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  1. This has been kicked around before, but I got a sneaky feeling that "tonight" will be the opening tune. Please NO Beatles. Maybe for an encore "ticket to ride". But this night is Eric-wally-Jim and David, not Paul-John -George and Ringo. Any word on Scott and Mike being in the crowd?

  2. I seem to remember that when that first lp came out with the scratch and sniff, a story circulated about some girl fainting , from the smell, so they made the others withour the smell. Is this just a stupid story that took on a life of it's own or true? Go Raspberries!

    Does anyone have that logo that you can scan and send me? I'd love to screen save it.

  3. I teach a couple history classes at the local community college. I told my students that I'm giving 5 points on the next test for the first one that answers the following: "My favorite band is reuniting after 30 years , next month. Who are they?" Last night I had a winner- 3 hours later.

  4. Yeh, the Raspberries Fan Club. It's funny you mention it Marvin. I have sitting next to me a folder, with a Raspberry on the front and a picture of the 4 on the back. The address was POBox 22192

    Cleveland, Ohio 44122

    I have a 3 page type written letter talking about the band from 1971 through Side 3. I have a profile sheet of all 4 guys. It tells, nickname, height and weight, waist, marital status, favorite color, food, drink, etc.. It's kid of funny now.David Smalley's favorite tv show was I Dream of Jeannie.Wally's favorite actor was Ringo Starr! what? Eric weighed 125 pounds...Jim's nickname was Banshee.

    I also have a Cashbox, Billboard and Record world reviews of Side 3. There is also a concert review of the berries at Carnegie Hall.Kathy Koral was president.

    I also have an article, that I must of come across later on Eric Carmen in a magazine called "Rock N Roll Spectacular." It's 6 pages long. Anyone have the article or familiar with it?

  5. Marvin and I usually agree. Don't hold your breath on a cd or tour, unless Paul or Ringo calls. Don't want to sound negative, but other that us on the message board, who cares about him anymore. What have you done lately? No new cd-No tour. I'm not knocking the guy. He has a right to do nothing in the music business anymore. It wouldn't make fiscal sense anyway.I'd like to see the numbers on Winter Dreams sold. It probably sold more in Japan that here and I'd be surprised if it got up to 50,000. That's not even break even.

  6. It snows in Houston every 10 years. We get the ground covered and it melts by 10 am. I suspect we'll get snow several more times before EC tours.He's welcome to do what he wants, I suppose. It's his life. With that said, he's a musician. That's how he got rich. That's why he married a beautiful woman... I hate to sound like a cynic, but he's not interested in making music anymore. I finally have given up on seeing a new cd or tour. I used to come to the site everyday here and for that I thank Bernie. Without the site, the Eric thing would not have gone on this long. But I'll be checking back once a month or even less now. There's just no new news to report, nor will there ever be. Thanks Eric.

  7. I see this new show on VH-1,where they go out and talk to all the band members and try to convince them to get together for a rehersal and play just one show. It's kind of cool. If they could convince EC, Wally ,Dave and Jim -hell would freeze over and pigs would start flying. But it's worth a try. How about a mass e-mail to VH-1 to see if we could get it off the ground?

  8. Just cleaning out a few records and have some duplicates. I have a "Let's Pretend" 45 on both sides. It appears to be a promo from 1972,"Not for Sale". (I think it's safe to sell it now). No picture sleeve, just in the jacket , but in perfect condition. Anyone interested for $4 and shipping? Email me

  9. I have to agree with Tony here. He's had plenty of time to spend with the family. This is a guy that should be able to wrote at least one song a month and 12X1=a $16 cd. Don't want to push EC, but there's a lot of people that would enjoy some new stuff once every decade or more. Is that too much to ask of a guy who only does this for a living? I'm probably ALL BY MYSELF on this one.

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