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  1. Can someone post a link to the poster, so we can view it? thanks
  2. Who was it that had the Raspberries iron on transfers?
  3. And the Steve Forbert and Shake Russell boards.
  4. I agree Bernie. Brian May is really a talented fellow, but w/o Freddie, it is not Queen.
  5. Queen is not Queen , without Mercury. What a joke! That's like the Doors without Morrison, U2 without Bono and the Raspberries without EC.
  6. All this talk about Fotomaker and Tatoo, how about Sittin' Ducks? I've got the used cd for sale cheap. First one that emails me can have it for $7. It's only been played a few times. randycmu@pdq.net
  7. Chill Julia. Didn't mean to touch a nerve.
  8. Was EC smoking any cigs during the show? Just wondered if he finally kicked the bad habit. I'd like to see him hang around for awhile.
  9. "Does she dance", was a nice Fotomaker tune also.
  10. Thanks Howard! I'm going to get Transfer STation. I know Wally was long gone, but I like the album, despite what many others think. The cd that's a best of already has about 85% of the first 2 cd's on it.
  11. McBride died in 1998. Longtime drug use did him in.
  12. Randy

    Labor Unions

    ps. The biggest reason that I belong to a union is that parents sue all the time, for things that are so trivial . We have to put up with kids sleeping, cussing, groping, druggin' and without a union , who will help us when we get fired for kicking a kid out, because he makes teaching impossible?
  13. Randy

    Labor Unions

    I teach. I know why teachers send their kids to private schools. 99% of the time it's not the teachers fault. Public schools are just a reflection of society. 2 more years until I retire , but whose counting?
  14. 1. Get the Message (yeh a good choice) 2. Walk away Renee (as good as Left Banke) 3. Sunrise 4. Cartoon World 5. Top Down Summer
  15. 1. I don't know what I want (instead of the Beatles/Who covers) 2. Crusin' music 3. All through the night 4. On the beach 5. Please let me come back
  16. Sounds like everyone sang lead on Snowblind, except me. That might be a good one to pass on to Mrs. Bryson. I liked all of the Fotomaker albums, even after Wally left the band. If you don't have them, pick them up!
  17. I just emailed RS. good luck. They aren't rappers.
  18. I've got a buddy back in Michigan that loved the guy. I was the one that broke the news to him by phone . I still remember the call, about midnight. He said,"you are joking right?" Then he was silent, for what seemed to be 5 minutes.
  19. i thought he was lead on Snowblind too?
  20. Which songs did Wally sing lead on , for Fotomaker?
  21. Record sales for the Raspberries dropped with each album. Maybe Starting Over , being the exception, as Rolling Stone called it one of the best 100 all-time. But how many Raspberries singles and albums hit gold? I'm sure GATW did , but how about the rest? What if they would have stayed together and put out 5 or 10 more albums?
  22. If the Berries continue selling out the HOB in Cleevland , that certainly is a great sign. Can they sustain this momentum, if they branch out across the nation to other HOB venues? This is a question that I suppose "nobody knows." And are the four guys willing to drop everything, to go out on the road? It may be worth playing in front of 1,000 each Friday night, but how about 200 or so? I think EC and the gang would pull the plug.
  23. Marvin; What a lucky fellow you are. Next to bernie, you have to be the #1 berry fan.
  24. Anyone run across any national coverage for the show? Maybe a review outside of the Cleveland Press? I did a search , but came up empty.
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