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  1. I wouldn't boo the guy, if I saw him again in concert. I like EC and his music, and if he wants to be semi-retired and a millionaire-more power to him(I wish I could slack when I hit 50). But nobody can tell me that this great writer and voice can only pen a dozen songs every 8 years or so. Come on people wake up! Maybe he doesn't want to ? Maybe he wants to be a father and husband and that's it? Maybe he thinks that a tour and cd are not very lucrative for a guy who hasn't done well outside of Cleveland and Japan in the last 15 years. Who knows? But could he be more involved with music? I think so.Now I've got to go and eat some malt cake. Yummy..

  2. Is anything new on the horizon for EC? Is he in the studio or will he ever tour? 5-6 years between cd's is a good way to turn off fans. I realize you can't crank them out every week, but Chris Rea was almost dead and still manages to get a new one out every 2 years or so. and it's good material.

  3. The bottom line is that kids today don't care for his music. They like rap, hip hop, and some country (Twain ,Dixie Chicks etc..) It's unfortunate, but true. Eric will probably never be in the Top 40 again , as we know it. He doesn;'t tour because of the same reason. We'd all love to see him, but he'd be lucky to draw 1,000 fans in most cities.

  4. Marvin: I have to agree with 2-3 of those top 10. Rumors, Pet Sounds and at least one Raspberries would be among the top 10. Let me think on it.I'd have to put one of the Beatles on there, Frampton comes Alive, Steely Dan Can't buy a Thrill, Todd Rundgren Something Anything, Zep IV, The Cars first one, Boston first one...This isn't my final list, I've got to look through my collection.

  5. I have to agree with Canadian Marvin. There is a blind faith among EC. We love the guy and his music , but few of us (if any) know what kind of fellow he is to work with. Former Raspberry members often put on a happy face around EC, but deep down, I think they believe he slighted them. Also, his best work was 25 years ago. The last few cd's were average at best. I bought them and continue to go to the site here, because I guess it takes me back to being 21 when I loved the Berries. Maybe I'm living in the past. In reality I don't think EC has the fan base to pull in over 1,000 fans in most cities in America today (other than Cleveland). It's sad, but it kind of reminds me of the Gino Vannelli story. Here's a guy nominated for a Grammy in the late 70's. I saw him at sold out Cobo Hall during that time. 17,000 fans. 2 years ago I saw him at Cullen Auditorium in Houston and there were maybe 700 people. I even chatted with him before and after the show. My point being, you have to really love music to be able to still crank out a new cd and toour every 3-4 years. How many tours and cd's has EC done in the last 10 years? There's your answer. His priorities have changed and that's not always a bad thing.

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