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  1. Susanna Hoffs Sarah McLaughlin Belinda Carlisle Pat Benetar
  2. Mutt Lange -- I'll second that! Good call.
  3. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes --- glad to be here and around so many great people!!! Thanks again, I had a great day.
  4. I really like the Geffen album too. I have no problem with the 80's sound. Like Tonight You're Mine, I wish the effort received more air play.
  5. Yeah, Bill Lee is a trip. He was up at the Magic Hat for the weekend and had a tent pitched out in the back of the place. He was sleeping over.
  6. The Can had been pitching, to the best of my knowledge, right up until a year or so ago in places like the Northern League and the Can-Am league. I think teams used to bring him in to pitch a game to attract fans. I'm pretty sure he is also part of a barn storming team that Bill Lee runs up in Vermont. And if you think the Can is out there, talk to Bill Lee sometime. I met him at the Magic Hat Brewery in VT a few years ago -- that was a blast. He signed the baseball "Bill Lee -- Earth 2007"
  7. Great job Marvin. I too like seeing that Habs flag up there!
  8. Eric, I am sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
  9. I like the Bud Clydesdale commercials.
  10. New Haven Nighthawks -- AHL Hockey -- 1972 - 1993
  11. Lew is a great guy. Met him before this web site. I think it was at a Nighthawks game in New Haven!
  12. Yeah, don't feel bad. I got an e-mail back in November with the subject being "See an NFL game with Alyssa Milano" -- it was a contest. I entered for the hell of it and never heard anything. I guess I lost too.
  13. Hey Pat - i think you can block that number -- I've heard of people who have had that problem (that were on Verizon) and they were able to do it. If I can find out some more on this I will post it.
  14. Condolences Jeff. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  15. Great show at Wrigley yesterday. I heard over the holiday on the NHL radio station the if they did this next year at Boston (Fenway) it would probably be Montreal - Boston. The New York - Boston thing in hockey got killed years ago....half the time, as a Ranger fan, I pull for Boston to help the Rangers out.
  16. Billy

    The NFL '08 Thread

    LC - you and I have been pulling for the Packers around the same time. One of the first Packer games I can remember was the Ice Bowl, I like you suffered through the 70 and 80's but the 90's and up until now have been great. How great did the champange taste in 96? I've lived in CT all my life but have been lucky enough to make it out to Lambeau around 15 times, have met players out there, had great weekends, no matter what, I'll always be a Packer fan. I am with you on Ted Thompson, should he slip another two steps back next year and it will be pretty easy for the board to give old friend Mike Holmgren a call to see if he is interested in coming in to run the organization. (Just my thought) I didn't like seeing Brett get left standing at the train station either, but he did create some of the mess as well, they chose to go with Rodgers and it is what it is. Altohugh there were no Favre like comebacks this year, there were three or four occasions that Aaron led the team in for a score and through poor defense and poor special team play we gave the points right back at the end of the game. I'm thinking the Tennesee game, the Minnesota game, the Chicago game and the Carolina game. While it looks like the Jets owner really wants Brett back, what I don't want to see is him coming back next year and being under a microscope on every play every game. It will certainly not be fun. I think he has got alot to think about --- and he is not going to get until June to think about it this year --Brett's game is and always has been taking chances --- with that comes some INTs. People around here don't understand that and I'm afraid if he got off to a bad start in September it would be non stop bashing. Not a good way to finish up a HOF career.
  17. Billy

    The NFL '08 Thread

    LC, I thought you were a Packer fan? Did you just give up on them because of one losing season or is it Brett first and the team second? It's time for Brett to hang it up, with Mangini gone I can't see the Jets bringing in a new coaching staff and them want them having Brett around. He stunk it up in December and I don't think the organization is going to give him months to think about what he wants to do.(again)I don't know if you get the same sports stations up in Mass that I get here in Connecticut, but I can tell you the people here are hammering Brett. The "just retire" chants started in the third quarter. He never had to listen to that in Lambeau. As for Dallas, I think it's pretty funny when they mention Romo in the same breath with a Favre or some of the greats. Win a game in December please before we start calling this guy the second coming.
  18. Packers lose 7 games so far by 4 points or less - bad D, bad special teams...what a year. Better not lose to Detroit.
  19. Best wishes Andy for a great birthday. I enjoy your work on YouTube! Cheers, Billy
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