYC in the AM and need to be at the Ed Sullivan Theather by 1 PM. Any suggestions for a cool place to eat that is near 53rd and Broadway?
  7. Ira, this topic really hits home to me....I've been stuck in the "stick it out for the sake of the family" mode. I've always being the optimistic type, but 5 years later, and still living without any sort of recriprical love and respect has been wearing me down a little lately. It comes down to me doing what is in my heart and doing what is best for all involved (from my perspective) ...I choose to be positive and change the things I can and accept the things I can't. My personal happiness will always take the back seat to my firm belief, that by me staying, it will be what's best for my children.
  8. Be careful, there are some real "whacko's" hanging out on this site, whatever you do, don't drink the kool-aid!!! Just kidding, (maybe)....welcome!
  9. It was a Philly trifecta yesterday: Sixers beat Heat Philles beat Padres Flyers beat Sabres All three on TV within a few hours too...what a way to spend Easter Sunday!
  10. I'm confused...being a "Miller Lite Man" at the stadium, please enlighten me! Can you provide the link to the commercial? By the way, Bernie...I see a great Miller Lite campaign with me and my gimmicky set-up selling beer at the stadium...we should talk and you can pitch it the Miller people!
  11. Time Sunday, May 15 · 8:00am - 11:00am -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Sesame Place, Langhorne PA Here's a chance to do something fun with your family, friends and fellow co-workers. To enter and to participate, please click on the below link and be sure to enter the Group or School name: Long and Foster. www.SESAMECLASSIC.COM Race Registration fee is $22.00 which includes all of the following: --entry into the 5K race, fun run or walk. --a race T-shirt that will include Long and Fosters name on the back along with the other sponsors. --food and drink the morning of the race. --ENTRY into Sesame Place the day of the race or a ticket to come back to the park by May 31st (a $52.00 value). --$5.00 rebated back for every entry, that will go to: American Liver Foundation--Team Olivia One thing I'd like to stress is that you must be at the park by 7:45 AM to get your race packet (which includes the T-shirt). This event is open to family, friends, associates and anyone else you'd like to forward this information to. A day a Sesame Place normally costs about $55.00 Here is a great opportunity to take your little ones there for less than half the price….and by the way, I had Season Passes for 10 years there and the water rides and activities there never get old! Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions on if you have problems registering on-line. Harry 215-512-3048 www.sesameclassic.com
  12. Much to my delight, "It Seemed So Easy" popped up on my Pandora Internet radio station today....The odd thing is that I entered in for songs that are "like": ANDY KIM
  13. Can anyone place Nicolas Cage in Hawaii last weekend? The day after the Tsumani, I'm sitting by the pool and start up a conversation with a very attractive blonde laying in a poolside lounge next to me. Next to her, is guy looking kind of "incognito" talking on a cell phone complainng about someone taking his photo the previous day. Now I don't watch many movies and I'm not much of a movie buff, but I'm thinking to myself, that this guy might be Nicolas Cage. I told her about the Monk Seal that I saw on the beach the previous day and she said she'd like to take a walk to go see it, if it was still there, so I told her I could show her exactly where it was. She asked her "companion" if he wanted to go and he "very reluctently" agreed. Now to me, this guy sounded like Nicolas Cage and looked like Nicolas Cage. When we got back to the pool, he went off on his own and I asked her outright....is that Nicolas Cage? She said that they were from Memphis and that he was a doctor ( though to me that sounded like "their story" and they they were sticking with it). I guess I should have snapped their picture when they weren't looking. So unless, someone can prove otherwise, I was hanging with Nicolas Cage by the pool in Hawaii...Yeah, that's the ticket!
  14. Though what an impact our short conversation had! I had the greatest dream the next night with Wendy having a " starring" role... Hawaii was quite an experience last night...I guess it was better to be overprepared and did make for quite an exciting night w/o sleep!
  15. And to think I could have been having lunch with Wendy somewhere instead of the Price is Right parking lot for nothing...Wendy World "should" have been my priority, it certainly would have been alot more entertaining than looking at price is right geeks !!! Thanks for the call Wendy it really brightened up my day!
  16. What a raw deal! They had the show overbooked by 50 people but had everyone wait for 2 hours before sending us losers home, who only got there an hour early instead of five, I guess. Good thing I had a backup plan with tickets to see the sitcom, Rule of Engagement. Now that was fun and entertaining. As far as Price is Right is concerned... It Sucks!!!
  17. I, for one, still think that Eric could be successful touring on his own as: "Eric Carmen's Raspberries", he and Jim are still friends (I think) so you'd have 1/2 the band, add Billy Sullivan and a few others "players" and BINGO....we got ourseleves the best of both worlds (half solo material and half 'Berrie's tunes).
  18. I'm heading out on my BIG trip to Hawaii to sail aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln next week. On Tuesday, I'll be in LA for the day and got tickets to see the Price is Right. Obviously (or so I think), anyone who goes to see The Price Is Right would love to hear the "C'mon down" call: Eric, or anyone, do we know if Drew is a Raspberries or Eric Carmen fan? From what I understand, everyone gets interviewed by the producers prior to the show so they can determine who would make a good contestant....and I'm looking for an angle!!!
  19. I saw an ad in the paper today for the new 3D movie "Carmen".... Must have been a big undertaking for him. Anyone see it yet?
  20. The Phildelphia Bulletin at 12 yrs old and did it until my senior year of high school. One of the guys on my paper route sold Hot Dogs at the stadium and he got me my "vending" job at stadium my first go round. Paperboys were a "fun" group...I remember the day of my initiation into the branch where they tied a rope around my ankles and hung me from the pipes in the basement "branch".
  21. Larry....I couldn't have said it better myself, my sediments are almost EXACTLY the same as your's! I had the pleasure of seeing four of the shows: The 1st show in Cleveland, the first NYC House of Blues, Atlantic City and one of the last shows in NYC. Nothing could top the 1st Cleveland show...which was a life changing event for me. This community and the connections that many of us have made are priceless. If I was ever going to run away and live in a commune with a bunch a "strangers"....this would be the group I'd want to do it with. (At least we wouldn't be complaining about the music that'd be blaring!!!)
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