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  1. ps. The biggest reason that I belong to a union is that parents sue all the time, for things that are so trivial . We have to put up with kids sleeping, cussing, groping, druggin' and without a union , who will help us when we get fired for kicking a kid out, because he makes teaching impossible?

  2. I teach. I know why teachers send their kids to private schools. 99% of the time it's not the teachers fault. Public schools are just a reflection of society. 2 more years until I retire , but whose counting?

  3. Record sales for the Raspberries dropped with each album. Maybe Starting Over , being the exception, as Rolling Stone called it one of the best 100 all-time. But how many Raspberries singles and albums hit gold? I'm sure GATW did , but how about the rest? What if they would have stayed together and put out 5 or 10 more albums?

  4. If the Berries continue selling out the HOB in Cleevland , that certainly is a great sign. Can they sustain this momentum, if they branch out across the nation to other HOB venues? This is a question that I suppose "nobody knows." And are the four guys willing to drop everything, to go out on the road? It may be worth playing in front of 1,000 each Friday night, but how about 200 or so? I think EC and the gang would pull the plug.

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