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  1. Thanks Bernie! I was not home for Christmas and was only able to check a few packages on an old, slow computer before I had to get back to being social:) Thanks for the repeat today! Ann
  2. Ted, I hope you have the happiest and healthiest of birthdays!!! Miss you! Ann
  3. I've been painting bedrooms this summer. Now that my oldest has moved out, I decided to have my own office.
  4. Ann

    British Comedies

    I love British comedies, too. Monty Python still rules in my book. Saturday night wouldn't be the same without 'Are You Being Served?' or 'Waiting For God'. However, I love the 'I.T. Crowd' most now. It hasn't been on TV over here, but I have downloaded the episodes. I guess it's the geek in me:) Ann
  5. When I was married, I put on one of my Raspberries albums. I could immediately see that my now ex didn't get it. I never played the music again when he was around. It was my treat for myself when he went out to sea. The good thing about that is I don't relate any memories now to my ex when I hear the Raspberries music. When my daughters were old enough, I introduced them to the music. I even took them to NYC for WAB III and one of the concerts at BB Kings. Now the oldest and youngest like the Raspberries enough to have downloaded all my CDs to their IPODs. My middle daughter just rolls her eyes. I guess we all can't have great taste
  6. I am so glad for the Supreme Court decision on the 2nd amendment. While I don't have the desire to own a gun personally, I do feel that everyone should be able to make that decision for themselves. BUT, I also feel all gun owners should register their guns. Will it happen? No. But I can still dream. But the gun issue does touch close to my extended family. I have had a few relatives killed with guns by angry people that wouldn't control that anger.
  7. Count me in on the bulldozer. I'll bring a few dozen eggs and some TP. Bessieboo, you can handle the flaming poo. Laura, we love you and we're here for you. I'll send positive thoughts your way.
  8. Chris, Good job!! I feel your pride. My last baby also graduated from high school on Thursday and my first baby moved out of state for grad school yesterday. My middle one is also doing great in college. I'm proud of all three of my girls. They are good caring people like your daughters!!! Keep up the good work. The world needs more wonderful people for the next generation coming into adulthood. Ann
  9. Wow! Been there, done that during a few hurricanes. I feel their pain. I bet they will soon be looking at upgrading their disaster recovery plans.
  10. First thing that came to mind.... great hair
  11. Since I work with servers that host a bunch of websites, I figured there was some problem that wasn't an easy fix, or there was a major spam attack on the servers. However, I'm addicted to EC.com, too, and was trying really hard to send good vibes to those working on the issues. Glad to have everything back to normal. Now I can stop looking for that support group site that John found.
  12. Al, I wish I knew some good hot spots around here away from the tourist areas to go listen to some live music. Unfortunately, I don't get out much Too busy with day to day activities. But if you like country music, there is The Barn in Sanford. I'm hoping, too, that you're scouting around for venues for this terrific band we all love. Ann
  13. I'm with Ted on this... her child, her call. I named my first daughter Athena. One aunt went nuts that I named my daughter something other than a 'good old Irish name'. Unfortunately, I allowed her comment to put a wedge between us for the rest of her life.
  14. Julie, no amount of words any one can say will take away your pain. But please know you are loved by everyone here. I am praying for you. Ann
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