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  1. Two best Christmas songs, "The Best Christmas" Christopher Cross and "The night before Christmas" Carly Simon.
  2. Thanks very much dianed. I'm not too computer friendly, but I did what you said and now have the files. Isn't Change of Heart brilliant? Thanks again.
  3. Still can't get them. They are listed on my screen but, not in the section where it says Select a song. In there I've still got the previous tracks,Little Queenie, My Heart Stops, Someone that you loved before, and the studio tracks.
  4. I can't get the new files, they aren't listed on my computer. Has anyone else got this problem?
  5. Would it be far too much to ask for I Need You Bernie?
  6. If only he'd bring out a three track cd with the songs "Devil and the deep blue sea" "High cost of loving" and "I need you" I would be a very happy Irishman. Even though they are old songs, they're brilliant songs. Gerry Rafferty and Peter Cetera both have a habit of digging out old songs and giving them a facelift, and it works every time.
  7. It's listed here, but not in the (select a song) section.
  8. Eric, have you written any New material since the Winter Dreams album?
  9. Eric, the greatest drummer of all time was, in my opinion, Keith Moon.
  10. She needs a good boot in the arse.
  11. For several years I'd been looking for Eric singing "Walkin' the dog" because I'd seen it advertised on Amazon. Bernie told me that it was a mistake and it was actually some other artist with the Carmen surname singing it. I had a look at Amazon U.K yesterday and they have the same advert, in fact they have it by Phil Carmen and Eric Carmen.
  12. But, what about Emitt Rhodes, Eric? Have you ever heard his albums?
  13. I've always been a big Emitt fan and I'm trying to get hold of his Mirror album on cd, but it seems the only place to get it is on ebay. When it does appear, it sells for big money. Emitt recently worked with Ray Paul doing a duet on the McCartney song "Oh woman oh why". I think it's on a Ray Paul dvd. A guy called Kevin Ryan was running the Emitt website for years but he hasn't updated it since Dec 19 2003, so it's hard to find any new info on him. I wish someone would give him a break. He must have a garage load of new material waiting to be released.
  14. Eric, I'd give anything to hear you sing the full version of "Everything". I'd also do the same to hear "I Need You". Is there even a remote possibility? I remember buying Frankie Valli's LP many years ago just to hear that song because I'd heard it was written by you.
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