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  1. Steve...I too have little patience for narcissisists...but she wasn't just you or me with a drug habit...somehow she was a little more twisted...she just couldn't be helped thru therapy...or intervention...for whatever reason she was THAT F*&%#D -Up!

    It takes more than therapy. There isn't a therapist in the world who could get a user, whether it be drink or drugs clean. The user has to play their part too along with the belief in their higher power.The higher power, whatever or whoever it may be does the rest. Anyone can be helped if they ask and believe.

  2. terragram, those with the time and inclination do! Of course I've never really had the inclination to marry 8 times. One time has been sufficient for me. happy

    And me too missm, but luckily I have a very happy one.

    I wonder if Bubbles will lead the cortege at the funeral, complete with white glove?

  3. Thanks teragram. And if you notice...at 3.03, I put in a photo of Belfast for you and Mar...the Capital was for you as well as being verrah, verrah American.

    Ach Wendy, I didn't notice the Belfast city hall in the video till you pointed it out to me. I see that place almost every day but take very little notice of it. Thank you very much for including me in your thoughts when making the vid. I think I'm starting to like Amazing Grace, and it's your fault,lol.

    Thanks again,


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