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  1. now it's been 7 years.... I drove from Texas, via Mich. to see them in Cleveland. I had a feeling this would be the last chance. I was right. 1400 miles and is was worth every penny. I even saw the Knack, as a warm up. with Fieger now gone, it makes it even more important. Eric and Wally will probably never play as the Raspberries again. I hope I'm wrong.

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  2. I don't pretend to be an expert in the matter, but I think if you were planning on seeing Eric , the chance was 4-5 years ago , during the Raspberries Reunion tour. I know the saying "never say never", but If I had an extra $1000, I'd bet against seeing him or the Raspberries again, excpet a show here and there, like at the Rock n' Roll HOF. As days pass into weeks and months turn into years, I can't see them doing a series of shows at age 70. Eric probably doesn't have the zeal for a solo tour that he once had. That's not a knock on him, but probably just the truth of the matter.

  3. AT the school where I teach, someone put together a slide presentation the last day of school. It included pictures of teachers at their own prom (20-30 years ago) or graduation pics and music from the era , playing in the background. When they got to those graduating in the 70's, much to my surprise, Go ALL THE WAY came blasting out! I just sat their and smiled , as my picture popped up on the screen. I could see teachers mouthing along, but probaly had forgotten who that great group was that sang it. I mean, of all the songs of the 70's to choose, I thought it was kind of cool that they picked this one.

  4. If you want to see how illegals are milking the system, go sit in emergency at the hospital. They use it for primary care and we, the insured, wait in line behind them! I know. Been there done that a few months ago. The nurse told me that 75% out there do not have insurance and never pay their bill. So guess who does it for them? "We are the world...we are the children."

  5. Danny S. (Curly) you are correct on all counts. Why do illegals take the jobs that nobody wants? Because our poor don't have to work. We support them. What would happen if welfare only went to the deserving needing help and not the lazy? Oh my gosh.......somebody might have to get a job. As long as one can make more on welfare and sit home, why should they find a job at wal-Mart ? (other than dignity-which doesn't make the house payment last time I checked)

  6. So when he wins in Nov. get ready for capital gains taxes to go from 15% to 28 or 35%. Both him and Hillary already said that. They think the only people drawing on a 401k are the wealthy , with over a million or more bucks. Get ready to reinstate the inheritance tax, and discontinue the Bush tax cuts, set to expire in 2010. I'm not a Bush fan, but when it comes to taxes-just wait till Obama and the guys take over! We can debate Bush's spending policies another time. So much for being a fiscal conservative.

  7. Got a question that only a few may know the answer to, (although Eric should). When the Raspberries were on VH1 and played an acoustic , slowed down version of "IWBWY", they recorded several others for the show. What happened to Overnight Sensation," "Last Dance," "Should I Wait" and "Nobody Knows?" Will they ever turn up or are they in the VH1 vault? Were they played acoustic too?

  8. How about the question of why people listen to them and Frey said," Take it easy, Peaceful easy feeling, already gone, witchy woman, new kid in town, hotel california, lyin eyes , take it to the limit, long run, life in the fast lane...etc.. ? I guess that covered it pretty much.

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