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  1. It's been almost a month. How long does it take to mail 4 tickets to Texas? The pony express could go from St. Joseph to Sacramento in 10 days for *&#@ sakes! Anyone else without tickets for Cleveland ? My credit card company charged me and I paid. I just have no tickets. I may get them before the show and they claim that I can still get them at will call , if they don't come in time, but Never again.
  2. I love "ON THE BEACH!" How can anyone not stand that tune? Rock $ Roll mama is bad and so is Money down.
  3. How long is it taking to get show tickets by regular mail? Anyone get their's yet?
  4. Any hotels ($50-$75)that anyone can recommend, as you approach Cleveland from the west, coming from Michigan? Looking to be a mile or two from the concert. Not an AAA member.thanks
  5. I cannot print my Cleveland tickets. The site is not user friendly. I have adobe 4.0, but it keeps saying I need 4.0 or higher. I have it! I have a reciept, but they will not accept this unless I have the printed tickets , which I cannot print. BE very careful. I'm not sure what the problem is. I 'm putting a stop on my credit card, if this isn't resolved today. Anyone else have a problem printing tickets.?
  6. Mike , I checked the Tonight tune that I have on my jukebox and it does not have that line. I know I've heard it though. Not sure if it was on the lp , cd or another version of the 45.
  7. I've got a copy . Let me dust it off and play it TONIGHT. Randy
  8. Maybe someone can pass this idea onto Kay B.
  9. Boston Side one or two of the first one Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon pick a side Rumors F.Mac Chris Rea Blue Cafe
  10. Houston? Do I hear Houston? Austin is even ok!
  11. I saw Counting Crows this month on a Free Preview with Direct TV, from the House of Blues. Why couldn't the Raspberries work a deal like this? I think it would be a great way to cash in and also get some exposure nationwide.
  12. Bob Seger was big in Michigan, before anyone else ever heard of the guy. I saw him and the band at Delta College for $3 in the gym, back in about 1974.
  13. How can anyone forget Frampton Comes Alive ? This was by far the greatest live cd in history. Seger Live Bullet is not far behind. How about Kiss Alive? I'm not a huge Kiss fan, but it does have merit under the "live" category.
  14. Ain't that the truth Marvin! It is kind of a cute video and it was Valentine's Day after all.
  15. Anyone see EC Hungry Eyes last night on VHI classic?
  16. I still say they ought to be the warmup act for Paul McCartney's tour. You can't get much more high profile than that.
  17. McArtney is going on the road. How about a great warm up act? Raspberries! What do you think?
  18. Dave Clark 5. Most thought "Because" was the Beatles. And still do.
  19. Randy


    Marvin; You're the man. Hang in there-we are behind you! We feel your passion . Randy
  20. I'm in Houston and would love to see the boys in the Lone Star State on tour. Any other Texas fans out there?
  21. Someone mentioned the group ,"the Deal", awhile back here. Anyone familiar with them? I was told they sound a bit like the Raspberries.
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