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  1. Matter of opinion teragram...guess we would have to ask Brian and Roger about this. There was talk about George Michael fronting them awhile ago, before they sigined on Paul Rodgers.
  2. This is great! Thanks for putting this link up. My new cat Scooter is going to have some fun once we put the tree up on Saturday!
  3. I don't know how you can say this -- yeah, Garth Brooks taking John Lennon's place is pretty bizarre, but not many can duplicate Freddie Mercury -- Michael is one that can or come real close. Check out him doing "Somebody To Love" with Queen and tell me that he sounds silly.
  4. Billy

    The NFL '08 Thread

    Who would have thought the Packers would be back in first? Playing the way they did Sunday shows me that this team can win the division.
  5. Brad Delp of Boston should be on that list.
  6. By the way, if anyone is wondering who the player is, it's Jamie Sifers, he's a defenceman and is in his 3rd year with the Marlies. The Leafs are next!
  7. I heard the "Marlies" would be the team name used if Toronto goes with a second NHL team and the AHL franchise that is there now will probably relocate to another Canadian city close by. My neighbor's son plays with the Marlies!
  8. My apologies for sticking that Queen 70's song in --- didn't realize the songs had to be from the 60's until I re read the post!
  9. Damn - i missed this -- anyone know if there is going to be a replay?
  10. Marvin - Did Bryan Adams "Waking Up the Neighbours" make the top 100? I was glad to see "Reckless" make it.
  11. Sorry for your loss -- you are in my thoughts and prayers --- hang on to the great memories.
  12. Good news...I'm happy for you!!
  13. Glad to hear you have ID on the cat -- alert the neighbors and start the search -- shake the food box at night -- she will show up or someone will call -- I'm hoping you find her quickly -- please keep us posted. I hope she returns quickly.
  14. Best Wishes Marvin for a Happy Birthday and a healthy up coming year!! Cheers, Billy
  15. Billy

    Brett Favre

    Hey LC, I hope you are right. you can imagine my surprise when I tuned into WFAN last night to hear some scores only to have this as a number one story -- and having the host of the show saying what I had said above, hey, Brett start concentrating on the Jets and forget Green Bay. maybe he was just setting up his segment of his show to get calls. I don't know much about Jay Glazer, but if this is un true, he has got some explaining to do. And IF, just by chance, it is the other way around, Brett has some explaining to do to Charles Woodson.
  16. Billy

    Brett Favre

    Well, well, what have we here? I am hearing reports that Brett shared some inside knowledege with the Detroit coaches on the Packers offense. Not that it helped Detroit any, but if this is true I'm going to lose some respect for one of my all time favorite Packers. Come on Brett...let it go. You're with the Jets now and better keep focused on getting them into the playoffs instead of worring about the Packers. No secret that he dislikes Thompson and McCarthy, I'd say this is a big reason for wanting to play for Minnesota.
  17. Wow...I thought the Hawks were heading in the right direction under Savard. Too bad.
  18. I'll second that -- and drop the puck. The NHL gets going tonight. Does Canada have hockey games going on Thanksgiving Monday? How about the CFL or the OHL? Is Turkey the main meal? Just wondering...Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
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