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  1. Thanks Art. I've heard it say that, example is the best teacher of all. Well it must be true 'cause I know 3 people who say that seeing me recover has given them the will to get it together. The three of them are chronic alcoholics like myself. Between them, they have a total of 12 years soberiety.
  2. Eric, I've read a few times, people saying that your excessive drinking might be partly due to the death of your father. I could really understand that, but here's the way I coped. I'm a recovering alcoholic. I've been sober for 18 years. My father, who I loved very much, had no time for me because I was such a loser, and I was also a disgrace in every other way. A couple of years after I got sober, and he realised I was serious about it, he and I slowly but surely started to become friends.At the time of his death 7 years ago, we were best mates, and I heard through the grapevine that he was very proud of me. I was with him in hospital when he died, and it broke my heart. I could hear a voice in my head saying " go and get a bottle of whiskey, that'll help you". That probably seems totally daft to the readers of this, but the voice was so strong and realistic, I believed it was the devil. I answered the voice mentally by saying, " Go f**k yourself, I've let my father down for most of his life, I'm not going to let him down in death. And thankfully, I'm still dry and am able to help people who are trying to kick the habit, but that's only if they WANT to kick it. Jim.
  3. Probably to shame the person.
  4. Maybe everyone here are jumping to the wrong conclusions. Maybe he hasn't got a drink problem at all. Maybe he just likes a good piss up now and again, or maybe he can't hold his drink. Whatever, one thing is for sure. Whenever friends or family see him in the mood for a drinking session, they should take his car keys from him and hide them. Someone is going to get killed if this type of behaviour continues.
  5. Thank you Chris, point taken.
  6. Chris, if it hadn't been Eric, and maybe just some ordinary bloke, would you be so angry? I'm not looking for an argument, I'm just interested, Jim
  7. I saw it. Looked to me like Eric was enjoying it. He was certainly very well mannered toward the police.
  8. I'm a recovering acoholic,and a wee voice in my head keeps telling me ( There but for the grace of God go I ) and another wee voice is saying to me, (throw the book at him ). I have to admit that, in my boozing days, I did an awful lot more damage than probably the whole lot of you put together. The shame I feel sometimes is unbelievable.
  9. Some people just never learn.
  10. There must be a market for it Bernie, otherwise they wouldn't release it. Personally, I think it is one of the GREAT albums. The songs are all brilliant. I remember hearing Dana singing "Never gonna fall in love again" and thinking, that's a bloody brilliant song, it's a pity someone else wasn't singing it, and then I bought Erics L.P and I was blown away by the way it was supposed to be sung. I still love that whole album. I've actually bought that cd for a couple of different friends as birthday prezzies, along with Gerry Rafferty's City To City cd. I like quality.
  11. I used to have a single by a group calling themselves California Music. The A-side was Don't worry Baby. Anyone ever hear of these guys?
  12. This thread has given me food for thought. I'm thinking of contacting our local newspaper "The Daily Muckspreaders" and putting a proposal to them. I'm gonna suggest they should have two obituary columns in their paper. The first one could be where relatives of the deceased can write how great and loving their family members were, and how much they were loved, and how much they will be missed. The second column can be where people can tell the truth.
  13. I say good riddance to her. By the way, has anyone got a photo of her? I'd like one to stick on my dartboard.
  14. The overwhelming majority of posts on this subject today dissagree with the obituary and the way it was written. I still agree with it.
  15. Bernie, you started the thread, but you didn't tell us your view on it. Well??????
  16. I don't think you're "just kidding" MJ.
  17. How about "Bye Dolores 79, have a nice trip". and in the line below it, Gone but not forgotten.
  18. So dianed, they should have ignored her death?
  19. Legacy.com prefers it's commenters to never speak ill of the dead. God help them if they were looking for something NICE to say about Saddam or Hitler.
  20. So hollies, does that mean they shouldn't have put ANYTHING in the newspaper, and they should have ignored the womans departure altogether?
  21. Is it better to tell the truth, or totally ignore? Obituary or no Obituary? Looks to me like she ripped the family apart.
  22. If I'm reading that article properly I'd say that was very well put together. How many times have you heard people say when someone dies, "Ah he was an awful good sort of a bloke", when you know he was a proper b***ard. People will tell you, "you shouldn't speak ill of the dead". I don't agree with that at all. If you're gonna tell lies about someone, and make them out to be better than they really were, you're only fooling yourself. In the past, when members of my family passed away, the ones who were b***ards in life, are still b***ards in the afterlife.
  23. Some people can wear just about anything and get away with it. Eric's Halo in the first picture looks the business.
  24. But, can she sing? Dusty Springfield was a bloody brilliant singer. One of my all time faves "I Only Want To Be With You " by Dusty, was covered by quite a few artists. No-one came anywhere near Dusty's version.
  25. For people like myself, Eric, and anyone else heading in the direction of 60, this is sad and scary news. It seems to be all I'm hearing these days, people just below, and just above that age.
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